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Highlights: Starters- Coriander & lime chicken tikka- Tender Chicken pieces , a fusion of flavours with a zesty kick. Mains: Mugh kali mirch- Corn fed chicken, delicately flavoured each spice works beautifully, with one another to create a dish well worth ordering, as it's from the food festival menu you’d have to hurry before it disappears Deserts- Passion fruit cheese cake- was a treat, topped with fresh passion fruit the seeds allow for a slight crunch, the flavour slowly builds with a pinch of coconut. Verdict: Camden has it's many food outlets from the hidden gems in the market stalls to the chains and smaller outposts, Namaaste knows what it's doing serving affordable and delectable dishes that's suited towards a wide range of tastes. 3/5


We sat downstairs, Skylights and the bar to the left adorned with a fish tank and to the right partial views of the kitchen. Quiet at first (6pm) but mid meal (7:30) it was busy and bustling with every table in sight booked which is always a good sign. 
Highlights included: 

Prawn curd cheung fun- loved the play of textures with the soft dumpling outer shell and then the fried bean curd inner layer and then once again with the tender prawn

Scallop- quite meaty served with fish eggs adorning the top allowing for a slight crunch in the mouth. 

Chilli vodka- like a mild Bloody Mary that's slightly fizzy 

Selection Of macaroons was a treat, flavoursome, delicious and delectable with a large variety leaving you spoilt for choice

Located in the heart of London's Soho it's a great place for dinner and If you love fish Yautacha is definitely the place to go, they have a wide variety of seafood dishes that's inventive both visually and taste wise. 3/5 

Yo Sushi

We dined at the Camden Branch, located a few seconds away from the bustling Camden high street and market.

I love the simple concept of the revolver belt and different coloured plates that translate to different prices. The menu with pictures and how calling the waiter is simple.
love this as you won't be nagged or conversation interrupted. By simply pressing the button to order hot food that's made freshly in front of you, in the open plan kitchen.


Oishii Bun is a new addition to the menu, my favourite of the four (duck, chicken, mushroom, mackerel) had to be the chicken. Served in a sweet, light bun it tasted like a delicious bite sized chicken Burger

Firecracker Chicken Rice: nicely yet lightly spiced with tender chicken bites and variety of vegetables, it's a compact and cute dish that settles yet doesn't fill the stomach.

There's a few things that make Yo Sushi, Yo Sushi and all in all a super relaxed space. Self serving plays a large part in the experience from selecting your own plates and essentially curating your own meal, refilling your own water and calling the waiter when you wish.


Porky's BBQ- Bankside
Located right next to two of Southbank's prime locations; The Tate Modern & Shakespeare's Globe. Porky's is in an ideal spot for post cultural date days/nights.

Highlights from the menu include:


Mug of house beef chilli. Essentially a serving of chilli con carne with juicy and tender beef, served in a cute coffee cup. There's a slight kick at play that sits on the tongue nicely and builds up slowly.


The Mac & Cheese on it's own was a treat creamy and cheesy yet paired with another side dish, creamed spinach it was something else entirely.

Porkys burger was a meaty & mighty feast! Tender pulled pork and melted cheese all topped with bacon and served in a soft glazed bun. When coupled with any of their in house sauces, you truly are in for a treat!


Gail force was delicious! Flavoursome and fruity, with a slight Alcoholic twinge making it an easy companion.

Pb & J Manhattan had to be the most interesting of the cocktails. Quirky at first, yet not too out there by taste. Essentially a Manhattan, the Peanut Butter and jelly, although slight and subtle, add that extra element to a classic drink.


With two sites, soon to be three! (A new opening at The Boxpark in Shoreditch) I can understand the appetite for Porky's. There are fun, quirks and unique touches added to it's menu that make it what it is. It's affordable and accessible good BBQ food.

Bunny Chow
Bunny chow It's great when a street food retailer sets up shop and where better than Box Park which seems more organic then jumping straight into bricks and mortar. Based at Box Park in Shoreditch, Bunny Chow serves the dish of the same name a South African delicacy. The Chow is a hollowed out bread filled with fillings.

 A personal Favourite was the Ginger chicken bunny a curry, fragrant and nicely spiced and flavoured the meat was tender and juicy.

 Street food always has the power to dig up food so often overlooked and Bunny chow does just that simple yet effective, affordable and filling.

Jumeira Indian Restaurant

If you ever drive through Staplehurst, Kent be sure not to miss this little gem. Jumeira is the trendiest new thing in the village.

With the modern dim mood lighting and friendly service the newly renovated restaurant is always busy.


Located at the far end of soho as it meets Piccadilly and a stones throw from the station, the restaurant and bar are both downstairs in a large modern Art Deco setting with half booths and tables


No Bull Syrah, red wine produced exclusively for Mash in washington by Charles Smith at 13.5 % it offers a subtle fruitiness that's mild yet felt a nice companion to not overpower and accompany a variety of dishes

Highlights included:


Mushroom pasta, a creamy and rich serving of tagalienne finely tuned with the mushroom serving adding greatly to the dish


American Rump recommended served medium rare helping to retain its juices, succulent, tender and meaty that falls apart in your mouth with ease

Dane Sirloin flavoursome with the flavour sealed and grounded


Cheesecake and Raspberry sorbet a delicious offering with the cheesecake and sorbet working beautifully and playing off with each other


Mash is what it is essentially a steak house but goes further with its selection and variety, its starters are meals of their own a great introduction. Busy yet still able to maintain a calm and cool atmosphere. Mash is a great place to go when you're looking for that steak to dine on


Jackson + Rye- Soho

Feels like you've stepped back in time in a good way, friendly and polite staff, low level lighting and music making for a relaxed and social atmosphere.


The cocktails were highly affordable starting at 4.50 and ending at 8, Gold Rush was the highlight, fruity and smooth nothing sour and no bitter taste that so many alcholic bevarages find hard to escape from.


The highlight here was the truffle mac and cheese a beautiful blend of ingredients that complimented and didn't overbalance going hand in hand with one another.

Corn Bread- served with flavorsome Mushrooms with tarragon herbs and lettuce, the bread helped ground serving as the base yet it was the flavorsome  mushrooms came through the most rounding out the dish greatly


The Buttermilk chicken was delicious, so smooth served in fluffy crisp batter.

The Cod was also delightful, tender and creamy and coming accompanied with crisp slim cut chips and clam rounding it out nicely

The Steak was  smoky, tender & juicy with the chipotle sauce adding flavor and green beans adding crunch


The cheese cake was delightful creamy and rich it hit the right chord

The theatricals of the melting chocolate sundae had me at hello, deeply flavored and sweet it's definitely one to try

I can't fault it was enjoyable experience through and though and one I'd definitely do again. prices are reasonable and it's quality over quantity even though the dishes are large enough portions it doesn't leave you wanting more but wanting to come back for more.


The Adam & Eve

Quirky and colorful interior situated on Wells Street just off Oxford Street its bar was bustling and the seated area busy yet with the low lights and music it all helped to create calm
Highlights Included:
Bar Snacks

Hot wings were not too hot more with an interesting char-grilled flavor none the less, with a more than generous helping it was less a nibble/snack and more of a starter and a good yet light introduction


Juicy tender meaty smoky well cut steak served with generously cut fries, crisp delicious onion rings and a fried tomato helping to add to the juices and allowing for a well rounded filling dish


Chocolate Brownie a rich offering the ice cream created a balance mix the warm with the cold and rich


Adam & Eve is quite British with a slight eccentric undertone, The menu also represents this with traditional pub and British foods from Pie and Mash to Battered sausages and chips, located in an easy to find location yet also situated away from the overcrowded shopping center.


