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Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Tuesday, 29 December 2009


Jay Brannan

I wonder who's perspective he is singing from

Vampire Weekend- Cousins

Love it, the video reminds me of A-Punk, their just different from all the other clones Ezra's voice is unique as are they, loving the sound of the new album and can't wait till it drops.

Saturday, 26 December 2009


Andrea Arnold

Andrea's films are honest and extremely true to life about the bleak conditions that individuals have to endure in council estates across the UK. Her Breakout short film Wasp starring Nathalie Press and Danny Dyer won her a string of awards and led her to direct the slightly experimental Red Road, which is the beginning of a trilogy of films set in Scotland using the same characters but presumably telling each of the supporting characters tales in the additional films each directed by a first time director for the Advance Party project. Fish Tank her second feature film again has gained critical acclaim for Arnold about a girl again not living in the best of conditions but sees a way out with her form of escapism being urban dance.

Thursday, 24 December 2009

Finding Forrester

Dangerous Muse

Forbidden Love

I really do wonder how we can not have a show like this that represents Gay's as monogamous, loving and caring to each other instead of the acid tongued bed hopping, party animals portrayed in the wider British media.

The show features hot music and even hotter people, if Germany can make a show like this but we who pay for TV but yet we are still subjected to mediocre programmes from ITV's fixation with celebrity, to BBC's stale representation of contemporary culture, Channel Five i don't really know what they show as i don't watch it. Sugar Rush & Queer as Folk helped the last decade, as we usher in the new one let's hope that TV that is quality purely will not have to fall on the shoulders or output of Channel 4.


Hedi Slimane

I could definitely see Hedi doing a Tom Ford on us and making a feature film, from this video it shows he has skills that exceed still images, his focus on Oscar captures his movement elegantly with a sexual undertone with his bare chest and contour that the tights allow, although only 16 his body is quite defined, that definition you see as his muscles contract, with Hedi zooming in as his stomach expels and inhales.

The Bareness of the video and it's background allows you to concentrate on Oscar and the Bear's head on the drummer adds a surrealistic tone, with reminisces of the Cadbury commercial, but it makes it easier to concentrate on Oscar more then anything else.

I could see Hedi directing a film like Control with his fixation of Monotone being able to tie in his love of all things music, art, fashion and design or going down the route of Gus Van Sant's minimal personal projects using models who become his muses capturing them on the screen instead of a picture and allowing the image to become more powerful then the word.

Everything has a potential to be art if it moves me and makes me think in a different way

Film is the greatest art form in the history of the world in that it contains all other art forms

Every generation conjures up designers who through their work have the ability to infuriate and intoxicate from Alexander McQueen to Hussein Chaylan to Gareth Pugh to the new darlings of British menswear James Long, Katie Eary and Jaiden rVa James.

Daniel Askill

Suspension in the air, Delay of time, emphasis placed on movement, Daniel seems fixated on time and space in his work and how object's disturb space and the effects of this in which he records in his art, heightening the effects, slowing and speeding up time simultaneously to showcase the relationship.

Walter Pfeiffer

Love these shots there just classic Walter with the amazing use of bold bright colour, the incorporation of flowers and also food more specifically chips which remind me of one of my favourite of his pictures two young boys eating chips one with mayo on the end the other with ketchup, the chips are just about to enter the mouth nearly touching the lips so the boy with ketchup on the end looks as if he is applying lipstick. I also like the fact that these images look raw, like they've simply been taken and uploaded no post production or retouching.

Just watched Mannequin and was captivated by Andrew McCarthy, why I don't know.

As the dust settles a new race is born, rising slowly but surely from the ashes of the last, illuminating the bleak, black sky. Mutated beyond recognition, features distorted as is their skin, the skin that is a black as black can be.


Florence's music is growing on me, another female from the UK who has a distinctive voice and sound, this song is one that stands out to me from it's fusion of different sounds from the drums to the mid section holy chanting. This video features gloves from the young hot wonder kid jeweler Domick Jones and Manish Arora mask, she toys with fashion and doesn't let it control or take over her image but at the same time plays an integral part to her slightly eccentric and quirky self.

The Drums- Let's go surfing

I Really like this video, simple and effective, I like the movement of the camera on the trolley in front of the band, I like the lighting, illuminating the dark beach with small aid from the night lights and street lamps off the beach. But most of all i like the song.

The Drums

Reminds me of my time at GQ Style, this would always creep out of the speakers as we rushed around the office.


Tuesday, 22 December 2009