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Monday, 31 January 2011

rupert grint

Olly Alexander

Sunday, 30 January 2011

David Agbodji by David Agbodji

Wednesday, 26 January 2011

to step outside oneself is to live
So I am going to say it I used to like Kanye when I was younger then hate him for being an arrogant twat but now I love him and fuck it why not, he seems to be possessed by genius and that word seems to be more fitting than anything else, genius plagues him and he seems frustrated and opinionated but his art is fucking amazing from enlisting artists to create his covers to bringing together a diverse range of muscians from Bon Iver, Elton John, Fergie, Alicia Keys, Chris Martin, Mr Hudson etc.

Yes this a total Kanye Love in but so the fuck what.
I don't know what I'm doing wrong,Maybe I've been here too long
The songs on the radio sound the same,Everybody just looks the same
I know that diamonds mean money for this art
I like this album cover and if I was in a band, I know my singles/ album covers would mean so to me, maybe I would do a Kanye and collaborate with an Artist each album or maybe I would do a biffy clyro and create art work in itself, this is simple but captures the bands name and the albums feel so well, I do wish more musicians put energy time and thought into their covers
I am blessed that I know what I want to do at this age yet cursed as opportunities are few and far
interesting shirt @ Dolce

Tuesday, 25 January 2011

127 Hours

127 Hours

So I can totally get the appeal of this film, for men its like a guide of what goes wrong in the wild kind of like a bear gryls with no action and for the girls there's James Franco a whole dose of him.

To be honest its quite boring and I've also found boyle over rated Slumdog was cute, yet that's all I found it, I enjoyed 28 days later although it wasn't scary it was cool, shallow grave was also ok as an exploration of the foundations of friendships and relationships and how easy it is for them to fall apart, Trainspotting has reached cult status and of course I understand why as its a harrowing tale and one i've only seen explored in requiem of a dream.

Single location films seemed to be popping up more and more from Buried and Lift but none have shown the mastery of Rope, in which the viewer is able to sustain being entertained by arrivals and departures.

In the case of 127 Franco's character (Aron Ralston) reminisces, remembering significant past events and as boyle explores ralston's state of mind with illusions and dreams and with Franco talking to the camera his handheld camera. A technique of interest is in the beginning with the split screens showing the world around ralston and what he sees and another is the event such as the party shown either how he perceives it at that time or occurring.

Its an existential piece at best exploring the human mind as it falls apart and the body as it shuts down and the bid for survival.

(If I wanted to lie/post a more professional review I would say: Franco Challenges himself time and time again stepping up to the plate of leading man status he is able to carry off a film in which not much happens by his method and charisma, boyle paints a picture capturing the senses and allowing the viewer to feel as Ralston feels, his picture is a portrait much like the ones turner painted reminding us how small man is against nature)
I am feeling rough, I am feeling raw in the prime of my life, let's make some music make some money find some models 4 wives

I'll move to paris shoot some heroin and fuck with the stars you man the island the cocaine and the elegant stars
I am not trying to say that I am smelling of roses but when will we tire of put shit up our noses
With the men's shows over I feel like it was something of a hmmm is that it, is that all there was. Givenchy has been the same since seasons past, same cut shorts, same boxy shirts all people seem to applaud is the fact the Tisci has multi cultural models and yes me to, it's great that his catwalk reflects the world we live in terms of ethnicity.

Dior Homme were is there to start and where is there to finish I mean he's had more than two years to present something worthwhile, something interesting and intriguing, when kris gives us a glimmer of something the next collection he seems to take it away. I don;t know who the Dior Homme male is as he changes from season to season. I like the idea of extremely slim lapel suits.

Raf Simons was interesting in his mix of influences as usual from the college prepsters to the sporty athleticism of America to the modern day man the one he he has been exploring in previous collections. His use of colour was interesting and as always his fabrications.

YSL it seems Stefano is also struggling to define the consumer of the brand, he has had hit and miss collections yet this one seems to strike a chord on both ends the skinny cut that fell above the ankles a favourite as well as the zip up jacket with ribbing at the collar, In fact if I am being honest I really liked this collection regardless of the parachute silhouettes and capes that I felt didn't need to be in there it was a collection a modern day male with YSL'S budget could easily buy into.

