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Friday, 31 July 2009

When i first head rumors that Naomi would be on the cover i got excited, not at the thought of the cover as well British Vogues covers are simply British Vogue covers and we all know what to expect from them, but it was the thought of Naomi who has not graced the cover in several years but i was wrong and maybe should have guessed that it would be Kate Moss again.
Aggy and Cole both looking cute

Beautifal Losers


Rasharns styling for Dazed featuring James Long's A/W 09 collection

Sienna Miller

Yes i like her because people love to hate her for no reason at all, i liked Factory Girl regardless of what critics said and i think she can act. The latest celeb to have Loewe chucked at her after Victoria Beckham, This is a cool cover and it is styled by Andrew Davis

Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Katie Eary For MAN

Congratulations to Katie Eary for getting the MAN catwalk show, she will be showing alongside J.W Anderson & Chris Shannon.

Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Monday, 27 July 2009

Keith Haring

Reminds me why Keith Haring is my number one idol.

Harry Benson

WHY-Because great Photograpy is timeless

Double Breasted

Jenny Saville

WHY-Because her work draws heavily on both Bacon's ghoulish nightmare imagery and also Freud's choice of fleshy subjects and how he depicts flesh


WHY-Because the truth is harder than fantasy. My Obession with death only ends with my death.

Interview Mag Aug 09

I don't really think this cover is as interesting or strong as previous months, I mean i am not really a fan of Mad Men but i was neither a fan of Zac Efron nor Lindsey Lohan but still have to admit the covers where captivating enough to catch my attention. Maybe i am being bias because i know Glenn O Brien has left, i hope the content is as amazing as issues past.