Jaiden James

Plum and split milk

Dim lighting illuminated by the hanging lights with dazzling second storey views of the heart of king cross onlooking St.Pancras and its neo gothic clock tower. Helping to set the mood was low level contemporary mellow music from Lana Del Rey to The XX. A nice touch was the charging and USB ports discreetly integrated add a splash of modernity to the setting located at the rear of the tables was a nice touch for those on the go and helpful to travelers and workers low on battery


Oriental express comes with the choice of three levels of heat a fruity concoction that helps with the spicy kick


A highlight had to be the dressed Dorset crab finely presented in its shell with cress layered on top, a meaty fine and fresh delicacy


Lobster with slim cut and crisp paprika fries, The lobster was juicy,meaty and fresh, slightly flavoured with the accompanying fries adding tremendously to the proceedings, overall a well rounded dish


Off the peg I asked for a selection of sorbets and ice creams in a range of flavors all was delicious and mixed and blended together caused a delightful frenzy and fusion

Coconut and lime
Strawberry champagne
Raspberry and peach

Ice cream
Raspberry cheese cake
Vanilla chic chip

With a great location away from the city and away from Westminster its central location bang in the middle of Kings Cross Plum and Split Milk is Classy without being too bourgeois.


Jaiden James
Editorial Director

Advisory Burger 

A cute little venue on Mare Street paired down wooden floors, stools and tables, minimal with humorous instructions on the wall on how to enjoy the food and chalk board menus displaying specials and the regular menu on the wall 

Onion and mushroom burger- served in a glazed lightly grilled bun retaining its softness with lettuce and juicy tomatoes all burgers come medium rare unless stated I opted for rare which was tender and just right juicy and succulent retaining all its juices 

The burgers don't come with sides yet a large bowl of thinly cut crisp chips come in at 2:50 or onion rings for the same price there's additional sides yet these are the ones I selected and tried and went well with the main attraction 

The hot dog came with lashings of mustard and ketchup also in a glazed lightly grilled bun the grilled onions were copious enough to not even need to order rings as a side 

It's a nice affordable relaxed place to catch up and catch good grub at affordable prices

New Inn- St.Johns Wood

Located off the high road of st.john's wood a leafy calm environment that lends to the New Inn's local feel a pubs pub that serves good food nice cocktails and a decent pint


Calamari rings crisp with tender squid a slight spicy kick that cools when dipped into the accompanying sauce and zest of the lime juices complimented the dish when lightly drizzled over

Battered prawns the batter is done to a tee with knowledge and care showing the establishments skill that leads into one of its mains and popular dishes (fish and chips) the prawns are juicy and fresh and sauce gives flavouring


Burger a juicy delicious meaty mighty feast egg, prawns, jalapenos, the melted Cheddar. The only thing I felt let in down was the brown wholewheat bun it would in my opinion fair better with a soft slightly crisped white bread bun


Banoffee pie creamy concoction with banana slices all lends to each other creating a delicious desert with a generous portion


The village vibe creates a good environment friendly staff relaxed locals even with the football on and the cheers The New Inn felt homely which makes sense with the rooms going upstairs for the lodgers this truly could feel like a home away from home


Lord Palmerston

British through and through from the layout to the chalkboard written menu or the pub community,feel its modern without being clinical nor disrespecting the pub roots with touches of the new and old.



Potted pork shoulder with toasted sourdough- literally potted pork with delicious sour dough bread a simple yet seductive dish with the bread a winner in its own right

Red mullet light with the red peppers adding a slight kick lime drizzled on top for an added zest

Duck egg and potato terrine, meaty mighty egg with the yolk oozing and bursting open, the terrine dipped in added much needed flavour to the proceedings it's an interesting dish yet it would be more so if the potato which is essentially the base had something added (onions mixed in or a sprinkle of seasoning)


Juicy tender and flavoursome steak with slight chargrilled smoky flavour which worked beautifully with the juices and meat the accompanying tomatoes fresh and bursting on touch the chips thick and home cut a well done dish

Wood pigeon with crispy chicken skin- Extremely crisp skin served layered on top of the succulent and tender wood pigeon with an under laying thyme jus sauce


Chocolate Brownie was a treat served with a scoop of caramel salted ice cream making for a pleasant mixture with the sweet and salted and warmth against cold


Helpful staff speedy service relaxed environment make Lord Palmerston a comfortable and casual dining experiences a foot in the old world and a hand in the new a British menu that's far from boring and located in a leafy area of north London's Tuffnell Park a stones throw from the station

33 Dartmouth Park Hill  London, Greater London NW5 1HU
020 7485 1578



Low level lighting and music at hum tables generously spaced yet located close enough to allow engaging conversations to be had with tables nearby situated just by the river close to Warwick Avenue station, living up to its name planked ceilings and antler chandeliers allow for a luxury liner fine diner feel



Passion fruit kiss a more fruity than fizz champagne splash sweet and summery


Scallops light with the sauce and nuts grounding and basing the dish

Crayfish simple & effective dish ravishing riot of flavours the Bloody Mary sauce marinating the entire curation with guacamole and crayfish served cold with each factor adding to the other

Smoked duck tasty with a billowing smoked effect with the added crunch of celeriac with the sweetness of the Cumberland sauce a fusion of flavours that worked terrifically together


Marinated Salmon fillet light and slight with added sweetness making for a juicy delectable dish


A medley of crumbled chocolate chip cookie chocolate moose and ice cream the crunch and combination if textures made for a delightful light sweet desert

Waterway offers a relaxed dining experience where times trickles by allowing the diner to lose themselves to the atmosphere and an important factor the food the staff were helpful the location great and building beautiful all adding up to a great evening



Dimly lit and with low music spacious seating, Balham is an ideal location an area clearly on the come up with its own vibrant food and cocktail scene that Harrison's fits into nicely adding its own charm in the process 

Highlights : 


Salt & Pepper squid came crisply battered in salted bread crumbs adding further texture and taste to the calamari rings making for an Exceedingly excellent Squid crispy shell with a soft core centre dipped in the accompanying lightly heated chilli it's a delectable dish 


Raspassion martini fruity frothy and highly refreshing 


Elwy Lamb shoulder Shepard pie with Honey roasted vegetables, a  traditional dish yet one done immensely well with evidence of a trained hand clearly done with love and care creamy meaty and the extra side of ordered chips and ketchup added greatly to the dish and adding balance to create a fully rounded ravishing pie 

A great venue with the menu changing often enough adding this and tweaking that and with specials of the week it allows for regulars to be enticed to come back whilst having a strong set of dishes allows for newbies to become regulars the staff were polite and helpful and plates and portions full 


Ben's Canteen

Located just by Clapham Junction station offering Great service polite and accommodating staff without being overbearing its a relaxed environment calm and collected and very much the work of a team rather than that of a chain which gives the canteen it's edge



Vanilla and chilli an interesting fusion yet one that works with a battled balance of sweet and spice


Fish taco- crisp fish pieces coated in breadcrumbs wrapped in tortilla

Buffalo wings- juicy chicken pieces with a slight spicy tang


Mussels & Hand Cut Chips fresh succulent tender mussels served in creamy white wine sauce with bacon on the side a generous portion that went down a treat

Big Benny Melt- A Burger with a soft bun layered with mac and cheese, salad and juicy tomatoes it was in a league of its own and definitely a highlight of the menu

The menu offers what it offers and does it well its sharply focused and concise making Ben's an affordable enjoyable experience light on the wallet yet highly memorable to the tastes it's Burger has to be up their with some of the best in London and is worth a trip just for that


Wabi- London
Spacious modern and clean a relaxed environment with the the relaxed asian inspired uniforms worn by the staff helped to cement the orient theme, the lighting music was at a low level and a hum that created an intimate comfortable environment

The set menu comes in at £75 with the dishes on offer allowing you to be put into the hands of the chef and the carefully compiled menu there's more hits allowing for a succession of harmonious notes.
Highlights included fragrant fish dishes from sea bass to yellow tail creamy lobster with chips (crisps) the salmon was a treat tender tasty and rich in flavour the mushrooms complimented and completed the dish Steak came flaming frothing in sauce succulent juicy cutlets even more so with lemon drizzled over and marinated in the accompanying BBQ sauce


 Modern minimal and measured Wabi offers quality over quantity enticing bites and nibbles enough to fill yet not bloat the stomach an interesting take on Asian cuisine influenced yet not controlled and created by an outside observer with knowledge that allows for the dishes to transcend the genre that usually traps them 3.5/5


 Downstairs has the feel of an American diner dimly lit with the chatter of others dining and enjoying their meals the TV on this occasion was playing American Football helping to cement the Americana theme with four branches across London including Clapham & Fulham they've got the capital pretty much covered. We dined at the central branch in Soho on Poland Street.


