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Friday, 28 March 2008


Fashion knows a gud thing wen it sees it Luke has invaded every mens catwalks worth walking. His looks amaze me he can easily conjur the spirit of a rock star, punk or even an eton boy. Since being championed by the super stylist at DAZED & CONFUSED Nicola Formechetti he hasnt looked back. Fronting this Seson Arena Homme with one my favourite models Cole Mohr.

I Love Leona

Leona Lewis is the best thing to come out of reality TV in many years she has what many of the previous winners clearly didnt TALENT, she is beautiful and has one of the best stylists around, her voice is soothing and iam glad that music is now dominating by those with powerful voices Whinehouse,duffy, Adele

Tuesday, 25 March 2008

Hayden Christensen

Before these American mags brought Hayden to my attention i knew very little or truthfully nothing about him i knew he played the hyper fictional young Darth Vader beautifully, as Anakin was a hard role to play for a young unknown kid, that i was envious of his good looks but nothing more. I now know he is am amazing actor who has the rare combinations of gifts looks and talents and possibly style. He is a symbol of youth and doess remind me of the legandary James Dean

Thursday, 20 March 2008

On My wishlist

I like the look of the squared see through perspex Bernard Wilhelm glasses for Topman £50 is an alright price but it depends how it fits my face when it hits stores in april. After buying several kickers including the Simon Foxton Kickers in black & white and the patent multi coloured strap House of Holland's ive decided i have devloped a love for the Siv Stodal ones which have a flashing light at the soles which makes me reminisce of my first love of any fashion item as a five year old longing for a pair of LA gears. Add a Missoni Cardigan, Fendi Suede belt and a Balenciaga Arena Bag and iam set.

The Jumper


i actually havent been in Topman for a while but when i did venture inside i found i feel in loved with an oversized royal blue deep cut crew neck t-shirt that had two cuts at each side in the Lens Boutique i was impressed at realitively the whole section it sold out quickly. But here is an outfit i would work

Wednesday, 19 March 2008

Fantastic Man

At the MAN party I was so generously given a copy of the amazing biannual Fantastic Man, I am not a virgin to the magazine but as I have an ever growing addiction to several other numerous publications I try to keep the numbers of what I buy to a limit but this issue has reminded me why I need to join the club. The magazine is aimed at a more mature male and goes into vivid detail about silhouettes & trends of the current season, It is what the menswear market so dearly needs. Each article is clearly and cleanly written with contributions from some of the worlds most respected journalists and writers. The styling is minimalist not screaming or shouting nor too over styled like so many publications I dare not waste my time looking at or buying, the stylist then usual leaves a comment explaining each look and justifying why it works. Fantastic Man calls itself ‘The Gentleman’s Style Journal’ which I strongly agree it is. I definitely will be topping up my dosage in the next six months.
Jaiden James

MAN Party hosted by Charlie Porter

So after Boombox's death i havent been raving as hard but i must say i enjoyed myself at Ritchard Mortimer's loves monday night which on this occasion was hosted by GQ's Charlie Porter celebrating MAN and the growing menswear industry in London. Add a load of londons most talented designer tasty pies and the impecably well dressed makes it night to not so easily forget.
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Tuesday, 18 March 2008


I feel i have been neglacting those who read this blog by the shortage of posts lately its just i feel nothing really has happened in the world of menswear. I mean Hussien Chaylan becoming creative director of Puma and House of Holland teaming up with Levis.... Chloe getting a new creative director all are news but nothing major enuff for me
iam sorry
jaiden james

Friday, 7 March 2008

Victoria Beckham Vogue April 2008

Iam glad that vogue has decided to give one of britians most stylish women the cover. It being shot by one the worlds greatest Nick Knight iam sure will be a vey good shoot. I have'nt waited for a vogue with such fevered anticipation in a very long time.

Vicky B

Ok i know the world and more in particular in Britian has a love hate obession with the woman which i fail to understand why. In are eyes she has transformed from a caterpilla to an extremely stylish butterfly. Her style has sparked so many debates and she seems to endlessly top best dressed and worst dressed alike.Personally i love her style and endless colours and varations of the Kelly and Birkin bags.