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Sunday, 17 February 2008

My Fashion Week

Ok fashion week was fun but unlike september were i went to almost every show on schedule i didnt have the energy this time round and also with Skool getting in the way. Sunday I went to Ann Sofie Back. Tueday i had fun doing a little thing modelling for Uniqlo and i must say iam impressed again by the t-shits and i will get the Keith Haring one definitely i had fun aswell doing the comercial which was a blast and it was nice working alongside fun and friendly people and seeing Mat Irwin and Nicola Formichetti do what they do best. Then i hopped to the Wound Magazine Launch @ Selfridges which was fun really gud music, cute people the drinks were flowing and the light snacks were scroumptous. I hope to see the magazine develop further as at the momment it is quite intresting keep up the good work. The rest of the week for me was rather boring and i envied those friends of mine who saw Gareth Pugh and attended the Block Party and Westwood show and party. Friday was my day tho i went to every show on schedule apart from CSM MA, Unconditonal, Julian Macdonald, Graeme Black and Allegra Hicks. The after Parties were amazing and made up for such a normal week for me Gavin douglas party was cute and calm at Pangrea it was dark and the music was soft the drinks were nice to... Julien Mcdonalds Private Party was really fun the drinks were flowing and they had the cutest smallest potion of fish and chips in those small ice cream pots which were was fun night out to were i got drunk and celebreted my bday in style i must say xox

Shows i Attended


It was quite good feminine classic 40's glamour inspired designs the mood was set with a brief perfomance from a violin muscianPeter JensenHow Cute and Playful is his approach to fashion, the mood was set by his catwalk looking like a childrens nativity play.Plaid was present in another collection i see a massive trend personally i believed his menswear outwieghed the womenswear

Aminaka WilmontFor a first show was quite good the opening made an impact it went dark and the runway was covered in laser's as was the first model. Lasers were a large part of the collection with digtal laser prints dresses making up half of it the collection then switched to a dark vampy mood which was seen at several other shows and also light taloring with sharp shoulders. I love there crest the deigns were all wearable.

MAN The Most exciting show for me as young menswear designer to see people in the same field showcase thier work is always fun and to see Topman Design a label i truly admire in the flesh was a memory i will cherish.

Kesh showed first insipred by slot machines and maybe her time in new york with the apple ever present it was a mix of sports wear and preppy american design a cross between Cassette Playa (o how i miss her and i wish she showed) and Bape the collection was not really to my taste or likes with material sewn on to sweatshirts but hey it was her first and with no deisgn background lets hope she gets better.James Long was Major (with a capital M) his work reminded me of Hedi Slimanes work at Dior (o how i miss Hedi) Luke Worrall opened the show looking as dashing as ever there was dark feel to his collection and even a take on a straight jacket sheep skin and leather were ever present, Over chunky knits which were accesorised with hats looking like they came straight out of russia accessories were original with bum bags on shoulders and bags that covered the body.

Hans Christian Madsen was all wearable his clothes were discreet menswear extremely well made i liked his little add of humour with prison number chain. Parkas came with pointed hoods knits were sculptured and chunky with deep cut v-necks and oversized sweat shirts.

Topman Design were do i begin i was amazed at the design teams creative flair it was orignal and a very far cry from highstreet it is at a level of a high end ready to wear label. The show opened with crisp slim cut tailoring and then moved on to a more sporty vibe with wet look trousers and chunky quilted jackets miltary style boots were ever present it then moved on to woolen tracksuits that i absolutely adore and will be snatching them up in september checks and tartan was present to..... the styling was amazing the work of super stylist Alister Mackie he accessorised the tracksuit look instead of using the top and the bottom he wrapped the bottom around the models neck make the look more strong it was a collection well thought and well made something that shows 6 months of planning and thought time and energy well spent



