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Monday, 30 December 2013

2014 New Wardrobe

Just Jaiden James
Casette Playa

Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Camper x Bernard Wilhelm

I think I have a favorite shoe, to say all time fave is a lot but I do like them and its only this season that I've proper fallen in like, I've seen them prior but the simple all black and all blue just did it for me

Thursday, 12 December 2013

xmas wish list- Palace Tops

Jake Bugg- Me & You

My favorite song from Jake's second album, short, sweet, subtle and I like how he breaks into a the chorus

Pokemon X

Mr Porter how to shave

I'm going to be honest like most things done by the masses there's an art to it, I don't find wet shaving suitable for me I only remove a layer of hair and don't cut from the root as I find due to the texture and way my hair grows quite curly it always causes ingrown hairs I may be doing it wrong and this may just help as its an informative video from Mr.Porter

Tuesday, 10 December 2013

I didn't even know Business of Fashion had a webstore none the less here's my pick of some of the items I liked 

Monday, 18 November 2013

Sam Robertson

A photo I shot of the Beaver Falls and ex Big Brother contestant for RE-BEL online

Sunday, 17 November 2013

Bored of being bored

Beyond bored, I'm just so over being content by being drunk and clubbing there's so much more to life and I can't see it now but I know it, my friends just want to club all the time and hardly do day time activities, where we chill out and aren't just in each others company drunk and unable to communicate, keeping up with their life's has become liking a post or picture that gives more detail into their lives than what they tell me

I know I'm talented at what I don't know I know I need to be told either by a tutor or others, I need to know my strengths and understand my weaknesses, I need to be around others who create and are creative or at least appreciate art. Living life on autopilot is something I never wanted to do and its taken me to enter a relationship to understand that you know what I'm getting older and I need to know more about myself and what I can push to create a stable commercial income.

I know these things so I know what to work on to be at a place I want to be and the person I'll feel most comfortable and content being

Thursday, 10 October 2013

Conservatives War on youths

David Cameron once again infuriates me with his smugness, stripping benefits for the under 25's and claiming they should be in education training or employment yet currently the situation is university fees have trebled, under 25 unemployment is at an all time high and the training schemes the government offers do you no good and simply waste time. Not all under 25 year olds rock up to the council expecting a house or run to the job centre wanting to sign on, it's always the weakest he chooses to attack and that there is no leader but a coward who's wealth and upbringing makes him out of touch with the general population. Yet the fault is we (under 25's) will be hit hardest yet will we be bothered to vote when the next election rolls in or will we sit and moan when those in power cut and chip away at the little we've got?

Instead of punishing people for the governments constant failures instead of outsourcing and wasting millions on work programmes why can't the job centres become job centres employing individuals who can successfully engage with employers that interviews can be set up and seekers seen instead of wasting time talking about nothing

Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Marc Newson x G-Star

I love the shape of the pockets, the fabric which allows for the jacket to seem sharper and smarter than a normal varsity and the play on the traditional Letterman with the sleeves not fully leather but a patch of leather adding quirk as well as slight conformity

Sunday, 6 October 2013

Camper x Bernhard Willhelm


I love this take on the hightop/hiking boot hybrid from the chunky laces to the squiggly raised sole, the mix of materials with Leather & Suede and the fusion of patterns on the latter with cow print & Zebra. Bold and different and its good Camper is stepping out the box 


Fashion fools

Sometimes I'm ashamed at conforming I launched RE-BEL to rebel to stop seeing the same blank faces peer at me from glossy pages to allow others to be included but I feel somewhat there's a long way to go and we haven't even begun to become the media institution we will end up becoming. At present I feel fashion allows room for racism, ageism, elitism etc. Fashion isn't inclusive it's people within that make excuses that allow fashion to remain truly ugly from the inside and conform to standard views of not only beauty but talent. Fashion is racist, ageist, elitist and at some point change needs to happen not just 'token' change like a Rick Owen's or Dsquared show or a Vogue Italia 'black' issue, beauty is beauty as talent is talent it shouldn't be judged due to 'people like to dream' people are people sold the same product over and over that they conform and its comfortable to see a standard kind of image, change happens when those who create are willing to produce different work, step outside themselves and slowly and surely the next generation won't be just dreamers they'll be doers, I was 19 when RE-BEL started almost 5 years ago and I've seen it grow and I've grown, here's on to another five where real issues will begin to be addressed but my eyes are wide open and I know that I can't wait for change or dream of it I can do it

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Ryan Mcginley


New works by Ryan Mcginley I love how his subjects are always interesting not only looks wise in this selection its the sitters tattoos that sets them apart from others and is their own personal touches added to their bodies

Saturday, 21 September 2013

London Fashion Week Diary S/S 14

Day One- W Magazine Party

Day Three-KTZ Show,Diesel RE-BOOT Event

Day Four- Dazed & Confused Party