 Nacho chips came served with several dips and layers which included grilled cheese salsa and guacamole a cute little taster that's layers added flavour and depth

 Crab cakes and gamba shrimp the gamba shrimps were the absolute highlight here juicy tender and slightly spiced and was definitely a case of quality over quantity

 1/4 pound beef hot dog a mighty and meaty feast the extra toppings of cheese and onion added to the dish as there was other options on offer diverse allowing room for

 Jamaican jerk breast the side of jerk seasoning wasn't for those with a light heart a dish with a kick that's enough to induce a sweat

Cocktails were great with a list that doesn't over whelm but does have enough to excite such as Hurricane which was fruity and zesty that helps to distill the triple rums added that sinks to the bottom allowing for that kick at the end & Mai tai refreshingly tropical and a delightful drink for those who prefer a sweet taste yet powerful punch

Bodean's clearly has hit the mark delivering great  BBQ food a diner feel with the menu playing tribute to that but making room for influences creeping in from cuisine  across the world, The booked out bookings and line for those hoping for a table could not be more solid proof that Bodean's is a popular place to dine 


The Real Greek

Modern in the center of spitalfields relaxed and lit at a level that allows for relaxation the kitchen isn't exactly open plan but open to a degree that you can depending on where seated see the preparation of your meal the lighting was mid level not too dim yet not too bright


The chips were fluffy and crisp with herbs lightly sprinkled over to add that hint of flavor The saffron rice was a needed side to the meat and seafood on offer and tastes even better when one of the sauces marinating

Taramasalata- creamy and strong accent of cod rich and smooth texture 

Greek flat bread warmed and moist it makes for an excellent base to the hummus 

Hummus A fine tuned mixture balanced  with a slight kick 

Tiger prawns served in acute pan that helps to maintain the juices and flavors they were cooked juicy the garlic was at the forefront 

Grilled octopus was tender and cooked brilliantly one of the highlights on the menu 


Mango sorbet was a treat full of flavour and smooth topped with a scoop of strawberry flavoured ice cream the different in texture made for a nice comparison 

Caramel cheesecake delightful fluffy and creamy with crumbly base that rounds the dish out yet doesn't fully ground it which allows for the desert to remain 

Real Greek is a great place to dine affordable and a great place to be introduced to Greek food which is rich  in flavor and diverse in variety yet nothing on the menu feels to wild and has accommodation for a wide range of indivduals


Grand Union Camden 

A throw back to the decor of an old age pub with slight twists here and there that give it a quirky flair,  dimly light with music at a  low level music 


Spicy meatballs flavoursome balls of beef served in a sauce that gives a mild buck 
Sliders Mixture of chicken, beef and veggie burgers that come in pairs all are cute additions to the menu and set you up nicely for the main A classic Caesar salad The grilled chicken is the main base with anchovies adding to the proceedings 

Reasonable priced under 15 starting with a mixed sliders it's wide enough to tease you and set the tone for the mains 

Drinks there's a diverse selection from your favourite tipples and mixtures to Grand Unions own take on cocktails the expresso martini is a nice mix of both vices caffeine and alcohol given a wake up call and a kick 


Hot dog a hot dog topped with melted cheese jalapeño peppers and pepperoni the crisp bread base helps to settle the taste buds, Hot wings crisply coated chicken wings with a subtle sweet and mild heated coating a nice dish that wasn't the strongest sampled on the menu yet that never made it a bad choice as it was enjoyable all the same  and the Ribs tender and meaty with a sweet and succulent flavoring 

Grand Union is more of a place to have a drink and have a meal to accompany it rather than the other way round none the less the food was enjoyable and it makes for a nice chilled evening 3/5


The Shed

The Shed is a comfortable venue lighting at a low level and music at a hum clearly a popular spot judging by the line and those waiting patiently for a table

Mouthfuls were small tapas like dishes that on a whole were enticing nibbles Sardine rollmop- a nice meaty pickled sardine neatly sliced and rolled up
whilst the Chorizo- came as a topping to a crisp lettuce base a compact yet cute nibble

Cured meats came cold the most interesting being Biltong Interesting with a subtle taste at first and then builds up with a garlic overtone

Lamb chips tender in taste covered in crisp bread crumbs and accompanied with a chrizo sauce adds a slight kick

Sussex steak juicy and succulent sliced as the name suggest reared in sussex a delightful dish that was amongst my favourite of the night

Very english and with a menu that consists largely of food reared in the countryside (Sussex), its menu isn't large enough to get lost in and the portions aren't either but it allows for focus on what's on offer allowing for plates to be devoured with ease making every mouthful count that little bit more 3.5/5

The Forge & The Foundry 

Modern and clean minimal yet warm the walls are adorned with artwork by emerging artists the music venue next door is relaxed the upstairs space in which I dined the music venue below has a very earthy vibe with a living plant wall and airy spacious space
Bon bon- For those who have a bit of a sweet tooth and the floating cherry adds that little touch
Lynchburg lemonade -An extremely light beverage with the lemonade taking the forefront of flavor

Seafood platter a nice arrangement of fish smoked to allow the billowing flavor that enhanced the dish

Handmade ricotta- nice with bread a subtle tasting dish with the nuts adding the extra crunch and flavoring
Fish of the day- ake light grilled with a sweet sauce topping
Chicken pie that had the warmth of a homely home cooked food pipping hot and filled to the brim with tender chicken pieces


A delicious selection of ice cream scoops with a wide range of flavours on offer such as apple & pear  & A large Chocolate Sundae filled with flavor and a must for those with a sweet tooth

The foundry is a cute place to visit that offers a different experience not just in dining yet on a whole its nice to see how they blend all forms of culture together


Shoreditch Butchery

Dimly lit with a diverse range of music pumping from Azzelia banks to Phoenix with calm collected yet cool crowd and relaxed laid back atmosphere busy yet not overcrowded, loud but not drowning in sound


Bad man juice-A mix of five rums and absinthe comes in a super tall glass, topped with crystalised fruits bitter yet sugary sweet that have a taste akin to rowntrees fruit pastilles, a sweet mix that allows for a subtle taste of alcohol yet

Tequila boozy- a love or hate cocktail bitter mostly its for those who fancy something more

Something girly- more fizz than buck a slight taste and as the name suggest possibly one for the more light hearted drinker


Sliders are cute little bits of fun with mini hot dogs and beetroot, meat balls and burgers teasing and helping to settle the stomach yet not fill. Meat balls had to be my favorite among the sliders yet the beetroot was always interesting be used in such away served in a bun and topped with goats cheese


