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Monday, 28 March 2016

The art of you

For too long I've been scared of me,of my mind and myself. I think and I feel intensely, I want every moment to be a moment so that it can be a memory... Yet that doesn't make sense at all, as some moments are meant to fall by the way side and be forgotten. In the age of snapchat, Instagram and various other social sharing platforms it seems everyone wants the same. 

This weekend has been an eye opener for me, I basically hanged out with myself. I didn't do grand things like go to a gallery or roam food markets or take a long stroll, I just chilled in my house watching Girls, Vikings and the two Captain Americas. These are things i don't do much as I'm drained from work and just spend time typing, tapping and scrolling, watching the lives of others. 

I was scared at first of being alone  and a bit anxious yet now I'm happy I did it, as most of my friends went on holiday or back to their families, due to being a Londoner I was left here. Alone didn't equate to lonely, in this instance in a sense it was liberating, to not need others. Due to this, I'm going to do what I've always wanted to do and book a flight away to spend sometime in a European country alone. Drinking, dancing, partying , walking, talking and simply chilling out with me, myself and I. I hope it will be a chance to discover who I've become and who I'm becoming and meet with Individuals outside of my friendship zone. They say living starts outside the circle so I'm ready to jump out 😀