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Tuesday, 19 January 2010

I've never really got Pringle and still don't, quite frankly I think it's just another heritage brand that tries too hard to be something its clearly not. Cool. Yes they may have money enough money to get Steven Meisel to shoot their campaigns, the one i recall most is the one featuring Daisy Lowe and Ash, hmm it was nice for a Vogue Italia editorial but really not for a brand like Pringle. Then the Ryan Mcginley film featuring Tilda Swinton, I mean Mcginley is definitely one of my favourite contemporary artists and Swinton another who's work I admire...... But yet the work failed to captivate me especially as I was feverishly excited to see the outcome since the news met my ears.

This collection not bad at all, don't get me wrong but it fails to hit the nail on the head, honestly what really is memorable? and I hate more than ever in fashion when things are trying too hard and not effortlessly being themselves, I mean come on Pringle your core demographic customer is not 17.

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