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Sunday, 24 January 2010

Dior Homme

You have to admire the strength of Kris Van Assche, he has preceded in doing his job at Dior the way he sees fit even to the extremely loud whispers of being overthrown by the British fashion wizz Gareth Pugh, those that erupted last year and was only put to a halt when Pugh himself declared them false. Since S/S 09 Kris has presented his take on the modern male and it's no secret that his collections have been slaughtered, ripped apart and laughed at by many critics but that is what happens when people get cosy and used to something, people hate change and are afraid of it and at the end of the day its not the critics its the consumers that count and clearly there must be some kind of consumer base that buys into Dior Homme or otherwise I am more than certain the head honchos at LVMH would have replaced Kris already.

This Collection much like the Black Butterfly one that Kris did in his early hours at the brand was one of his best and for this collection he channels energy from the same place, one filled with Darkness but yet has fragility to it. The overall mood was quite Vampish, with models sporting long hair and flowing garments.

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