Its a nice little venue to escape into centrally placed within Shoreditch the drink prices at £5 for a beer or rose and £7.90 for a cocktail aren't too steep, the staff are friendly and helpful making for a rounded and enjoyable evening 3/5

Rookery- Clapham 

The Rookery has the in-between feel of a bar and pub, relaxed with dim lit lights and subtle mellow music the menu on this occasion (changes from time to time and seasonally) traditionally English with slight influences of the world (evident in the wings taste, texture and flavours)

Crispy chilli chicken wings & house pickles- Crisply coated chicken wings with slight lashings of chilli in the marinate allowing for a slight & mild buck

Mussels- served in a creamy garlic white wine sauce giving the mussels a slightly bitter yet sweet tang

Slow roasted Hampshire pork shoulder with a side of coleslaw- covered in BBQ sauce moisturized the tender meat piece and deeply infused with flavour

28 day matured Sirloin steak- succulent and juicy grilled steak served with a side dish of salad

Artisan ice cream- Sweet scoops of Ice cream in a variety of flavours one of the most interesting has to be xmas pudding flavour

The Rookery is a comfortable spot that's placing in Clapham seems well suited, A selection of winter warmers on a menu that's concise & rounded enough with mid level price points on the food and drink. It's a versatile spot that can be treated as bar/pub yet easily adapts into a restaurant. The food has a touch added that allows it to surpass easily simply pub food. 3/5



I've always been intrigued by Pizza Express seeing several branches across London over the years yet never venturing in. I was surprised by the warmth and relaxed atmosphere and diners a variety of ages enjoying affordable pieces of a diverse Italian inspired menu. on this occasion we dined at the Pizza Express, Southgate branch which is spacious and located next to several local food outlets it fitting right in. Well lit with enough room and tables on a variation of sizes from intimate two chairs to more social setting from four to six. The music playing was at low buzz entertaining yet not overtaking of any conversations.


Dough-balls- a simple and classic starter of soft warm dough balls that set the tone for the taste of the pizzas base and crust- 3:20

Polpette al forno meatballs- Classic bolognese meat balls tender and fully rounded served with garlic bread sticks that help calm the flavorsome kick the meat balls came served and based in a sauce that tantalized the tongue causing a hot pepper surge and has to be one of/ if not the highlighted dish of the evening, they would be even more of a treat with pasta. 5:25

Bruschetta con Funghi- The closed cup mushrooms at the forefront of the dish where the red onions give that slight kick whilst the dough bread helped ground the dish and give it the much needed base- 4:70

Polenta chips- light fluffy yet crisp chips cut into slices not too thick nor thin and seasoned with rosemary and grana padano, already sweet in flavor the mustard and honey sauce helps add a sweet sharp tang to the proceedings- 3:95

Mozzarella and tomato salad- served cold with a pesto side dressing a classic dish where each ingredient harmonizes with one another the cheese wasn't too strong nor too light allowing for the juicy tomato slices and pesto to add flavor and tone-4:95


Diavolo- a hot selection of toppings from the slight yet sharp pepperoni to the soft & subtle kick of the onions with things heated up by green peppers, spicy beef and tabasco sauce, The diavolo is a meaty, mighty yet manageable hot dish-11:65

Sloppy Giuseppe -a mix of spiced beef and green peppers causing a mild wave of heat whilst the red onions sharpness allows for a fusion of flavors that's calmed by the tomato sauce and opted for Romana base- 9:50

Calzone Prosciutto Pesto- folded over dough that leaves for a meaty wholesome surprise with the creamy mushrooms as the main accent and Ham the meat that ties the fillings together allowing for a great mixture even better when mixed with the side salad, excellently blending with the main dish -12:50


Banoffee pie- A creamy indulgent mixture the banana blended excellently with the sweet toffee setting whilst the biscuit base helped to detract from the sweetness creating a fully rounded and well balanced end to the night- 4:95

Chocolate fudge cake- A nice take on a classic rich chocolate fudge in delectable chocolate sauce, served with a side scoop of ice cream and mildly warm allowing for the fusion of the cream to blend well without melting- 4:95


Pizza Express is a great place to dine when opting for a pizza or furthermore light Italian its menu constantly has new or limited editions to suit the season or in collaboration with chefs and promotions such as Orange Wednesdays allows two for one and there's always other interesting promo's to keep your eyes peeled for. Prices are mid end and the staff helpful without pestering. Dishes on offer are diverse from pasta to pizza and a role call of veggie dishes, the drinks selection is also varied from alcoholic mixtures to the more traditonal coke or sweet lemonade. Pizza Express is a chain restaurant that has corned and conquered a gap in the market delivering a more upmarket experience than a local pizzeria or Pizza hut whilst maintaining prices accessible to most. 


Franca Manco- Brixton

Another Brixton village restaurant that has helped define the area as a spot to dine specializing in Pizzas cooked for 40 seconds in a brick oven with a sour dough base mixed with the smoked flavored crust complementing one another and giving Franca that unique edge over other pizzerias

Burratina Pugliesse- a creamy mozzarella dish served cold with a side salad of rocket and tomatoes

Smoked Buffalo- One of the highlights, a mixture of meats such as wild pig & cured gota smoked buffalo along with Parmesan tomatoes and rocket an interesting combination and with the lack of a tomato sauce base helped this pizza stand out among the other more classic ones that were on the menu, the cured ham was at the forefront of flavors, a sharp twist that added a nice touch

Giuseppe Mascoli the owner clearly has love not only for Franca but dining on a whole his passion for good food was evident as was his dedication to supporting good suppliers as well as his love for Brixton which once finished we toured the area and visited interesting restaurants such as;

White caper -a small yet cute coffee shop selling a selection of freshly made bread and cakes, offering a dinner menu.

Lab G- serving a selection of delicious Ice creams full of flavor

Franca is a great place offering affordable and delectable pizza's the specials allow regulars to have something new on constant revisits and with the restaurant packed and glowing reviews from across the board.


Honest Burger 

Having been a hidden gem in London's Brixton for a while now Honest Burger has moved into London's lovely Soho District with a compact menu & prime focus on the burger ( Beef & Chicken) 

With Prices ranging from £6:50 to £9:50 allows for Honest to be close to a Large McDonald's meal and on par with some of Burger Kings entry burgers yet is equal quality of more pricey outposts such as Byron Burgers which Honest quite easily passes in taste & texture. The chips were a delight also and although the main focus is the burgers there's no compromise and they make for an excellent companion, a cross between wedges & fries with the potatoes skin still left on yet finely cut & seasoned with rosemary & salt helping to add flavor and balance the dish out nicely. 

The menu is short and sweet and it would be great to see Honest venture into using other meats in there burgers not for any other reason than that they do what they do well. The owners have created and crafted an unpretentious yet cool burger bar which could soon set to be  making more leaps and waves.
Honest Burger is an affordable gem and now with two London outlets its about to get the praise and customers it deserves 

Dimmed lights and minimal decoration and paired down interior, a laid back atmosphere with well dressed staff serving within a medium sized space where most tables are for couples. 


