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Friday, 29 October 2010

Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Ryan McGinley
Darren Aronofsky said something that has stuck in my mind at The Black Swan press talk, he said he likes shooting on film and on handheld because he likes the texture, he loves the grain and he likes film as escapism and doesn't really understand why people want to use cameras with such clarity as it destroys some magic. I think this is true I mean do we really want a film that is so clear it looks as if the actors are in our living room or we are in their world? with this whole 3D phrase. I believe in getting lost in a movie. The subject matter, angles and shots is what counts more to me than a high tech super real film. I think that we are on a search for perfection where we are trying to hard to emulate reality but what about reality in itself can we not try and make that better first before we try and create these false worlds to escape into. 

Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Casette Playa

Think this really cool by James Barnett 

Film Festival List

So Far I have seen these films at the BFI Film Festival

Heartbeats- Dolan's second film is achingly cool and i suppuse he is making films for his age group with great music, great hair and cool casting, including himself

The Kings speech- A feel good film that shows a royal who is so but has a trouble and problem any other man could have a stammer, the movie shows the Kings fight to overcome his stammer to deliver his speech.

Hands Up- Light Hearted drama showing the problems that immigrants in France face

Everything Must Go-  About a man who has been fired only to find his wife has left him and locked him out on the lawn along with all his belongings

Howl- Allen Ginsberg's poem, Howl caused outrage in America when published causing its publisher to have to go to court. The film looks at the trial and bits of Ginsberg's life enacted by James Franco and the poem itself done in animation form.

Uncle Boheeme who can recall previous lives- Boring, Bland and way too long

Miral- An insight into the Palestine war and its reasons,  Julien Schnabel who is Jewish doesn't place the blame on either side he captures one girl's struggle through it all, it makes for an interesting watch 
Let Me In- An Americanized version of the Swedish horror Let The Right One In- The Original remains original

Never Let Me Go-  A look into organ farming where humans are created purely for that sole purpose 

Tabloid- A fun documentary that leaves you on the fence

William S Borroughs- A look at an influential writer and those who he has influenced 

Africa United- A kids film that touches on Africa's many troubles whilst displaying its beauty 

Womb- A devastating love story about love and loss and the depths one will go to in a modern world to be able to love the one that was lost again 

Another Year- One of the high lights of the festival Mike Leigh makes everyday life watch-able and enjoyable 

Neds- Bleak and heart felt drama about youth growing up in the 70's

Its a kind of funny story- A cool indie movie about a boy who takes on his own troubles and the troubles of the world and when it gets too much he checks in to a mental hospital

Peddler- A film about a film being made by a filmmaker who goes around remote villages making cheap films with the villagers of the specific village included, united them all in the process

Nothings all bad- A funny drama about people who have hit hard times  

Pink Saris- Displaying the injustice Indian women have to face and one women who rises above it all to protect others

Black Swan- Another highlight of the festival, Very Hitchcockian with its theme and it manages to capture the beauty of Ballet and the competitiveness of its world 

Poetry- An old lady losing her memory wants to write a poem- BORING

Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Sunday, 17 October 2010

Sunday, 10 October 2010

For all those who haven't been able to pick up a physical copy of RE-BEL, issue 2 is now online, click on link to read