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Thursday, 10 October 2013

Conservatives War on youths

David Cameron once again infuriates me with his smugness, stripping benefits for the under 25's and claiming they should be in education training or employment yet currently the situation is university fees have trebled, under 25 unemployment is at an all time high and the training schemes the government offers do you no good and simply waste time. Not all under 25 year olds rock up to the council expecting a house or run to the job centre wanting to sign on, it's always the weakest he chooses to attack and that there is no leader but a coward who's wealth and upbringing makes him out of touch with the general population. Yet the fault is we (under 25's) will be hit hardest yet will we be bothered to vote when the next election rolls in or will we sit and moan when those in power cut and chip away at the little we've got?

Instead of punishing people for the governments constant failures instead of outsourcing and wasting millions on work programmes why can't the job centres become job centres employing individuals who can successfully engage with employers that interviews can be set up and seekers seen instead of wasting time talking about nothing

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