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Saturday, 16 May 2009

Essential viewing

Slaves To New York- About being artistic and living in New York Stephen spouse's fashion show is featured it reminds me of sex and the city before sex and the city.

Match Point- Woody Allen well both Jonathan and Scarlett are hot in more than one way its main themes are money as power and the lengths people will go to in order to keep that power, also it showed me how i neglect London's beauty as Allen captured the capital amazingly well.

Donkey Punch- Well it was banned in the UK from cinema release so i was intrigued because of this but also due to the fact Jamie Winstone was in it. I find her cute, her performance in Kidulthood was interesting as was her performance in this. The theme for me is that you never know someone when you meet them in a bar or club etc etc but you trust them by going home with them not knowing what your putting yourself out for.

Quadrophenia- a cult British classic about the rivalry between the mods and rockers, it deals with teen frustration and boredom and how they deal with it.

Funny Face- J'adore Audrey Hepburn,not just because she was a muse for Givenchy that's a little tired now, but beacuse of her acting methods, she was quite comedic and had the perfect timing to not let the comedy over shadow her seriousness, Funny Face is simply to me a light hearted fashion film.

The Dreamers- Everyone is hot in this movie, i love it because it references other movies and also inserts footage of these films. Its a story about the riots in Paris and also about growing up and how some people are simply trapped in their own worlds and beacuse of it time passes and they remain the same and in the same habits that may have been acceptable in an older time.

Party Monster- Is ok, just reminds me of so many people i know who get caught up the club scene and become a party monster only living for the next party and forgetting their priorities its also about power and how anyone can get power in the party scene but how important is that to the real world ?.

Karl Lagerfeld- You are allowed entry into how one of fashion greatest living artist, mind works & how he lives and goes about his days, you also see him rocking Dior Homme (Hedi Slimanes btw), in particular a beautiful floor length multi pleated skirt.

Performance- I watched it because i wanted to see if Jagger could act and honestly also because it was cheap. I found his role OK, but he was a musician playing a musician.

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