Smoked eel with creme fresh the eel was meaty and freshly caught served cold the sauce the creamy and fresh adding moisture and flavor

Grilled quail with quince crisp skin and tender meat whilst the quince had a sweet caramelised taste causing and creating an interesting fusion and arousing the taste buds

Parpadelle with beef shin ragu a sizeable portion of Parpadelle with prime beef ragu great tasting and highly recommended


Black hampshire pork chop with braised di cime di rapa meaty & juicy pork chop that couldn't have had a better companion or been better suited to the soft ratte boiled potatoes topped with Rapini adding a bitter flavor to the dish that helped round it out

Mozzarella di buffala with spicy tomotoes swiss chard olives and panisse the cheese was at the forefront of the dish where as the spiced tomatoes gave the dish that kick and flavor and with mozzarella helping to tone down the spiced tomatoes allowing to give a subtle yet felt heat that complemented rather than overtook balancing out the food nicely

5 day hung Hereford beef sirloin with Roseval potatoes, butternut squash the beef was mouth watering and succulent cut from a fine slice of beef the roseval's added texture and the squash a slight buttery taste to the proceedings


The desert menu wasn't wide ranging yet once again its not quantity its quality here and each desert surely did posses that Chocolate Tart the chocolate was quite rich and heavy yet the biscuit base helped lighten making a perfect end to a great meal. TheVanilla and caramel pannacotta an extremely rich and creamy traditional Piedmont desert, Very filling But would highly recommend, it was my favorite desert on the menu whilst Upside down apple and almond cake a slice with the apple overtaking the almond as the base allowing for a moist and flavorsome treat


Waiters were knowledgeable yet accessible warm and accommodating helping add to make Trullo not just a great places to dine yet an overall experience and with each mains tasting great its easy to see that the compact menu was created and crafted by a team who clearly know what they're doing and as the restaurant was busy and bustling upon leaving shows its built up a clientele and its success and with dinner changing daily ( our menu was one for the 6/11/12) it allowing for constant updates on dishes. The kitchen was ac
. Trullo is medium priced with the quality on par with more upmarket restaurants, nestled in the center of a lively area that's well worth making a trip to Highbury for.

The Builders Arms

A cosy bistro pub Low level lighting and minimal music located in Chelsea we did get it confused at first with another Builders arms in |Kensington but in truth the said one for the review was and is much more up market and more of foodie pub then a pubs pub. The decor was quite humorous in nature  kind of like a casual library 
To Begin

Pumkin soup ( special) -Rich and creamy pumkin soup served with freshly baked Oxfordshire bread. Garnished with flakes of ground black pepper helping to add a bit of spice a great dish helping to usher in the taste of autumn

Wild mushroom brioche-a delightful dish the bread base was soft and doughy and the sauce was a creamy concoction

Potted smoked salmon- was rich in flavor  pickled cucumber added a slight kick to the proceedings and balanced out the plate nicely


Corn fed chicken, tender chicken pieces served with a delicious and delectable risotto with pesto adding flavor  

Rib eye steak extremely juicy char-grilled beef served with fluffy on the inside and crisp on the outside homemade hand cut chips

Sea bass (special) was extremely light the cherry tomatoes and roast artichoke helped balance the meal however the "crushed potatoes" let the it down but none the less it was an interesting dish with the Sea Bass oozing freshness and  


Gin and tonic sorbet A small serving of gin and tonic sorbet sharp yet sweet and Chocolate brownie served with a Chocolate sorbet the play on hot and cold added to the treat both were interesting with the Brownies flavors playing into the sorbets 


Builders arms is a cute little pub that seem playful play with its customers the Mona Lisa under water and the sexual fruit still life its quirky and cute and accessible, staff are helpful and always on hand. friendly and calm its located in the quieter side of Chelsea 


Bar Bruno

When on the hunt for centrally located cafe serving all day breakfast we managed to stumble upon Bar Bruno in Soho. With tables full and an old decor hawking back to say the 60's we believed we had hit the jackpot a cafe's cafe that had been delivering good english fry ups for many a year.

Beans, two sausages and chips came in at £5 whilst an additional doughnut added a pound, the beans were plentiful and if not for them lacking any hint of flavour would have been great, where as the two sausages tasted of nothing no juicy flavoursome meat and better could be brought in tesco's value range, the chips were again bland and boring even when salted, peppered and with vinegar and ketchup drizzled on top it was still lacking and again easily could have been a big bag of 99p frozen chips.      

Bar Bruno is one of if not the worse cafes I've been to in London staff were grumpy and forgetful it was an effort to ask for tap water and the only thing of note I saw look at least tasty was there sandwhiches but on the note of having the displeasure to taste what was tasted and dine where I dined a return is most definitely off the cards 



Death by Burito 


A bar cum restaurant with a laid back and chilled vibe that also has a pub like feel. Death by Burito easily slots into the surrounding hoxton scene. Having been at Catch bar since last month word has been getting around and by the looks of it the word of mouth hype has helped as there was various diners dining and tables seemed to be pretty booked up. The menu Offers a selection of dishes with the mains being an option of either a Taco or Burrito yet also on the cards was the option of  light snacks such as a crab cakes or Courgette flower and ricotta poblano crepes.

Highlights included

Jose Cuervo Sangrita- Opened the menu with tomatoes served as the sweetener instead of limes accompanied with ice cold Sangrita the option came to dip tomatoes into  blended spice, pepper and salt which in all honesty were a treat on their own and helped calm the shot 

Courgette flower and ricotta poblano crepes- the right side of spice enough to tease the taste buds yet not over excite them the soft & somewhat buttery crepe balancing out the dish 

Grilled duck breast and chimchurri- slightly crisp tender duck pieces carefully wrapped in tortilla the rice was nicely done an overall a well rounded Burrito at best   

Smoked Beef rib and sweet taco- Shredded succulent beef pieces, the beef was filled with flavour smoked to degree that allowed for a billowing smoky taste that was an excellent blend and companion to accompanying salad 


Death by Burito is an interesting restaurant and bar, serving a Mexican inspired menu with contemporary and modern influences & western twists that's compact yet has enough offerings to suit many South American food lovers. Its list of cocktails range from light to stiffs & the Burrito's are definitely worth taking a trip to Catch.



Black & Blue

Bare brick walls with large columns decorated with over sized pictures & large flowers, dim lighting and minimal music sets the mood, classy yet not dripping in decadence 


Warm artichoke and spinach dip with tortilla chips gave off a Mexican vibe crunchy and crisp chips with the mixture of the soft and flavorsome dip cream, cheese & spinach amongst others making for a appetizing teaser- 6 

Crispy chicken wings with salt and lime, battered in crisp breadcrumbs and tender on the inside making for a fusion of texture where as the taste was enhanced with the accompanied lime lightly drizzled over adding a zest and enhancing the salt that was layered over the wings -6

Butterfly prawns in crispy breadcrumbs lived up to there name soft and rightly done the sauce added a slight kick and made for a scrumptious dish-6


T-bone 400g well done- prime beef cut allowing for a succulent steak done well and with the juices preserved served with chips and salad which each played on texture and taste where chips smoothed and softened the salad added that extra crunch via the lettuce and nuts- 28 

Classic Burger- meaty feast served with crisp lettuce, juicy and ripe tomatoes grilled cheese and red onions a well balanced burger and rounded dish- 11 with additional add on from 2 

Black & Blue is a perfect place for dates the low lighting and minimal noise allow for intimate conversations with a menu that places emphasize on the steak first and the burger and with both being honed in and on specialized  the wine menu was diverse enough with he staff on offer if needed to give advice as to what is best suited to each dish overall Black & Blue is a nice place to dine when wanting to let go yet not fully blow a budget 


Tommi's Burger Joint

A very social laid back atmosphere in a perfect location central yet hidden on a calm and quite side street that takes you away from the nearby Bond Street. Cooked on the grill in front of you allowing you to watch the process of creation. With a short and sweet menu you know what you're coming to Tommi's for. The menu is precise with nothing but burgers from ham to cheese to steak. A burger bar & burger van feel and a hint of american style dining, Milkshakes were coming soon which would be a great addition to the dish, whilst for the meantime it was a help yourself pay later fridge filled with Fantas, Cokes, Sprites water and fruit juices and also the generous offering of free coffee. Tommi's seemed very much in demand with shared tables and dining with those not in your group not uncommon yet this helped add to the joints charm allowing all diners to be sociable with one another.


