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Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Romain Kremer

From Nicola's blog.

The most interesting Menswear designer in Paris he defies all mundane trappings of what menswear is, pushing forth his own amazing vison.

Sunday, 28 June 2009


RVA sent me the link to this, Courtney seems like the Winehouse of the day, Madonna looks amazingly radiant and youthful a walking billboard for Tom Ford's Gucci.

Kim Jones for Dunhill S/S 10

Kim Jones, second season at Dunhill, with his first season i was more than intrigued and excited to see what he would come up with, being such an avid fan of his past work for both his own label and to his Umbro line, which where youthful and sporty at best, in all or most of his collection there was undertones of tailoring and those have been translated to the overtones of his work at Dunhill.

The mirrored briefcases, the luxurious knitted jumper that looks so light and perfect for the summer, the two button peaked lapel suits among some of my favourite things. It seems with Fabric research Jones has hit his stride always moving along. The stone glasses are a perfect accessory for the boy/man obsessed with toys.

I like what he is doing at Dunhill, alot actually it is quintessentially British, it is more youthful than Dunhill's previous offerings and of course it is aimed at men, the styling is realistic and men can look at it and effortlessly translate the language of the show to the one of their wardrobe. With this it seems Kim Jones has grown up just like Raf Simons.

Telfar F/W 09

Telfar, is predominately a menswear designer based in New York and well i guess he is the most on the edge American Menswear Designer, who strays into uncharted waters, he definitely don't play it as safe as the other New Wave New York Menswear designers and i guess that is what makes him stand out as his work is simply different.

Lanvin Chocolate

There is only one Dali. Wow and some brands really did do it all Lanvin Chocolate

Cant wait

Thursday, 25 June 2009

YSL S/S 10 Film

Each Season these films get more interesting and i am starting to kind of fall in love with them more deeply than the last.

Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Poison by Todd Haynes

I loved Velvet Goldmine all i can say it was amazing escapism, and made me realise how much impact Bowie has had on popular mainstream culture. These scene just exudes raw sexual desire.

Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Dunhill A/W 10 Luggage Preview

Mr Jones of Dunhill twitted a preview pic, I am excited to see how he moves this brand forward

Sam Taylor Wood

WHY ? Beacuse her work is actually acessible on the internet unlike so many artists, a good artist is an unselfish one as they are willing to share their knowledge with the world.

i can't wait for Nowhere Boy as artists usually approach feature length films with such intimate delicay, that each shot is almost perfect, each take a worthy picture able to stand on it own.


Interesting choice of album covers.

interviewproject davidlynch

David Lynch's latest project.

I like this site alot it shares many peoples view points on the world and these people are just people farmers, rubbish men, cleaners, maids, etc etc. Celebrating difference & equality as everyone is important and everyone is most certainly equal.

Monday, 22 June 2009

Prorenza schouler

The Hottest Womenswear Designers in NYC , (in more than one sense)

Sunday, 21 June 2009

Lily Allen- Fuck You

New York, I love You

Looks intresting enough has an all star cast of young actors, Shia Labeauf, Hayden Christensen, Anton Yelchin, Blake Lively if i tried to name them all the list would be tooo long but does look cool and might just have to see it when it comes out. xoxo

Gus Van Sant's part to Paris I Love you, which is the pre-cursor to New York I Love.

Gus Van Sant

Yes he is a genius and his films just hold you in a way no others do.

Saturday, 20 June 2009

Interview Mag July 09

is very very sad to hear Glen O' Brien has left Interview, which is may favourite magazine right now. Its articles and interviews and subjects are always son interesting there is hardly any other style magazine that after i have finished i feel i have really learned something. I hope it still has the same spirit that it has now and continues to be what is.

Friday, 19 June 2009

Luigi & Luca

This Months Dazed is on point not only stylistically but editorally, i have to give it to Rod Stanley. I love the whole ideaology behind the shoot that Robbie Spencer did with Luigi & Luca, his work is so cultured that to truly admire his work you must delve deeper look at his refrences and understand where he is coming from, much like a piece of art.

Luigi & Luca are young artist's who's work i really like, to me its all about the celebration and liberation of youth, sexuality, homosexuality, intimacy and love. The work is in no way lewd or pornographic it ascends those degrading titles and genre simply beacuse of the perfect harmony and beauty the images portray. Their work is a exhultation of sex rather than an exploitation.

I love how Robbie put them with the photographer Holger Homann who's work is all about Male beauty, Homo-erotic but not overtly sexual. He removed the young artists from thir usual playgrounds and placed them in a studio where art is concie ved the art of a more well known artist Hans peter adamski atlier.

For more about them and their work go to

Sunday, 7 June 2009

Saturday, 6 June 2009

On the Way to work

A recommended read, i loved it and it taught me quite alot as well as some amazing quotes from Hirst, it is a book that is a series of interviews, it begins when Hirst was a slightly celebrated artist fresh from college but nothing more than that and goes all the way to 2001.

Wednesday, 3 June 2009


So two of my fave fashion personalities the menswear designer Katie Eary and Louise
Gray are in this months Vogue


Jourdan Dunn from Nick Waterman on Vimeo.

Joseph Bleu knows when he is on to a good thing he was one of the one's to first champion Dominque, here is Leon Morenos a new unsigned face that surely wont be staying unsigned for long.

Monday, 1 June 2009

Up the river

Dinner Party from Up the River on Vimeo.

I love what you can do these days with a HD camera, just found out about which is cool site created by young filmakers andrew simkiss and matt reed, it features some of their work on the site, i found this one quite interesting.

I like the lighting, Terence Koh's ASS gallery to mark the end of Leo Fitzpatrick of kids fame and now an artist 'Fuck Friends'