MAN A/W 08



Hans Christian Madsen

I love London Fashion Week

nearly all designers wowed me and yet again for another season Londons young designers championed the city exceedingly well i am just waiting to see which designer will be scooped up by a luxury brand first. Gareth Pugh was amazing his couture like collections always amaze... Christopher Kane would be good at chloe as its customer loves change no one knows what to expect from this wonder kid...Louise Gray her dresses are so playful and cute and she reminds me of casette playa....Jaeger wow iam thinking new youthful customer was in mind when the design team thought of the clothes..... Marios Schwab has always amazed me and still continues to....Louise Goldins approach to knitwear shows me how alive knitwear can be she is talented.....Richar Nicoll's ladylike designs with a pinch of futurism i love.... House of Holland his work is so light airy and fun something every fashion capital needs he has worked hard to build a brand from tshirts but i guess its alot easier when ut bf is a supermodel.... Luella's quirky clothing is so cute... Westwood can she commit a fashion crime i think not ....

Wound Party



How i miss Pineal Eye no one will know we need a new store with personality and flair.... i stumbled across Seven New York which stocks some of the worlds most eccentric and talented designers Jeremy Scott, House of Holland, Romain Kremer,Raf simons, Ksubi and personal favourites Kim Jones, Cassette Playa and Gareth Pugh. I want these clothes badly

Wound Magazine

Ok so its on two issues and is a magazine that promises to fuse fashion, art, architecture and music first issue was ok but the second issue was impressive the magazine feels and looks quite different to anything out at the momment and the styling is intresting the magazine is sectioned so the male,female,art,music and architec knows were to look. The styling is quite strong and intresting and uses luxury brands which is quite good for a magazine only on its second issue. I was wowed by the cover in which there was 7 different ones all very artistic.

Tuesday, 12 February 2008


Better than last week

J'adore Topman Design

I love the pastel pink checked Jacket the matching shorts are cute too but just a bit too dinky for my liking, the high waisted trousers are quite trendy but also very daring for topmans normal customer, the nekerchief is quite cute and can be used for many purposes and occasions. The pvc bag is like ab update of last seasons one with a little compartment at the bottom which can hold papers or a laptop.

My Pick Of topman design


Topman always seems to intrigue me it is one of the brightest stars of the high street in my eyes and has come along way to disfranchise itself from its older more publicized sister. Every season I am more than impressed with Topman Design which under Gordon Richardson has become more than just an average premium high street offering but a mighty on point fashion conscious beast. Following on from the White Shirt project the store is launching a sunglasses project I don’t know that much nor have pictures but that it will hit stores next month and I have seen Bernhard Wilhelm’s offering in Ten Men Magazine which looks a bit like his Linda Farrow Vintage ones except that they are a bit more wearable. I love the window display which shows MAN latest line up of future menswear stars to James Long’s twisted yet fantastic S&M inspired collection, Hans Christian Madsen’s beautiful knitted jumper to all around town it girl, DJ turned designer Kesh’s take on urban wear.

Sunday, 3 February 2008

Saturday, 2 February 2008

Jaiden rVa James

Me and Rasharns Label
For Spring Summer 08 we were inspired by are combined African heirtage and also by the many stores that we have been to around the world Dover Street Market, Kokontozai, Pineal Eye(RIP), Through the Looking Glass, B store, Side by Side and the Library.

J'adore Kate Moross

Seeing Kate Moross draw in the topshop window was truly amazing, her work is breathtaking as it but seeing an artist at work captivated me even further. She was so involved in her art it was like she was just in artistic trance not aware of the people watching just truly involved in what she was doing. To draw from memory and not make a single mistake must be hard. Her range of clothing is instore now sadly its for women but beacuse of the cut of the jumper it can be worn by men.

J'adore Prints

I love prints from Missoni to Johnathan Saunders to new labels like David David and artists like Kate Moross to Andy Council who impress me with their outstanding arttistic flair. Sadly Johnathan Saunder's discontinued his menswear to focus fully on his womenswear but as a british designer other than Matthew Williamson that injected new life into prints and made them fashionable again. Prints are also a big part of the work we do at my label Jaiden rVa James and its always nice to work with artists to help develop a brand further.