The food came served in baskets, the burger was and is the main attraction, the bun soft and glazed with additional toppings of tomatoes, crisp lettuce and onions, prime cut beef done medium rare, that fell apart in the mouth. The accompanying companion to the star attraction came slim cut and deep fried until golden and crispy &  the chips tasted even better in my opinion lightly salted and for those who love a slight kick with Tabasco drizzled over adding Ketchup and mayo to calm and cool.

Freshly opened its clear Tommi's has filled a gap, there was hustle and bustle and the small space was busy, delivering a delectable burger  its not hard to understand why and with the Cheese Burger coming in at £9:90 its not heavy on the wallet & the affordable price & high quality and taste Tommi's is definitely worth a visit

                                                                     Brooklyn Bite

Brings Italy via New York to London, a pizza eatery and bar located on the fashionable Kings Road. Small and neat with a minimal interior such as exposed metal lights and beams and black walls with the dining area looking directly onto the kitchen so you can see your pizza freshly prepared. Down stairs is a rather cute bar with a selection of art from 'you talking to me' neon to small trains with graffiti scribbled and scrawled on the sides to a wall dominated by art work giving that easy and relaxed Brooklyn feel  

Mozzarella Sticks-Lightly breaded sticks filled with mozzarella cheese that burst on bite & filled with flavour even more so when dipped in the accompanying sauce

Garlic knots- really soft yet crisp garlic bread where the garlic wasn't overpowering and the doughy bread complimented greatly

Meat balls in sauce- tender and served in sweet yet tangy sauce which tasted even better when accompanied with the mozzarella sticks


Packin' heat-The pepperoni covered the majority of slices yet hidden underneath was the hidden heat; chili's and peppers that gave a slight punch yet not too overwhelming as the tomato sauce base added a calming note to the proceedings as did the soft doughy base and the crisp crusty with its own smoky flavour

Sleep with the fish- The most unusual Pizza of them all and a unique combination layered with breaded calamari it was an appetising dish at best and an addition to the menu that helps set Brooklyn bites apart from others in london

The Hawaii high five-O - a classic Hawaiian with a twist the red onions gave it a slight kick whilst the fresh and juicy pineapples burst in the mouth adding to the dish


Time out may have given a lazy half hearted slap dash review that I have to disagree with whole heartedly, I have had much worse Pizza's for higher prices and in my opinion Brooklyn Bite is a cute little restaurant. The option to have half and half was a nice touch and made it even more easier to share as was the fact you could experiment and create your own pizza from a wide range of toppings. Perfect for dates with mates or significant others. The cocktail menu wasn't that wide ranging yet those on offer were cute concoctions with AWOL a favourite, champagne topped up with absinthe, bitter, sweet and sharp yet delectable all the same. The space available is made use of by separating tables and chairs to a degree that all can have conversations without others flowing through and the music was mellow yet could be heard and at only 3 months in you can see that it has already gained a loyal following.


Lobster Pot

Modelled after a ships cabin the restaurant itself isn't without quirks that add to the atmosphere, its chilled and relaxed and instead of music you hear the cries of a sea gulls and the splash of waves, the waiters come dressed as sea captains & the circular windows with pet fish add a nice touch to the proceedings. 
We had the Surprise eight course menu (£50) which to list and discuss each dish would ruin the surprise yet its safe to say there was plenty hits and delectable dishes the favourites happened to be:

The Lobster where the bibs wrapped around you added a fun element,  The Lobster came covered in wild mushroom porned sauce which soaked and refined the lobster and the mushrooms gave was a perfect addition adding that little bit extra yet not over taking in any way.

The Sorbet infused Vodka, the sorbet was soft and flavoursome and the vodka sauce/shot gave it that extra buck the play on flavours was interesting allowing for sharp yet sweet mixture

Cajun Nile perch which was very moist, seasoned with Cajun and pan fried full of flavour, spicy and meaty the sweet potatoes that accompanied the dish cooled and calmed and chilled, a well rounded dish were all complimented one another and definitely the winning dish flavoursome spiced fish.

Lobster  is evidently a place where the food is made with love & great passion, the head chef and owner Herve comes out to greet and speak to all those present, the waitresses are friendly and you can tell and feel the warmth, all was made welcome and at home, which not only seeps into the food but also the atmosphere. I was very impressed by Lobster Pot with everything going hand in hand from the quirky and unique decor to the friendly and enthusiastic owners.

Afterwards we was taken next door to Lobster Pot's sister restaurant 'Brasserie Toulouse Lautrec' which I will return to review more in depth on a later date the warmth and cosiness followed through with Herve's sons taking the reign here. The music nights such as the night which I visted was a nice touch on this specific occasion a jazz band which mellowed and soothed those at the bar on the 2nd floor whilst those who dined below were not left out on the experience with the music filtering through. Both restaurants seem to offer a truly unique experience


Lobster Pot is definitely a hidden gem in south east London and one which should be cherished its One of the friendliest places I've been from the owners to the diners all willing and open up & talk and laugh with one another and somewhere I would very much like to revisit on a regular basis. You so often forget that a restaurant isn't purely about the food (which was great) but also the ambience and atmosphere so often lost in the corporate and cold eateries I've visited many a time and is surely amongst if not my favourite restaurant so far and the first I have to award a well deserved 



An interesting location in the heart of Covent Garden, Set across two floors, Suda is relaxed and laid back yet spacious enough for intimate conversations to be had the music was subtle and calming and the waiters were polite and willing to recommend and advise on the menu , The the food came quick fast and all in all a good service was delivered . 


Guay teow lui suan- rice freshly cooked and wrapped around duck and thai herbs served in vodka shot glasses and dipped in sauce it was even more tasty with the sauce drizzled over and was definitely a nice mixture that blended and harmonized well together- £5.95

Salmon Namtok- spiced seared salmon accompanied with a light salad that calmed the kick it melted in the mouth and was on the right side of done preserving the natural juices and flavoring given that little extra with the spices- £7.25


Pla Sam Rod- battered and lightly crisped served with a sweet chili sauce, the dish was decent enough yet not a stand out moment it's more suited to fish and chips lovers and can't be wronged as it was akin to the great British battered cod -£10:50

Gae yang som tum- lamb chops grilled served with a light salad was the highlight main, the meat was just right and fell off the bone, juicy and even more so dipped in the accompany sauce heightening the flavor-£12.50 


Gluay hom tod- banna fritters served with honey and sesame & a side of vanilla ice cream,  which the the fritters went beautifully with adding to the sweetness -£4.95
Kao tom mud sai chocolate- sticky rice roll with an side of vanilla ice cream different to say the least, chocolate covered rice it tasted a bit between a chocolate cereal and rice pudding and was a nice dish all the same- £4.95


The Grilled lamb was definitely a dish worth trying whilst the Pla Som Rod was nice yet something that could be found elsewhere & although the main's didn't come with a side of rice it could be ordered separately and for just two pound extra its not much of an issue or argument, it's the mixture of the normal and abnormal ( Chocolate Rice?) situated in a prime spot with a comfortable atmosphere and staff going the extra mile  and its menu that is accessible and semi affordable, its these pointers that makes Suda stand out from the neighboring restaurants. 



  B-Soho is the latest arrival to the London Pizza & Cocktail scene, arriving in a prime location on as the name suggest Soho's Poland street. Its a gust of fresh air to see a revival of the area and B-SOHO sets the tone for a promising destination for cocktails, snacks and lunch.


Tagliere misto - mixed cured meat and cheeses a selection of two different varieties of hams and cheeses accompanied by slices of warmed up pitta. The taste was akin to a pizza sans tomato sauce but by lightly drizzling the spiced olive oil over the bread it added flavor and moisture to the proceedings, it was a nice introduction

Caprese di bufala - tomato cut into a flower shape, chunks of fresh monzarella basil and spices , a classic Caprese salad, yet a very good one nonetheless.

