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Wednesday, 30 January 2008

Polka dots S/S 08

Alexander Mcqueen,
Marc Jacobs

Deja Vu

Deja Vu
D&G S/S 08 Dsquared A/W 08 I love Dsquared but it reminds me of D&G tooo Much

S/S 08

I love Pastel Colours, Jumpsuits and Glasses straps. On my seach on the Highstreet i looked for all three but as it always is the highstreet for Men is not as daring as it should be and there are few stores that are really that fashion conscious to do these things. I do wonder which store will do Jumpsuits first if they will do it at all as it is quite a risk( if not i might have to go to a fancy dress store and get an Elvis one) the only problem with Jumpsuits is that you have to find one that is near enough a perfect fit or else it would look looses and horrible. Pastel Colours maybe its to ealry in the season but i know iam getting a Cassette Playa T-shirt as soon as it Lands in Dover Street. Glasses Straps so far i have just seen Grandma one's that are just not up to my standard from sunglasses hut and Border's bookshop but hey maybe a store will catch on (this is why i need to be a buyer) its the small things that count.

Jaiden Jeremi James XOX

J'adore Jumpsuits S/S 08

Calvin Klien Collection, D&G,D-Squared, Lanvin, Prada

J'adore glasses straps S/S 08

I Love This trend so much i must indulge Bottega Veneta, Burberry, Lanvin

J'adore Pasel Colours S/S 08

Bottega Veneta, D-Squared, Calvin Klien Collection, Cassette Playa And Kj By Kim Jones.

Tuesday, 29 January 2008

Kim Jones for Dunhill

This is the best news in Fashion i've heard all year Kim Jones one of my favourite all time Menswear Designer gets to rejuvenate the classic British Luxury Menswear Brand Dunhill after being named Creative Director. Britian really is a small island but yet lets out some of the most influential Fashion Designers that are eventually scooped up by Parisian luxury Houses (Mcqueen, Galliano, MCcartney, Philo, Vevers) to name a selective few, but thankfully Britian is turning to its own young talent. There is few Luxury Houses in London (Burberry,Daks,Aquascutum is all that comes to mind) and hopefully Kim will do a Burberry on us. Iam hoping that Dunhill will be one of the champions of British Menswear. The only sad thing is that Kim has decided to severe ties with Umbro and stop his own collection to concentrate fully on Dunhill wanting to turn into the 'British Hermes'. Congradulations and good luck looking forward to seeing your work.

Friday, 11 January 2008


PPQ of Mayfair (Pretty Personal Question) realitively a new store. The lay out and the lightting are just right. Everything is easy to find, The music is played at a good volume loud enough to hear yourself think and soft enough to enjoy. Outside you see the PPQ of Mayfair flying high and inside are mirrored walls, Checked tiled floors and soft white sofas to relax and chill on and thats exactly what you can do. Unlike many of the bond street boutiques the are nice, friendly and down to earth and extremely helpful. The designers Amy Molynues and Percy Parker & thier design team are busy above the shop or usualy relaxing in the store conversing with the coolest of their customers (Daisy Lowe and Pixie and Peaches Geldof) included, The store offers the cutest Androgynous clothes and bags (two bags are on my will have list). The store sits alongside Vivienne Westwood and John Richmond (two of my favourite british designers).

Robyn- Album of the month

Robyn's album is pure pop music that is just hard to hate comprising of hit after hit (personal favourites 4-Handle me & 5-Bum like you and 6-Be mine) Robyn manges to effortlessly bring Pop to a 21st century sound using the most daring beats and even more so lyrics

M.I.A for Marc Jacobs

Ok i thought that this was quite good (although the picture could have been better). M.I.A herself is always in the fashion eye with her eccentric & loud fashion sense. Her music is different, unique and extremely hard to copy its formed only when she finds the right producer that compliments her lyrics aswell as her voice. Marc jacobs needs no introduction and is seen as one of the most influential designers of the this age (not though my eyes personally). With LVMH behind he has the money and power to do what he wants (show 2 hours later create jumbled up clothes) his designs are usually out there but mostly always wearable and the fusion of Marc Jacobs and M.I.A perfectly.

Tuesday, 8 January 2008

Burberrys New Ad

As soon as i saw the Burberry S/S 08 collection i knew it was a different take on the brand and i believed it was more christopher baileys burberry than burberry by christopher bailey. Bailey has wowed me since he took the hot seat in 2001. Year after year his collections got stronger putting the british luxury brand at the forefront of fashion and prosum clothes and acessories on everyones must have list. What amazed me the most was how he took the classic trench and reworked it season after season. This season has seen burberry injected with a new youthful energry and vibrant colurs which are portrayed beautifully in the new campaign this features some of britans most talented its a far cry from the old black and white Ads. Although i love Burberry it disappoints me season after season with its lack of diversity considering race. Although it is a british brand i am sure those shown in the campaign are not british through and through. Next season i hope to see burberry break tradition as there are many young british born ethnic models, Muscians, Actors and sportsman.

New Season, New Ads

I am an Avid reader of fashion magazines and this time of year is my favourite as each page is as visually exciting as the next filled with new colours and each designers take on summing up there seasons look with there wonderful campaigns.

Saturday, 5 January 2008

Designer of the month

James Long is a Royal College of Art gradute despite graduating in earlier 2007 his clothes have been well recieved giving him press coverage in an array of magazines. His clothes are Dark and sinister yet genius, James manages to fuse tailoring and a touch of S&M with his 'Body concious' harnesses his collections seem to embody the spirit of Rock and he to me carries the same energy as gareth pugh. He will also be showing at MAN so expect to hear alot more from him.