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Sunday, 6 October 2013

Fashion fools

Sometimes I'm ashamed at conforming I launched RE-BEL to rebel to stop seeing the same blank faces peer at me from glossy pages to allow others to be included but I feel somewhat there's a long way to go and we haven't even begun to become the media institution we will end up becoming. At present I feel fashion allows room for racism, ageism, elitism etc. Fashion isn't inclusive it's people within that make excuses that allow fashion to remain truly ugly from the inside and conform to standard views of not only beauty but talent. Fashion is racist, ageist, elitist and at some point change needs to happen not just 'token' change like a Rick Owen's or Dsquared show or a Vogue Italia 'black' issue, beauty is beauty as talent is talent it shouldn't be judged due to 'people like to dream' people are people sold the same product over and over that they conform and its comfortable to see a standard kind of image, change happens when those who create are willing to produce different work, step outside themselves and slowly and surely the next generation won't be just dreamers they'll be doers, I was 19 when RE-BEL started almost 5 years ago and I've seen it grow and I've grown, here's on to another five where real issues will begin to be addressed but my eyes are wide open and I know that I can't wait for change or dream of it I can do it

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