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Thursday, 24 December 2009

Hedi Slimane

I could definitely see Hedi doing a Tom Ford on us and making a feature film, from this video it shows he has skills that exceed still images, his focus on Oscar captures his movement elegantly with a sexual undertone with his bare chest and contour that the tights allow, although only 16 his body is quite defined, that definition you see as his muscles contract, with Hedi zooming in as his stomach expels and inhales.

The Bareness of the video and it's background allows you to concentrate on Oscar and the Bear's head on the drummer adds a surrealistic tone, with reminisces of the Cadbury commercial, but it makes it easier to concentrate on Oscar more then anything else.

I could see Hedi directing a film like Control with his fixation of Monotone being able to tie in his love of all things music, art, fashion and design or going down the route of Gus Van Sant's minimal personal projects using models who become his muses capturing them on the screen instead of a picture and allowing the image to become more powerful then the word.

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