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Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Advisory Burger 

A cute little venue on Mare Street paired down wooden floors, stools and tables, minimal with humorous instructions on the wall on how to enjoy the food and chalk board menus displaying specials and the regular menu on the wall 

Onion and mushroom burger served in a glazed lightly grilled bun retaining its softness with lettuce and juicy tomatoes all burgers come medium rare unless stated I opted for rare  which was tender and just right juicy and succulent retaining all its juices 

The burgers don't come with sides yet a large bowl of thinly cut crisp chips come in at 2:50 or onion rings for the same price there's additional sides yet these are the ones I selected and tried and went well with the main attraction 

The hot dog came with lashings of mustard and ketchup also in a glazed lightly grilled bun the grilled onions were copious enough to not even need to order rings as a side 

It's a nice affordable relaxed place to catch up and catch good grub at affordable prices 

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Jaiden James 
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