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Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Burberry S/S 09 & One Night Only

One Night Only, Christopher Bailey sure is a patron of the british arts & sports scenes. Blondelle, Snish, Coco summer, golfer tom wade are just a few of the British names that Bailey has put in his Ads. This season (S/S 09) is the time for one night only front man George Craig, the band is from Bailey's hometown of Yorkshire. I think their sound is quite cool it differs from other indie rock bands as george's voice is quite deep. Plus their track Just for tonight was the theme tune for one of my favourite past time teen drama's E4's nearly famous. Bailey even allowed george to pick up his BFA menswear of the year award.

Vogue Korea Jan 09

Agyness Channels Marilyn Monroe

Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Lanvin Mount Street

Seems Marc Jacobs does really set trends Louboutin, Balanciega, Wunderkind and now Lanvin.

I actually like the fashion ed in this months attitude featuring Blaine, I am all for disco but i really think that KVA for Dior Hommes gold sequined jewel embellished pants are some of the tackiest things to come out of Dior ever.

Thursday, 18 December 2008

Hedi Slimane for Prada S/S 09

Hedi shoots the new Prada Campaign his signature black & white shots feature the sons of punk rock star Paul Simonon of the clash.

Gossip GUY

Pen Badgley for GQ

Adam Neate

I love how his paintings conjure loneliness and solitude, his work reminds me predominately of Francis Bacon but also has undertones of Picasso.

Kehinde Wiley

I Love Kehinde Wiley's paintings, i love the romantic feelings they evoke and the way the paintings contrast heavily with the usually dated backgrounds that sometimes mirror those of early renaissance but yet depict african american men in their contemporary attire.

Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Edie Sedgwick

West 10 LDN was a show commisioned by BBC 3 Written by Noel Clarke of Kidulthood & Adulthood fame. The show features predominately black actors and portrays the lives of kids in the west london council estates.

Friday, 12 December 2008

Cassette Playa & Nike

Cassette Playa X Nike Blazer from Amazing Grace on Vimeo.

HoH S/S 09 T-shirts

I have always admired Henry Holland's translation of London's youthful & playful energy into his collections which season after season go from strength to strength. He made his name via cheeky & playful t-shirts and this season S/S 09 See's him go all Marc Jacobs on us, instead of photographing famous faces he has decided to draw some of the most powerful forces in fashion drawing them in the nude with a cartoon flower protecting their private parts.

Thursday, 4 December 2008

My Love letter for Interview Magazine

To me there is no magazine recently that can touch that of Interview it ceases to amaze me every month from the Marc Jacob's issue onwards it has not stopped delivering amazing images, interviews and news. Glen o brien is an amazing person who has awoken the magazine from its artistic slumber. This issue is just packed with insightful and amazing news and interviews from the likes of world renown names like Damien Hirst, Jeff Koons & Richard Prince to lesser known names like Banks Violette, Seth price, Kori New Kirk, Dash Snow (previously mentioned). How can a magazine be so amazing i don't know it. I personally believe there is no monthly magazine i have read that beats Interview magazine on Price or on delivery the latest talent,news etc it truly is a reflection of contemporary culture (Purples amazing but its bi-annual and pricey. How can magazine feature all the people i think are amazing in one issue Harmony Korine, Dash Snow, Jean-Micheal Basquait, The Enemy & Jeff Koons. This issue is the art issue and i recommend it to everyone xoxo

Bully by Larry Clark

i have been a fan of Larry Clark's films for a very long time and his photographs, like as previously stated Kids which i watched at 8 with my elder siblings, had such an impact on me that i can remember several scenes from it even to day 10 years later without even watching it again so yesterday i watched Bully. (his films are sooo very hard to find) it amazed me and was to me more horrifying then any standard horror movie which now days rely heavily on stereotypes & Cliches that horrors are just quite mundane. The story is of a guy who has a best friend who brutally bullies him and has done so for many years, he meets a girl who falls in love with him and See's the way he is being treated and hates it. So she plans to kill him, what amazed me is how cold these kids where but at the same time plotting and planning about killing as if it was like playing grand theft auto showed how naive they really where. It mirrors for me the epidemic that London is in right now with Kids killing Kids and thinking its nothing more then a game and not realising what they have done till it's to late.

