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Sunday, 23 December 2007

I want Candy

KJ by Kim Jones s/s 08 Casette playa S/s08

Friday, 21 December 2007

Dior Now

Hedi Slimanes Dior

Dior Homme

A brief visit to Selfridges today renewed my dissapointment in Dior Homme for there choice of a sucessor Kris Van Assche who has changed Dior Homme completely even down to the very silhouette that made the brand what it is and what it always was. Hedi Slimane igonred the macho male that every other brand celebrated and focused on the Slim pettite men of the world giving them exceptionally well made clothes to wear. The contrast on the rails reading 'new' to the exsisting A\w 07 stock was exceptional it seems already under Kris van Assche tenure the brand has taken a sharp turn for the worst the fabrics, fit and cut of the jackets were completely different in many ways whilst Hedi's clothes fitted snuggly to the body Kris's hung loosely also on Hedi's hoodies were geomitracal prints whilst on Kris's there was nothing more than a word or more. I know that there was no Dior Homme before Hedi and his boots are hard to fill although he no longer designs his presence just captivates me his photos are no less than amazing speaking more than a thousand words he represent a style tribe that was more or less ignored before he came to power at Dior. The only way that people will recognise this terrible terible choice of a sucessor will be a huge decline in sales. I know that Hedi is not designing at the momment but i am true supporter of his work and i will go were ever the wasp flys.

Thursday, 20 December 2007

Londons best stores

Kokontazai- Its amazing how such a small store can fit so much in it. Walking into it is like stepping into another world with great music and uber cool colourful designs from the likes of ultra eco friendly Noki, Playful LA designer Jeremy Scott and colourful Cassette Playa creating one of the last unique surviving boutiques in London.

57 Greek StreetLondon W1D 3DXT:
+44 (0) 207 434 1316 E:

Agyness Deyn- The most talked about model of the year, I believe every ten years or so a model comes along that captures the mood of the time in their looks, like Kate did for the nineties and with the dramatic change in the 80’s the supermodels did for that time also. Could Agyness be that girl? Her pixie looks and short cropped hair have made her a joy for camera and legions of stylists.


Jourdan Dunn- Young & Beautiful with an amazing body. Miss. Dunn has such a versatile look that she can look 17 (her age) one minute and 23 the next. Its great to see a young black model doing well.


I love the fact that Carola took simple staples of a wardrobe and produced a casual collection giving a vest, v-neck sweater and a simple white shirt a more than modern twist. This look is my favourite from her collection as it is red (my favourite colour) I also like the cut of the v-neck and the way it sits on the shoulders, the see though t-shirt and the bib front all give it a distinctive look and futuristic feel. sadly by the time i had the money i went to B-store on saville row her collection was mostly sold out.

Topman Design A/w 07

I loved the PVC Yellow Duffel Coat from Topman Design and clearly I wasn’t the only as it sold out the same day it hit the stores. Thankfully I am a proud owner, I have had a want for a PVC jacket for a long time and my dreams were met when Prada’s Spring/Summer 07 collection comprised of several (clearly out of my price range). Topman Design has gone from strength to strength under Gordon Richardson; MAN is one of the shows I look forward to every season.

Jessica stam

I love
Jessica Stam- her seductive light blue on the verge of grey eyes draw you in encased in a doll like face and clear porcelain skin.

Wednesday, 19 December 2007

Cassette playa

Cassette playa is one of my favourite designers for many reasons, her designs are colourful and playful, her clothes are distinctive without having a dozen logos, and her designs speak for themselves. The clothes can’t be summed up as street wear or urban wear (words I find devaluing). They are takes of everyday basics like t-shirts, tracksuits and hooded tops injected with colour and cutting edge designs. There is no doubt that Carri Mundane is as skilful as Bape & Ape or Ice cream if not even more so but sadly not as widely publicised.

Cassette Playa is available at Kokontazai and Dover Street market or for exclusive t-shirts.

Tuesday, 18 December 2007


Ergh Collabrations usually make me sick or are usually complete and utter rubbish espcially for menswear take the Roberto Cavalli menswer range for H&M it just was'nt for me while the girls went crazy pieces selling out in a hour within the store opening. Ive always loved the Topman Lens area and have always liked the idea of them bringing the designs of great young menswear designer to such a wide crowd i just wish it was publiscised more. Lately they been getting it right with the collabrations from House of holland and kickers for Project x producing these cute and colourful strap up pair. I like how Henry holland takes the youthful energry of london and translates it into designs available from Selfridges and . Then it was the collabration with UniQlo Cassette Playa, Kim Jones and Gareth Pugh i had to get them all It was nice to see two of my favourite designers bring there work to a wider audience plus at such an affordable price. Finally the Mulberry Roxanne bag from Gap, Firstly i love Mulberry bags and with 50% of the price going towards aids in africa i had to buy it, they sold out so fast that i had to go for the grey jersey one but iam not complaining as it was equally cute. For once iam impressed


Ok boombox was really good actully great music and even better DJ's(Christopher Kane, Gareth Pugh, Stuart Vevers of Mulberry) It was kind of sad as it was like the last one on new years. Havent got my ticket yet but i have too soon dunno were to get them from B store or George and Dragon for £25 totally worth it plus Girls Aloud are going to be there and it will be the last time to rave it up at one of the legeandary clubs since who knows when
All pictures from by Alistair Allan
check it out for coverage on all the cool hotspots in london
Jaiden Jeremi James

Saturday, 15 December 2007


I decided to start a blog to air my thoughts on fashion.... yes i know iam not original. Its menswear that i believe in and in so many ways hope that the market can open up and men can start buying clothes espcially in england as there is so much talent out there. To name a few is Casette Playa, Kim Jones and Carola Eurler. I also have my own label in paternership with my close friend Rasharn Ageymang i do not yet no the shape or form that this blog will take yet but i just want to make my voice heard.


Jaiden Jeremi James