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Thursday, 4 December 2008

My Love letter for Interview Magazine

To me there is no magazine recently that can touch that of Interview it ceases to amaze me every month from the Marc Jacob's issue onwards it has not stopped delivering amazing images, interviews and news. Glen o brien is an amazing person who has awoken the magazine from its artistic slumber. This issue is just packed with insightful and amazing news and interviews from the likes of world renown names like Damien Hirst, Jeff Koons & Richard Prince to lesser known names like Banks Violette, Seth price, Kori New Kirk, Dash Snow (previously mentioned). How can a magazine be so amazing i don't know it. I personally believe there is no monthly magazine i have read that beats Interview magazine on Price or on delivery the latest talent,news etc it truly is a reflection of contemporary culture (Purples amazing but its bi-annual and pricey. How can magazine feature all the people i think are amazing in one issue Harmony Korine, Dash Snow, Jean-Micheal Basquait, The Enemy & Jeff Koons. This issue is the art issue and i recommend it to everyone xoxo

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MR style said...

the work of glenn obrien mixed with fabien baron give interview mag an amazin and peculiar vibe !!!