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Friday, 29 August 2008

Topman x Aitor Throup

swiftly moving on...... I have been bored of Topman for a while there last Topman Design Collection was ok but nothing to shout about and there previous lens collection with the exception of the Material Boy royal blue side slit short sleeved oversized jumper and Carolyn Massey's pale yellow bib fronted t-shirt. By luck i went into Topman and found that the black trouser project was already out and by the time, i got to the rails there was only two of the Aitor Throup trousers left thankfully who ever had ravaged the rails had left the smallest sizes, i picked up one and thankfully brought it by the time i had finished buyingand my friend decided he wanted a pair, the other trouser was gone . All the other projects from the white shirt to the glasses passed me by in a blur and i must say that these trousers which are high waisted and have a lower then usual crouch, with the fabric cut using the same fabric as the overall garment but pannelled into different postions on the trouser leg so that they sit perfectly on your body, they also have an elstcated band similar to ones u would find on leggings at the bottom so they remain perfectly fitted to your leg after a few wears the trousers are likely to give to the shape of your leg and the elstaic band will hold them in place perferctly. i have been a fan of Aitors work for ages and seeing the time and effort he put into this topman projects proves how dedicated he is to his job and that he is one of the best british menswear designers at the momment and i only hope he moves his label forward and moves into full ready to wear collections, as his clothes at the momment are quite sculptural and constructed with the utmost attention to detail and he only makes them by order which means his items are quite pricey. The other black trousers are sort of intresting as well. Hopefully the new Topman Design collection that i saw last fashion week will look equally as gud on the catwalk as it will on the rails and i will want to buy either the wet look nylon trousers or the oversized quilted knitted jacket but what i do know is i will be getting my hands on that carolyn Massey cape which will definitely be my coat for the winter xox

Thursday, 28 August 2008


I would like to firstly state that i nor rasharn the other half of jaiden rva james have no problem with ebony bones but wat we do have a problem with is that are designs have been ripped off. Are first collection was inspired by are african heirtage and are respect for the country (I am mixed with Nigerian). Ebony Bones a british singer seems to like are collection so much that she decided to use are fabrics not one but two of the fabrics we used for s/s 08 for her show, it hurts beacuse we are young designers and getting ripped off like this is something u expect from topshop being inspired by chloe or luella, not from a performance artist, who didnt even approach us at all and then we hear things from people like i didnt know u did womenswear and hurtful comments like you guys should stick to menswear, i have trained in fashion for far to long and know what flatters the female form and what does not,

Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Richard Chai a/w 08

I first noticed his work when I fell in love with one of his looks put together for details mag, it was a pea coat with three quarter length sleeves worn with a v neck which had sleeves cut extra long, the small details are what matters the most especially in menswear. His first full menswear collection was quite good , comprising of short sleeved silk shirts, tapered jeans and trousers, blazers and overcoats that look constructed to be deconstructed allowing the wearer to take them apart and wear them cropped, clothes came crumpled, shrivelled worn in and distressed giving off a more relaxed look. Definitely a promising menswear design to look out for.

Saturday, 23 August 2008


i dont know much about James Franco and have only seen his roles in the spiderman franchise so was a bit surprised last year when he got the cover of vogue homme internatianal and was equally surprised by this gucci ad but it is refreshing that Frida Gianni thinks outside of the box and chooses music from the likes of the talented roisin murphy which folksy sound represents the mood that gucci has been reflecting for several seasons and shows that she dont jump on the bandwagon of every1 else using a face that every1 has seen b4 like Jude Law at Dior Homme when Law has clearly been the face of dunhill for a while now, another sign of how dior has lost its spark and originality it once had. I also love gucci now and frankly would have loved to buy every single piece in her s/s08 collection.

j'ai mis sais beaucoup de James Franco et ai vu seulement que ses rôles dans la franchise de spiderman était si un morceau étonné l'an dernier quand il a obtenu la couverture de vogue homme internatianal et a été également étonné par cette annonce de gucci mais il rafraîchit ce Frida Gianni pense que l'extérieur de la boîte et choisit la musique de l'aime du roisin murphy doué qui populaire solide représente l'humeur cela A reflété pour plusieurs saisons et plusieurs spectacles qu'elle a mis le saut sur le train en marche d'every1 utilisant d'autre un visage qu'every1 a vu que b4 comme la Loi de Jude à Dior Homme quand la Loi a été clairement le visage de dunhill un peu maintenant, un autre signe de comment dior a perdu son étincelle et son originalité qu'il a eu une fois. J'aime aussi gucci et aurais aimé franchement acheter maintenant chaque morceau seul dans son s/s08 collection.

