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Friday, 29 May 2009

Kehinde Wiley

I've written about him on my blog already but i do love the ideology behind his art, taking the majority and replacing them with the minority, his pictures are usually about power depicting ethnic minorites and placing them i his paintings usually mimicking 18th century portrairts and renaisance paintings, his work is significan now as like his paintings the highest seat of power in America has done as his artwork does.

Beautifal Life

CW just keeps getting better Josh schwatz is a genius and we all know that but now his main darling Marissa Cooper (Mischa Barton) is back with a bang in the Ashton Kutcher produced Beautiful Life, it looks cool so i am guessing it will be as we all know there was much hype about 90210 which turned out to be some of the shittest, unrealistical bull i have ever seen.

Thursday, 21 May 2009

Super Stylists- Simon Foxton, Nicola Formichetti, Robbie Spencer

When it comes to styling, i see that the work the individual conjures can generally be put into the following movements, Minimalistic, Maximilisitic, Realist and Surrealist. All the goods & greats can cross and enter one movement & exit another with ease, but with each great artist they have their comfort zones & the signatures they are known for.

Simon Foxton- Signatures
- Street Casting,using non professional
models, using ethnic minorities since he first began over 20 years ago.

Simon's work
has a natural approach to it, just like the boys he uses. Never one to
succumb to trends he has always set his own rules. I believe Simon's work to fall perfectly in the realist category. The way he styles is so easy for the average style conscious man t
o adapt his work from the pages to their wardrobes.

Nicola Formichetti- Signatures- finding & using fashion's next big things from models(Ash & Luke), designers( Gareth Pugh, Cassette Playa, Kim Jones,Jaiden rva James,Romain Kremer, Gary Card,) photographers( Matt Irwin, Brett Lloyd), even stylists(Kim Howells, Sam Voltage, Anna Trevelyan)
Nicola prefers his models slight
but not too slight of frame. He don't follow trends but sets them where he goes others follow. weather it be his latest muse or the clothes on them or the person who shoots them, When he talks fashion
listens. Nicola's work is usually surrealist perfect for fashions eccentrics, very high & fashion forward.

Robbie Spencer-

Robbie's work is quite natural, calm & composed, his models are usually boyishly good looking and slim and toned. His work is very artistic and deep rooted in culture usually referencing some form of culture from arts, music and film. Robbie's work
fits perfectly in the minimalistic movement, his hair & makeup is usually quite relaxed & often letting the cut & fit of the garment above all do the talking.

Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Dazed June issue Styling by Robbie Spencer, Photography Matt Irwin

Loves it the Schott Perfecto x Jaiden r.V.a James & Leather Harness all from A/W 09 Human Nature collection

Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Black Ballon with gemma ward

in the world where designers are the stars

Ken Park- Sucide Scene

Only recently watched Ken Park, it was really interesting to watch, this is one of the opening scenes x

Saturday, 16 May 2009

Essential viewing

Slaves To New York- About being artistic and living in New York Stephen spouse's fashion show is featured it reminds me of sex and the city before sex and the city.

Match Point- Woody Allen well both Jonathan and Scarlett are hot in more than one way its main themes are money as power and the lengths people will go to in order to keep that power, also it showed me how i neglect London's beauty as Allen captured the capital amazingly well.

Donkey Punch- Well it was banned in the UK from cinema release so i was intrigued because of this but also due to the fact Jamie Winstone was in it. I find her cute, her performance in Kidulthood was interesting as was her performance in this. The theme for me is that you never know someone when you meet them in a bar or club etc etc but you trust them by going home with them not knowing what your putting yourself out for.

Quadrophenia- a cult British classic about the rivalry between the mods and rockers, it deals with teen frustration and boredom and how they deal with it.

Funny Face- J'adore Audrey Hepburn,not just because she was a muse for Givenchy that's a little tired now, but beacuse of her acting methods, she was quite comedic and had the perfect timing to not let the comedy over shadow her seriousness, Funny Face is simply to me a light hearted fashion film.

The Dreamers- Everyone is hot in this movie, i love it because it references other movies and also inserts footage of these films. Its a story about the riots in Paris and also about growing up and how some people are simply trapped in their own worlds and beacuse of it time passes and they remain the same and in the same habits that may have been acceptable in an older time.

Party Monster- Is ok, just reminds me of so many people i know who get caught up the club scene and become a party monster only living for the next party and forgetting their priorities its also about power and how anyone can get power in the party scene but how important is that to the real world ?.

