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Saturday, 1 August 2015

The word: Busy

I've had a busy past few weeks. I hate the word busy as most people try to raise their palms and sigh 'I'm just too busy'. 

The word can be used to be lazy, saying you're busy so you don't have to do another task or maybe you're busy but 
it's how eeffective you're being with it. 

My 'busy' schedule includes working, hanging out with friends, partying, commuting, travelling, dining out and listening to music. Obviously some of these activities are for leisure and pleasure whilst others can be considered work but as I largely love what I do it all ties up. 

Blogging. Re-fuel, Re-fresh, Re-think

Let's be real, I haven't posted in months and years. I don't know this blog used to be a platform for my thoughts and feelings whilst I was designing. I started it at 17 and now I'm 25, I used to do outfit posts, style news updates and just waffle on about what I found interesting.

Within that space and time so much has changed. I've become politically engaged, worked several jobs, edited a magazine and now edit Primarks website overseeing the menswear content. 

I wanted to ressurect this blog as I thought why not? There's history on it and my voice and tone has changed perspective  but it's still fundamentally the same. I just want this to be a place where I can write selfishly about what I'm feeling, seeing, thinking, eating, loving and who reads it reads it.