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Monday, 28 September 2009

S/S 10 Jaiden rVa James Presentation at Fashion East Menswear Installations

Sunday, 27 September 2009

Katie Eary's film

Katie created a film that accompanies her latest collection, i like it and how it includes herself and others that surround her.

Friday, 25 September 2009

Berry's are not always sweet but Burberry's was

Both brands have the quintessentially britishness air and grace about them and both brands i adored deeply. Burberry and Mulberry are two of Britain's superstar brands obviously the former 10 times more then the latter, on that note you would expect the bigger brand to be more cold, capatilist and frosty but that was not the case as demonstrated at fashion week. Burberry invited bloggers and website owners to their show at a venue that put the BFC tent to shame, plush carpets, beautifully lit spacious and a capacity of 1,500. It was a real fashion moment for me in the case of being treated like a human. There was no VIP sections and i noticed many in the blogger community well seated with a perfect view.

The collection dazzled and sparkled with a few boys being the highlight for me and a surprise for the menswear purists. Burberry diversifying its runway with the likes of Chanel Iman, Gracie Carvalho and Tao also made you smile as well as the models not being rakishly thin. The colours where subtle and subdued predominately shades of Camel & Grey, also beautiful pastel colours popped up. The Grecian draping played a large part in the s/s 10 collection.The trench came in ruched, raised rounded shoulders empowering those walking, the highlight trench glittered and sparkled as it sashayed down the catwalk.

The party was one of not the best i attended for fashion week, i loved the fact that everyone mingled freely from Burberry's staff, celebrities and young talent all freely talking to one another. The kooks performed another act of bringing people of all classes, colours, jobs, genders together as what art can do such a thing other then music. It's great to know that a company with so much money is investing in the voices of tomorrow in all sorts of cases.

Thanks Miles

Thursday, 24 September 2009

Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Monday, 21 September 2009

I've tried to not ever say or acknowledge what I've acknowledged and accept finally today. This is not the first nor will it be the last that my look singles me out, this look cannot be changed or discarded as simply as the clothes that hang from my body. When Jaiden rVa James, first started people constantly assumed we just did urban wear and still assume to this day why i don't know. I recently read an article for times2 where Nick Knight was interviewed he complained about fashion being ageist, sizeist and racist. I know that its all of the above but the latter i know more then the others. I have endured and ignored the small & narrow minded people, but sometimes it just gets to much. Take for example the Westwood show a season ago where the security singled Rasharn & I out as 'it looked like we had a weapon concealed in our bags'. Another was today at the Mulberry party, the pr's had already made their minds up about us regardless of even talking to us and the fact we had an invite they pre judged and had preconceived ideas of us. I wonder how a industry that is full of brands located globally in all corners of earth. Companies are happy to sell their products to people of all genders, race, religions but not as happy to celebrate, accept and treat all people the same. It's sad & pathetic that in the 21st century that people can be so disgusting. Fashion takes inspiration from all places but yet lacks diversity most of all not just black people but ethnic minorities in general.

Saturday, 19 September 2009

Has come to the conclusion that he wants to work for GQ Style


Friday, 18 September 2009

Interesting use of colour, Robbie's new shoot for Dazed

Monday, 14 September 2009

Lady Gaga VMA performance

Lady Gaga's dancers wear Jaiden rVa James leggings, gladiator skirts and harness made specifically for the occasion.

Jeremy Scott 4 Adidas

I like reminds me of our first season and why i want to do sportswear with a brand like Adidas, the soundtrack is also cool sounds like MIA, probably is. It just takes me back and evokes the spirit of the 90's.

Sean O

Saturday, 12 September 2009

Jaiden rVa James on Lady Gaga Styled by Nicola

Styled By Nicola Formichetti, A/W 09 Black Full body Harness appears on Lady GaGa, Thanks Anna & Nicola. I really like this shoot.

A Single Man

Tom Ford's A Single Man

It looks interesting with an even more interesting mix of actors, It will be refreshing to see Nicholas Hoult outside of Skins.

Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Jaiden rVa James in GQ

Thanks Isaac, The jacket we worked with Schott to produce is featured in this months GQ also a mini interview with Love's deputy Editor Isaac Lock x

Kylie by Hedi

Hedi is one busy bunny it seems he is a permanent fixture in the most well respected avant garde Bi-annuals he shot Kylie in Chris Kane's 1st collection for Another out well 2Moro xx

Good times

Monday, 7 September 2009

Hood by Air S/S 10

My Generation Vogue Hommes Japan

Thank You Nicola, this shoot is nothing short of amazing, Nicola's Gothic darkness with Klein's hyper sexual imagery, the title my generation seems to maybe hint at the new generation that is gripping, deconstructing and pushing fashion forward the shoot features all the new kids on the block everyone that's everyone from Gary Card, Katie Eary and us yes, Jaiden rVa James! Amazing xx

Cover Story

L'officiel HOMMES the world seems to be gripped on pete again Elle and then this

Nylon Guys cover is usually cool, they just look simple and natural.

Gq Style Josh Harnett's eyes
there’s so many great fashion magazines at the moment. When it’s good I love it. But there’s so much shit, If I buy this I will feel part of this. I feel like I’ll be important on this level.” I find that disgusting- Rankin in an interview for Ponystep.

LOvE the statement as its so true

Thursday, 3 September 2009

S/S 08 on contributing Editor

Our first season s/s 08 is featured on contributing editor

Lily Allen in Oz and on Neighbours?

Interview Mag Sep 09

I was underwhelmed at the last interview far from shit but equally far from great, i hope they have found footing now that all the furore is over.

marlon teixeira