Don picante pizza well rounded selection: tomato
Mozzarella and spicy salami
The tomato sauce complimented and cooled the salami which had a slight spicy kick

Don roca pizza - prosciutto , rocket, cherry tomatoes andonzarella
The pizza was a combination of classic italian pizza toppings without a tomato sauce base. It was not lacking In flavour however, the mozzarella being most poignant of the toppings.

We finished our meal with two tea tartlets each accompanied by a scoop of vanilla ice cream.
The chocolate tartlet, was quite rich, the crust allowed for a balance and tone complimenting and not allowing the richness to take over. The hazelnut tartlet was an interesting option one not seen on many menus the ice cream definitely added and rounded out the dish making for a creamy fusion of flavours
Having freshly opened just two weeks ago it's clear B-Soho is still laying it's foundations, we went at 1pm but could clearly see the atmosphere would have been even better at night with the many light-bulbs on the ceiling illuminating and casting a glow on those who drank and dined at the bar. The seating was comfortable arm chairs and wooden tables that relaxed and gave a homely feel. The service was fast and reliable the waiter's were attentive and we didn't have to wait too long between meals same goes for getting the plates cleared and glasses refilled.

 . The Pizza's were nice and baked in a brick oven which allowed for the crust to have a subtle smoky flavor, thin yet not too thin and definitely filling. My favorite dish had to be the starter; the Tagliere misto which was a fine tuned selection of cheese & ham curated yet not crafted by a chef who knows what compliments what.  

It was hard to get a strong sense of B-Soho with it being so new, just that there's inklings of promise and that it could turn into an intresting point of call. The menu isn't that wide ranging focusing mainly on Pizza with some pasta options but its the cocktail menu and as a cocktail bar that I'm most interested in as it shows the most promise, the location is perfect, Soho yet not far from both Oxford Circus or Tottenham Court road and the decor seems suited wonderfully for tales over cocktails. It's a promising start and somewhere I would love to revisit once the occupants and regulars have fully settled in.


White Rabbit- 125 Stoke Newington Church Street
Nestled in Stoke Newington with a very chilled environment & a killer selection of music subtly playing from The Phoenix to The XX to Hotchip. The service is on point with the staff bridging the right gap of attention needed, the main focus being the cocktails delivered being a diverse mixture suited for every individual from the light drinker to those more inclined to a tipple.

Favorites were:

Elderflower juelp- the fusion of sweet flavors allowed for a fruity yet it was quite minimal and subtle for those who prefer something with less of a buck

Classic martini-I opted for a dry version with the thouse gin (gordons) a strong concution Yet had an undertone and aftertaste that was worth taking the kick for

Smokey old fashion- a delicately balanced drink on the rocks with a hint of wood smoke that seemed to billow and excite the tastebuds

Cosmo-one of the favorites strong yet subtle and also sweet it's a delicious mixture that leaves you wanting more

White Rabbit Royale- A beautiful blend that had a delicately fruitful balance and was amongst the favourites

English Garden- A very slight Flavored Cocktail with a subtle blend yet was extremely soothing and delicious


The White rabbit is a gem that drserves to be discovered, Arty without being pretentious the bar fits nicely into the bohemian vibe of Stoke Newington. The cocktail menu is diverse and wide ranging with tipples on offer to suit mosts tastes and quench most's thrist. There's also a night club down stairs which deserves a full visit and exploration.

Meter Bar & Eatery Review
For its prime city location Meter is affordable and un-pretentious nestled right next to Old Street station the decor is a mish mash of wooden tables and school style chairs, the service and atmosphere were chilled and relaxed, busy yet not too busy.
Our favorite starter had to be

Pizzelle al pomodoro- 3 singular dough balls, topped with a tomato sauce that had a slight spicy kick, with pamersan cheese sprinkled on top,

Opting for the famous Meter pizza which was cooked to be a meter long and could be divided into four separate pizzas diverse and different in their own right the Pizza's really were a stand out point at meter.

The Sal pic was a meat feast meaty with a spicy tang, the cheese and tomato sauce calmed and complimented the kick at the same time, also the most orthodox, tasty yet could have been tasted before this is for those who know what they like and want to stick it as there's no going wrong here

Broccoli e Salsiccia- The cheese was sharp which allowed for it to be at the forefront of taste the brocilli was an interesting touch a different yet healthy option, it tasted more like a dish than a pizza yet a delicious one non the less  

Cotto e Patate- The potato again was a non traditional topping the potato complimented the dough whilst the ham and mushroom added a traditional mix to the proceedings

Melanzane- The blandest of the bunch yet was the pizza that tasted most like a pizza that has been had before, where the others exceeded in the unusual mixture of toppings this one seemed to excel only in the strength of its cheese, no other topping really came through yet in this case bland didn't mean boring it just wasn't as exciting or different as the others


The Angels Share 9 .50- the courvoisier fused with caramel accompanied with a small bar of chocolate in the center of the drink was a sweet yet powerful concoction

Jaiden had a Bitter Sweet Bliss- was delicious and very fruity mixture the fruit over powered any alcoholic taste making for a subtle, sweet and highly refreshing drink

James had a sultry nectar 7: order the sultry nectar for an inticing taste of the carribean; Santa teresa claro rum with mango Infused with basil and chilli, for a spicy kick, will leave your palette cleansed and not make too much of a dent in your wallet either.

Alex had a linger 7. -order the linger for an exciting taste of raspberry. You will feel like you're berry picking in Sweden with a sprinkling of pepper to bring you back to the cosmopolitan environs u r drinking it in.


Meter is a great place to meet and dine a central location makes it an even greater spot and the chilled out and calm atmosphere makes for a relaxing yet vibrant dining experience, the food and especially the pizza's toppings and taste are incomparable and unparalleled by any other pizzeria yet and this is were Meter seems to excel. The drinks menu is wide ranging from a selection of different beers to the cocktails which are good yet not great but are a worthy substitute to the the pizza. Meter is definitely worth a visit if not for anything other than their pizzas.


Gordon Ramsay's Bread Street kitchen

One of the newer addition to the Ramsay empire Bread Street has the feel of a diner yet its location, menu, staff & obviously the name behind it elevate it beyond just a normal drop in.

The live music was a tender touch adding to a relaxed and laid back atmosphere where its surrounded. Usually by the hustle and bustle of London's city centre. Stepping into Bread Street does allow you to feel removed from the outside its calm and relaxed and far from swanky exterior with mismatched vintage lamps and a selection of chairs and stools its like stepping into a different environment and perfect for escaping the cities humdrum.

The Hand cut chips were salted and seasoned prior and were just right adding to the element of home made accompanied with mini dips of Ketchup, Brown Sauce & Mustard

The bloody Mary's menu was an interesting element three different and diverse tasting all mixed with grey goose yet with their spicy kick intact and an extra interesting fact was that you could create your own from a variety of ingredients on hand  

Pork belly bites were tenderly done, succulent and soft, layered with a slightly crispy top, the apple sauce that accompanied complimented perfectly adding a slight zest to the proceedings  

The BSK short rib burger was a meaty feast it would have been nice to accompanied with chips yet all the same it was a decent burger and the meat was done just right
Roasted rib beef, yorkshire pudding, roasted potatoes carrots in and shallot gravy was a nicely made roast nothing to fancy or smart to dress it up yet also nothing to dress it down it had all the love & attention of a perfect home cooked sunday roast
Marconi cheese was a treat coated in garlic-roasted crumbs adding that extra element and twist to the somewhat classic dish  
Desert was spectacular with the staff going that extra mile to cater for and create a pudding of choice with what's in the Kitchen rather than what's off the menu in our case Cheese cake accompanied with raspberry sobert & also another dish of raspberry & vanilla ice cream.

