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Friday, 25 September 2009

Berry's are not always sweet but Burberry's was

Both brands have the quintessentially britishness air and grace about them and both brands i adored deeply. Burberry and Mulberry are two of Britain's superstar brands obviously the former 10 times more then the latter, on that note you would expect the bigger brand to be more cold, capatilist and frosty but that was not the case as demonstrated at fashion week. Burberry invited bloggers and website owners to their show at a venue that put the BFC tent to shame, plush carpets, beautifully lit spacious and a capacity of 1,500. It was a real fashion moment for me in the case of being treated like a human. There was no VIP sections and i noticed many in the blogger community well seated with a perfect view.

The collection dazzled and sparkled with a few boys being the highlight for me and a surprise for the menswear purists. Burberry diversifying its runway with the likes of Chanel Iman, Gracie Carvalho and Tao also made you smile as well as the models not being rakishly thin. The colours where subtle and subdued predominately shades of Camel & Grey, also beautiful pastel colours popped up. The Grecian draping played a large part in the s/s 10 collection.The trench came in ruched, raised rounded shoulders empowering those walking, the highlight trench glittered and sparkled as it sashayed down the catwalk.

The party was one of not the best i attended for fashion week, i loved the fact that everyone mingled freely from Burberry's staff, celebrities and young talent all freely talking to one another. The kooks performed another act of bringing people of all classes, colours, jobs, genders together as what art can do such a thing other then music. It's great to know that a company with so much money is investing in the voices of tomorrow in all sorts of cases.

Thanks Miles

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