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Monday, 28 April 2008

my wardrobe

My Personal Style

Personally i dont know how i could sum up my own style some days i feel to dress punk or new rave or whatever mood i maybe in but all i know is that i love 1950's hollywood style from the likes of James Dean, Marlon Brando & Cary grant so i suppuse that has a huge impact on how i dress. My wardrobe is a mix that mainly contains Topman,(Topman design or Lens mainly), Fred Perry Polo shirts,Cassette Playa,Gucci,Kim Jones,Dior Homme(Hedi Slimane)Uniqlo tshirts,Levis. For shoes i covert Kickers, Converse, Umbro by kim Jones, Swears and Dr martens but from now on i will be posting the outfits that i come up with on my blog for people to see.

Jaiden rVa James In Jaiden rVa James

Me and Rasharn in are Label Jaiden rVa James out and about in Shoreditch xox

Monday, 21 April 2008


Iam not one who follows politics but i do know that London has changed for the better under Ken Livingstones guidance and now be at least old enough to vote i know i will be voting for Ken ..... Boris to me is like a cartoon chracter and i do believe he plays the joker too much and may play the joker as mayor aswell... Livingstone has annouced that he will continue to support Londons future talent in the arts and in fashion too he has definitely got my vote

"London is a world centre for fashion. Great designers such as Vivienne Westwood, Alexander McQueen and John Galiano use London as a place of inspiration, to experiment and to launch new ideas. I will support steps to ensure London continues to launch the new talent of the future." : "I will ensure there is support for the new design talent that is the bedrock of the industry. I will help Fashion Week establish a permanent venue in the capital. At the same I will work to improve conditions in the industry, particularly for models, through ensuring that the recommendations of the Model Health Inquiry are implemented."

Saturday, 19 April 2008


Lily Allen although always gracing the london paper & london lite and various other trashy Publications with little or nothing to say but bring people down, she is a celebrity i like, her style is cute and unique, her voice is soft & soothing, her music is not just the average Pop and iam loving her new blonde look.I love Lily Allens two new tracks on her myspace and iam glad she has not lost her spark, her new tracks deliver and are on top form 'I could say' a track about someone she thought was something spectacular really wasnt a situation iam sure the majority of us have been in. 'I dont know' is about her views on celebrity pop culture.

Monday, 14 April 2008


OK so i have lusted after a decent pair of sunglasses for some time now finding solace in a vintage pair of cyclops kind of looking glasses then i coveted after Ray Ban Wayfarers and to my good luck i found them in a vintage store spanking new and only for £40 i had to have them and now i want some decent round glasses and i have looked all over for House of Holland by Linda Farrow i found a decent pair of round miu miu ones that i will soon posess. I also went into Topman to look at there super limited edition glasses project moving on from the white shirt project the bernard wilhelms although vey fashion forward, outlandish and quirky made me look mad and just didnt suit my face such a shame as they are generally wuite cute espcially the perpex ones, the wayfarers were really good espcially for only £50 but hey i own the oringinal Raybans already. The sheild glasses were quite cute too but just not for me. Kim Jones Avaitor Glasses were sadly not in yet but still the image were covetable enough. I didnt try on the Topman Design ones although they are natural caravan shaped glasses that iam sure will sell out. xox

Saturday, 12 April 2008


As always iam excited at how talented London really has beacome in Fashion,Arts & Music America cant seem to get enough of us Vogue, Teen Vogue, Nylon are all head over heels about LDN. After Lookin through several Shops Dover Street in particular were i saw House Of Holland's S/S 08 Collection it was cute but i loved the heels most i looked for Cassette Playa but couldnt find it in there so i headed to KTZ were i found all the Cassette Playa I needed it was nice to know they have progressed and are selling more than Just T-shirts now (they stock hooded tops, crew neck sweatshirts, Shorts etc) i had to get the frog print Pastel Pink T-shirt and to my surprise i found out it changed colour when i got it home according to the tempeture of the room and ur body. I also lokked all over for HOH round sunglasses by Linda Farrow but coludnt find them anyway.

Wednesday, 9 April 2008

Would you wear it

So i believe in wearing a waist coat with a hooded top i love to mix something so classic with something quite modern as its summer i love the tailored shorts by carolyn massey and i love the kickers that kickers are offering on their website. The hooded top is right on trend with the paintly splashes. All clothes from and kickers from

Uniqlo UT S/S 08

I love Uniqlo espcially for its basics, i love its patnerships with young designers (kim Jones and Cassette Playa) and iam glad to be a part of its S/S 08 UT campaign.