Karl Lagerfeld- You are allowed entry into how one of fashion greatest living artist, mind works & how he lives and goes about his days, you also see him rocking Dior Homme (Hedi Slimanes btw), in particular a beautiful floor length multi pleated skirt.

Performance- I watched it because i wanted to see if Jagger could act and honestly also because it was cheap. I found his role OK, but he was a musician playing a musician.

The History of Fame

Again i go back to the topic which i only recently aired my thoughts on but not content on invading fashion now some must invade journalism, i am not talking about an interview in Interview Magazine as that is what makes that magazine one of the most relevant magazines being published. Although it comes back to founder of said magazines philosophy of the 15 minutes which have been dragged sadly on to much more. This world is obsessed with celebrities. I am fucking jealous not for the fame but how easy life can be. One minute you can decide you want to do art, or make a film, design a collection and now even take on being a journalist. What does the Evening Standard think it's playing at its new logo on both it's paper and the ES magazine have instead of going up, have gone down. It's sad because ES is one of my fave papers, hybrid not as dumbed down and celeb orientated as the red tops but also not as pretentious as the broadsheets. I buy ES magazine when it comes out every Friday and have done so since i was 16. I love it's smart & informative well researched articles, kind of like a light London edition of Vanity Fair. It keeps me up to date on London culturally. Please tell me how they can give Peaches Geldof a columns not just any but as an agony aunt. I feel that is taking the ultimate piss, i mean come on not only is she 20 but she has had her life handed to her on a silver plateau any hardships she has endured the majority of them have been by choice not default.

Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Last Days by Gus Van Sant

Luke Worall shot by Hedi Slimane and styled by Nicola Formichetti

Ok so for those who follow this blog or no me personally, will know that I admire and respect both Nicola Formichetti and Hedi Slimane, the former for having an extraordinary vision and reviving Dazed, bringing forth and championing the Male super models Luke Worral( who happens to be wearing the collection) and Ash Stymest and making the pages & runways of so many so refreshingly exciting. The latter for also changing the landscape of menswear and honestly Hedi at Dior Homme was one of the reasons i entered men's fashion, I loved his work as he was so in tune with the world around from fashion, music, art and film and this is reflected in the subjects he chooses to shoot now. This is one big highlight of my career in Jaiden rVa James and i am not joking. Both Rasharn & I are overwhelmed.

Thanks all xoxox

Friday, 8 May 2009

Lagerfeld at work

Keith Haring

keith haring from Jack on Vimeo.

Bat for Lashes- Daniel

Gilbert & George

Tim Marlow Interviews Gilbert & George at Target First Saturday from Brooklyn Museum on Vimeo.

If you have 39 minz to spare and would like to know about Gilbert & George then here you go

No More Please

This morning i was extremely tired, stressed and bored, I am seldom bored as there is always a book/ magazine/ film to read or watch, but one grows bored of disappearing into the artistic endeavours of others and would much rather embark on my own one and contribute to the wonderful world of the arts. The sleepless nights can be attributed to the oncoming panel meeting that could change Rasharn and my life for the better and allow us to create once again. so i thought i would air my thoughts on the worlds fascination with 'celebrity' a word that is so diminished that i wonder what it even means anymore, i mean before well once upon a time 'celebrity' was a person someone with talent. Extreme rare talent something that people loved and therefore in exchange the bearer of the talent was celebrated by the public and they became a celebrity. My post is a reaction to many things one being the way 'suits' and corporate giants have both tried to insult our intelligence and also rape the Jaiden rVa James brand. They would rather pay some celebrity (Yasmin le Bon for Wallis, David Beckham for Adidas) a ridiculous amount to slap their name to some slap dashed product rather then invest in a young designer who can push their brand to new limits and teach them new technique whilst also gaining invaluable knowledge from the younger designer as equally the designer will take away something and also be paid and therefore be able to continue and have at least some financial security. Leave the garment construction to the designers and let the celebs be celebrated for their work (if they do any). Its a sad case of the Rich getting richer and the poor remaining the same or getting poorer.

Thursday, 7 May 2009


Maurice i liked it, it was a bit tense but it just reminds me of how lucky i am to live in this day and age and be allowed to be free, these men had to live their lives hiding a part of them or even submitting themselves to tourture by entering loveless marriages.