Wednesday, 3 December 2008

J'adore Harmony Korine

He is the embodiment of the high school drop out who goes out into the world and becomes successful. What amazes me about him is that at 18-19 he wrote a film KIDS which was directed by another person i admire, Larry Clark a few years later starring such unknown actors and actresses such as Opening Ceremony designer 7 actress Chloe Sevigny, Rosario Dawson & Leo Fitzpatrick, it remains one of my fave films for its truthful portrayal of teens long before channel 4's Skins . He has remained himself even on shows like David Letterman which he is banned from for life due to pushing Meryl Streep. What i love about him is the movies he directs which are usually fun, truthful and usual convey hidden messages. Other Then starring in Marc Jacobs Campaigns he is still an active film writer/ director with his most recent film Mister Lonely about the lives of look a likes. His films are extremely hard to find in London but are worth the looking for xoxo

Monday, 1 December 2008

Naomi for Mixte

In Galliano's take on The Queens guards uniform

Saturday, 29 November 2008

Dash Snow

I can't go as far as say i have fallen in love with dash's work but in some weird way it has captivated me and held me for a while from his cum splatted corrupt police newspaper headline collages to his Nan Goldin esque images of the things we get up to behind closed doors, or maybe i am feeling nostalgic about his use of Polaroid images. He is a modern day artist that i have a respect for.

Friday, 28 November 2008

British Fashion Awards

I agree whole heartedly on Luella winning designer of the year and Jourdan Dunn winning model of the year but again it comes down to the BFA's lack of diversity when it comes to considering menswear. Christopher Bailey is an amazing designer with an amazing team and Burberry yes is a great brand. But it is a big corporation with a large team of skilled designers last year Bailey won against other nominees such as Casette Playa, this year he won against established houses such as Paul Smith and Richard James. I just wonder what the panel thought of London's emerging designers such as James Long, Aitor Throupe, Carola Eurler, Cassette Playa etc etc to not give them a look in or to not even bother to nominate them. For Burberry to win the award two years in a row i just think it shows the laziness and how much effort the British Fashion Council put in when it comes to nurturing and caring for the new breed of menswear designers.

Tuesday, 25 November 2008

After watching the MJ DVD yesterday i decided to have a good look at MJ's Marc by Marc collection. Funnily enough the fab Charlie Porter popped up wearing one of Jaiden rVa James signature African print shirts. x

Marc jacobs DVD

So i am a little old on this one. I tried so hard to get my hands on this DVD. It was sold out in most london stockists even the Marc Jacobs Store. I actually enjoyed this insightful view of the world of MJ and his team, also to view the way he approaches fashion is some what enjoyable. Having watched Lagefeld Confidential a few months prior to this the contrasts are amazing. I am not comparing Marc to Karl beacuse that would just be stupid. What iam saying is that the MJ DVD showed Marc as a person going about his job whilst the KL DVD showed very little of Karl himself but basically portrayed him as a very rigid complex character focusing very little on his human nature. I do recomend both DVD's to anyone as i recomend A beautiful fall as a must read. XoXo

Thursday, 13 November 2008

Jaiden rVa James Update

This month Jaiden rVa James is featured in Dazed & Confused & I-D and also on the dazed digital website, on which we have been interviewed so u can read all about the label on there.

Saturday, 8 November 2008

Glen O Brien is a true inspiration, from hanging out with Warhol, editing 60' interview and having his own show which was just so raw but yet so cool and then again editing interview now.

Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Dazed & Confused Dec 08

Dazed & Confused December 08, I have never looked forward to an issue of Dazed with such high fevered anticipation, seriously. I heard about this issue a while back and it was as exciting then as it is now. Platforms are extremely hard to find to stand on in order to make your mark in fashion,music,art etc and Dazed seem to have delivered one to many creatives in just one issue. I do think that many of the street style bibles have long lost their edge in order to become more commercial and in order to obtain Ad's from the high end Luxury brands. Although Dazed always does give a shout out to the next genaration in their rise section online and in their pages each month. The covers headline is 'What Crisis' 'Fashion's new optimism' clearly shurugging off the increasingly annoying credit crisis that we have all been bored to death with hearing about. It is those new creatives shown in these pages that hold the future of creativety in their hands the ones that's work will have to shine through and endure these difficult fianancial times.

Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Jeremy Scott for Adidas

A collab i am actually kind of looking forward to, I loved his work with Adidas before with the Keith Haring tracksuits and i like the look of what i have seen so far. Scott's tongue in cheek designs have always made me think of the one time shocking pink Visonaire Schiaparelli.