Verdict- A relaxed environment located in London's busy city district the views are nice and location nicer, prices are reasonable priced mid level. Beverages both alcoholic & non had a diverse menu from the affordable wines to the freshly squeezed juices and creating your own bloody mary added a lot more comfort to an already cosy atmosphere. The meals were well done with large enough portions nothing was to extravagant yet had its tweaks here there from a slight steady hand.  


DSTRKT- London

DSTRKT is a thoroughly modern European restaurant from the cuisine and beverages offered on its menu to the cutting edge design. Located in the west end on Rupert Street its the perfect location for many occasions.

The Tasting menu is an introduction to DSTRKT's dishes, a selection of curated tasters made to share updated daily its a delightful way of working through a menu that has a mixture of items hand picked by the team.

A shared highlight was the Grilled flat bread salad with macadamia nut pesto, baby rocket, local fresh goat cheese, olives, sweet pepper and tomatoes, The salad contained a tasteful fusion each rounding out the selection and adding to one another beautifully.

The service was superb the waiters were knowledgeable and knew the menu inside and out and what each plate consisted of and how it was cooked. The wine menu was on point and helped to compliment each dish where there was food with high flavor the wine was mellow and that low in flavor the wine was flavoursome adding that slight extra to each plate.

Their unique take on european cuisine is what makes DSTRKT different where others fry they grill and others boil they simmer its these delicate touches added to each piece on their menu that makes each plate different. The experience offered  is as unique as their dishes from the liquid nitrogen berries to the  Foie Gras coated in pop candy which made for a more than  interesting mixture of texture & taste,  it also allowed a surprising crackle at the end.

A very different & unique experience one in which I will return and work my way once again through another selection of share plates.

Score- 3/5

Wagamama- Wigmore Street

Wigmore street is a somewhat ideal location for this specific Wagamama centrally located yet nestled in the quieter side of Oxford Street just on the corner of Selfridges its quiet yet not too quiet with a wide range of individuals from those coming from school to those leaving their office the affordable & flexible price points allow for a mixture of people with most dishes under ten pound.

The staff were helpful and communicated with one another easily it felt like a tight knit community, allowing for a calm & relaxed atmosphere. Even though the restaurant is a chain it also made this specific branch feel like a family owned business served with love and care and the quality & presentation of the food reinforced that.

Favourites plates were:

Chicken Katsu Curry, the curry sauce was balanced spicy yet not overtly so, the bread crumbed chicken strips were a nice companion allowing for the curry to carry the main flavor of the dish yet added texture and subtle taste to the dish.

Chicken Raisukaree the seasoning was a interesting blend where no one individual overtook in taste each complimented beautifully.

Salmon Soba- The grilled Salmon was just right & tender, the teriyaki & soba noodles mixed together perfectly with the chilli's & curry oil adding a hint of spice

The sides were excellent from the chilli squid that came with a sauce that gave the slight spicy kick to new additions to the menu such as the BBQ ribs were a treat a fusion of flavours

An enjoyable experience where quality is first and foremost. The dishes were large enough to share and the wide range of sides added that extra element. The beverages on offer were as wide ranging as the food from the freshly squeezed juices to the beers, wines & hot drinks.

All in all the menu has a wide selection of dishes on offer catering to a variety of tastes with vegetarian options in the majority of the sub sections the diversity and choice allows room for several visits with new options and the menu updated from time to time is always a willing way of enticing back although much persuasion isn't needed.


Apres Bar

Centrally located (opposite Selfridges)  is the affordable yet stylish Apres. The perfect meeting, dining, hanging and drinking spot for young professionals such as myself, a relaxed environment and interesting decor. Apres offers a wide variety of cocktails, drinks and canapes.

Cocktails- Personal highlights

Uncle buck- the fusion of ginger ale and cucumber ribbons allows for a minimal yet tasteful kick

Tall dark & handsome- smooth blackberry with a passion fruit zest amongst my favourites

Dark & Stormy- a beautiful bitter tang with prominent taste of ginger and lime

Food- Amongst our favourites were

Stuffed olives with red pepper-compliment each other well and are also a good nibble with a drink

Miniature tart-tatini- A pastry dough taste with cheese at the forefront allowing for the pepper to add that slight spice, creating a diverse mix of flavors the spice compliments the doughy base perfectly and the cheese adds that extra element and drive.

Beetroot cured salmon- a beautiful mix of caviar, salmon and cream dished on a delightful bagel base


Apres is a really great place in both senses of location and interior, a relaxed environment with friendly and helpful staff. Love the affordable and accessible prices along with the wide choice of drinks and food a great night can be had in the west end without breaking the bank.


Chutney Palate 

Nestled comfortably in Hornsey on Tottenham Lane,  Chutney Palates affordable prices make it a decent location to dine in with a calm and relaxed atmosphere and a diverse selection of music it does offer a fairly nice experience but one I wouldn't go out of my way for, yet for those near  the option of take out and delivery is on the cards.


Jackson + Rye- Soho

Feels like you've stepped back in time in a good way, friendly and polite staff, low level lighting and music making for a relaxed and social atmosphere


The cocktails were highly affordable starting at 4.50 and ending at 8, Gold Rush was the highlight, fruity and smooth nothing sour and no bitter taste that so many alcholic bevarages find hard to escape from.


The highlight here was the truffle mac and cheese a beautiful blend of ingredients that complimented and didn't overbalance going hand in hand.

Corn Bread- served with flavoursome Mushrooms with tarragon herbs and lettuce, the bread helped ground serving as the base yet it was the falvoursome  mushrooms came through the most rounding out the dish greatly


Buttermilk chicken so smooth and so nice served in fluffy crisp batter.

The Cod was also delightful, tender and creamy and coming accompanied with the crisp slim cut chips and clam rounding it out nicely

The Steak was  smoky, tender & juicy with the chipotle sauce adding flavour and green beans adding crunch


The cheese cake was delightful creamy and rich it hit the right chord

The theatricals of the melting chocolate sundae had me at hello, deeply flavoured and sweet it's definitely one to try

I can't fault it was enjoyable experience through and though and one I'd definitely do again. prices are reasonable and it's quality over quantity even though the dishes are large enough portions it doesn't leave you wanting more but wanting to come back for more.


Poppadoms were accompanied with mint chutney sauce which was rather subtle and the mango sauce the onion salad gave a slight kick to the proceedings


Aloo Puri chat wasn't much to my liking and a bit flavour less but all the same interesting take on potatoes that would taste better accompanied with a meat dish

Onion Bhaji was full of flavour and was rightly balanced with medium spice and herbs

Samosa which can be served with either vegetables suitable for the vegetarians/ or with chicken or lamb in this case lamb was the chosen dish packed full of meat it was a nice touch to a classic


Garlic Chilli Chicken from the signature menu nicely spiced to a medium degree the garlic came through and added a touch, the side mushroom rice was cooked nicely as was the mushrooms that accompanied it helped add to the chilli chicken dish

The lamb masala Wasn't very spicy yet a slight sweet kick, The lamb was lightly seasoned and the rice was a pleasant companion to the dish.


The issue with some of the rice it seemed was partially over cooked and was stuck together and although having a nice taste at the least a bit of source wouldn't have gone a miss. Overall the food was decent yet wasn't great it was nothing special and could easily be on a par with a take out box from Tesco, Chutney Palate offers Indian take out at prices that don't hurt the wallet its menu is large enough to mix and match dishes & if local on a lazy day the option for a take out is always on the cards.


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