Mugler of course everyone was interested in this brand even those outside the fashion realm with the announcement Gaga would be musical director. Nicola Formichetti's first show for the brand seeing the critical acclaimed stylist enter into the world of design, the show was a spectacle and reflected his work in many ways the elements of avant garde and the mixtures of influences, to me it seemed to be a male reborn from the torn mad max leather trousers to the synthetic fabrics but most importantly Nicola's muse Rico, with tattoo's covering his whole body he seems to be someone reborn, shaped and cast in his own light and an outsider. Much like the label itself its a phoenix rising from the ashes.

Nice Colour, Nice Fabric, Nice Cut,

Love this purple seems like neopherene mac by Raf Simons
When are The Virgins going to have a new album is the key question

Though out the men's shows a face kept on popping up, his looks intrigued me, I don't know why and I haven't been intrigued in a long time probably since Yuri Pleskun who still holds a place as a favourite model of mine and someone I would like to work with. I wanted to know his name and I didn't have to such long as James Smith popped up on the models 1 blog, I think its his eyes and of course facial structure,  I also didn't know Robbie Spencer shot him for RE-BEL

Monday, 24 January 2011

Pale, Pastel, Subdued, cool, whatever you may say about the tonal effects of a Ben Toms image you know it is his work not only by that but also by the composition of the subject, I call his work 'fashion portraiture' as regardless of how the picture is styled the sitters (models) personality usually comes through. Love this image either way styled by Robbie Spencer.
Haha a smart Yuri in YSL

Sunday, 23 January 2011


What do you do when you become so cynical, so bored, tired and want more from all that surrounds you, yet in the distance you see people, young people like yourself who feel the same, feel they've been cheated and born into a time where their generation is being disregarded, a generation in which the last ran off with the money that easily could have been shared between the two, when banks won't loan or brands won't spend when everyone is being 'cautious' or a new way of seeing is presented yet deemed 'risky', what do you do?. My resolution to all the crap that assaults on my eyes and intoxication of my mind is to band together, inspire one another, 'destroy to create'. Its time to bring down the old guard that have become comfortable too comfortable in the positions and jobs that one day we will fill. The same people that turn their noses up and that can break or make ones career  if you allow them that power.

The new generation inspires me so much from Vinz, Trey, Cameron, Rasharn, Daniel, Anna, Robbie,Isaac, Katie, Xavier, Alex, Zachary, Luke, Dominic, Josef, Michael amongst others and if like me your tired of the movements happening past and present then create your own, but remember it takes more than one person to allow a movement to grow.

Daniel Sannwald- Pluto & Charon

Happy for Daniel, his first book Pluto and Charon is out now, it showcases his personal and private work including editorials he has done for Dazed & Confused, 032c, I-D and RE-BEL amongst others its published by Ludion and showcases a fashion photographer that explores the medium in a light that is truly his own
Damon Baker

Friday, 21 January 2011

Greatness from Trey Taylor on Vimeo.

Trey Taylor editor of Husk Magazine complied this seriously inspirational video, i think its essential viewing, a pick me up to know that your not alone and others went through you went through, that struggle and fight to not conform to normality and get a simple 9-5 but to push harder and try harder. its not just me alone that went through this and that we all struggle all of us from oprah to jk rowling who both fought as women and oprah even more so as a black women to overcome it all and make millions

Thursday, 20 January 2011

Is current culture contrived?

Hate going into rants but its just so frustrating, Culture feels so contrived these days, I mean it may have always been so but in this era of fame and money everyone even college students seems to be aiming for those two things. Artists in art school want to be collected by saatchi and sold in Philip de Pury as soon as they graduate, whilst fashion students aim to be on catwalks and in stores sharpish although these things can and do happen its rare.

The high standards and ambition is not what I am knocking but its the level of control that one has over their work, just knowing what they are creating and who they are trying to create it for. Are there no bohemians left? The wild artists that live on the margins unable to fit in to mainstream society and create simply to create and to express themselves or is this just a myth.

People 'creatives' 'artists' etc etc all pretend to be different and pretend to be bohemians market themselves as this when really they are corporate clowns as evil and money hungry as those in the city.

Culture used to excite me now its just a big blur of boring events where people copy one another with the desperate need to try and create a movement make a statement be shocking just to shock and simply to get attention