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Sunday, 31 January 2010


Celebs by Brooke Nipar

Wonderland Magazine

Sally Potter on Hardtalk

One of my favourite Directors who has rewritten movie making time and time again, her work really is exploratory and experimental.


Icy Eyes, The Bronx Swagger, The Tattoos, Flawless pale skin.

Naively Homoerotic

These images are stunning and exude homosexuality but not intentionally and it is that which gives these photo's there strength

Elijah Wood- The Romantics

I pad

people have been whispering about the physical decline of print and I know and understand the advantages of the world going digital but I also know and love the prospect of touching and feeling a magazine, I like to escape into different worlds from that of a TV screen or a computers monitor or a magazine and would hate to literally be stuck at screen for the majority of the day. I just feel that buying digital magazines really means I don't own them as it is data and data can easily be deleted whilst with magazines you own them and can have them so to speak for ever, I also have a desire to own an object and that may cause complications for me as objects require space and thats what magazines take up but I am glad as it is one of my few indulgences other than Dvd's. I am bored of people declaring how the old will destroy the new which has been said excitedly time and time again from photography destroying painting, TV killing Radio, MP3 and Cd's. I think in this new age it is all about giving people a choice to what they want some people may want Digital whilst others want print, I believe in the best of both worlds and nothing can compare to an image in a glossy magazine.

Saturday, 30 January 2010

The Korines By Terry Richardson

Harmony and his daughter Lefty

Burberry Backstage

Marcel by Mcginley



Yes I've caught the Glee virus, some of the songs are soo good they give me goosebumps, its pure escapism to see music enacted by the cast. This is what Britannia High could of been instead of the dopey piece of shit it became proving once again that ITV is only good at one thing and I don't even know if it can be called good but lining the pockets of Jordan, Pete Andre, Paris Hilton and all the other various degrees of celebrity trash they subject their viewers to, but with a new CEO lets hope that this decade the channel can create some quality TV.

Wall Street 2

I haven't seen Wall Street 'The Oliver Stone Classic' that i always read about or see someplace or somewhere but I am interested in this film not only because of the recession that engulfed the world and which the UK has only just emerged from but because of him, no not Micheal Douglas who looks as though he is becoming consumed by the shadows but the other one the boy who used to pop up on my tv screen whilst I was a boy watching Nickelodeon the mr normal but still mr cute Shia Lebeouf all smart in his tailored presumably Brooks Brothers suit


One of my fave Woody Allen films, Leo Dicaprio is electric and his brief yet outstanding performance reminds you of how talented and beautiful he is and was. Charlize Theron is equally stunning as the supermodel.

Kick Ass

Aaron Johnson(Nowhere Boy) in his upcoming role as a normal kid who aims to become a superhero.

Paolo for V man


Benetton are on point this season with their casting the new campaign features Ryan Mcginley favourite Marcel, Robbie Spencer's muse Callum Wilson and my fave Paolo Anchisi

Jacob Coupe

"SESTRORETSK" by Gosha Rubchinskiy from hoober on Vimeo.

Thursday, 28 January 2010

L'umo Vogue x Jetho


Complex Magazine

Chris Cunningham

The depths of a dark mind androids, monsters, exploding heads and all the other creepy things that pop in Chris Cunninghams video he really has mastered the art of telling a story in a short space of time

Jaiden rVa James Shoes

All I can say is that they are exciting and amazing just saw the samples and we have discussed and debated and laughed with our stylist Anna Trevelyan and consultant Simon Foxton, we've always dreamed of showing at MAN and here we are lets just hope this doesn't happen at our show

Jaiden xxx



Wrangler keeps hitting the mark with it's campaigns last season featuring a personal favourite artist of mines work Ryan Mcginley and this season featuring Jeff Burton

Nicola x Hedi for V Man and River