Fashion Vs Sports

I love sportswear and it dominates nearly everything i wear whether it be a hooded top or some nike air dunks it is also a huge part of the work i do and are first collection was very much influenced by sportswear, so when The V&A annouced the Fashion Vs Sport exhibition i was intrigued to go and see it espcially after the Golden Age of Couture which was truly amazing, to my bitter disappointment this exhibition had nothing on its predecessor and without sugar coating anything i must say it was rubbish and if i didnt go i wouldnt be missing anything really. There was so much missing including the likes of Reebok one of if not the biggest english sports brand, gola was nowere to be seen nor one of british sportswears loudest voice of recent years both Kim Jones mainline and umbro line was missing. Aitor Throupe and Cassette Playa where probably the most recent designers to have their work displayed and aitors work i must say was probaly one of the strongest in the whole of the exhibition his finished garment showed the time and thought he went through to produce a garment of such high quality. Everything in the room which was quite small was very cliche and it seemed the whole thing was rushed and slapped together in mere seconds not several months. The sad matter is i could produce a better exhibition by rumminging though my friends closets xox

Saturday, 16 August 2008

male Supermodels

The male supermodel is a term i dont use nor believe is true as they say usually female models have such a short career span and male models have even shorter but as mens fashion is now becoming more and more important there is models that are obviouly getting more jobs and that the fashion industry becomes obsessed with Luke Worall, Cole Mohr, Sean Opry are my favourites iam also loving the look of Callum Turner & ash at models 1 and Tom Wade. this is a video by the Taiwan editon of GQ it just seems that GQ is opening more and more editions of GQ with indian tipped next these are the models that they see fit to call SUPER


Iam not a big fan of Gap never have been even in the 90's when they had the big budget blow out adverts with the likes of missy and maddonna it dominated the highstreet with the likes of oxford street and the west end area having more then 10 within such a short distance from Gap tp baby gap eventually losing their money and having to close half. Now trailing behind many of the high streets top hitters the stores clothes are finally becoming wearable like 1 in 10 of the stock i loved the RED charity collection with the likes of Mulberry and Henry Holland lending a hand to create a cute collection. I do love these portraits with Jourdan Dunn, Lily Donaldson and Ryan Mcgingley among other in there latest campaign with the new head designer patrick robinson trying to turn around the comapany lets hope it can get better beacuse iam sure we are all tired of the GAP branded t-shirts & hoodies.

Comme des Garcon for H&M

Saturday, 9 August 2008

Interview sep 08

I think a month has not gone by this year that miss Moss has not been on the cover of a magazine and why not she is a true english treasure, but hey there is many other models out their crying for covers. i guess it is a safe bet if a magazines want to sell they just slap Kate on the cover and although many haters say her day is done and Aggy is the one to overthrow her i see no sign of this girl slowing down just yet, viva la kate moss

ben whishaw

There is something about ben whishaw that i find hugely inspiring he seems to have the spirit of a true englishman and have their mannerisms and poise the way he dresses is also inspiring and he is a brilliant british actor

Thursday, 7 August 2008

V man

styled by super stylist nicola formechetti and shot by hedi slimane


although its predominately womenswear jourdan is on the cover so I-D is forgive the editorial with her and josh beech is amazing and probably the best i seen her look yet

Tuesday, 5 August 2008

dior homme

Iam not a big fan of the new Dior Homme but i must say i like the new adverts which strongly show kris's black butterfly the theme that ran through the a/w collection strongly. This collection in comprasion to the s/s 09 is a hundred times better and it seems that kris should have stuck with the idea of making dior more simple then trying to be creative and failing beacuse the fashion press are still mourning hedi and as we all know they are very unforgiving

Deja vu

10 Men

10 Men is a favourite of mine among the glossies, i like their style of writing a magazine i would gladly write for as it is a mag thats articles remain professional whilst always maintaing a slight bit of humour.

Monday, 4 August 2008


Jourdan Dunn finally gets a cover along with Naomi, Natalia, Amber, Agyness, Oluchi confirms pops status as my favourite glossy that carters to both men and womens fashion