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Sunday, 31 January 2010

I pad

people have been whispering about the physical decline of print and I know and understand the advantages of the world going digital but I also know and love the prospect of touching and feeling a magazine, I like to escape into different worlds from that of a TV screen or a computers monitor or a magazine and would hate to literally be stuck at screen for the majority of the day. I just feel that buying digital magazines really means I don't own them as it is data and data can easily be deleted whilst with magazines you own them and can have them so to speak for ever, I also have a desire to own an object and that may cause complications for me as objects require space and thats what magazines take up but I am glad as it is one of my few indulgences other than Dvd's. I am bored of people declaring how the old will destroy the new which has been said excitedly time and time again from photography destroying painting, TV killing Radio, MP3 and Cd's. I think in this new age it is all about giving people a choice to what they want some people may want Digital whilst others want print, I believe in the best of both worlds and nothing can compare to an image in a glossy magazine.

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