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Monday, 16 February 2015

Beg, Borrow, Blag

Beg, Borrow, Blag (Novemeber- December) 

This month is press day season so to be fair a lot of freebies aren't exclusive to me but whatever they're freebies all the same. 

Ray ban velvet trimmed wayfarers- can't complain but this was via Luxcitta press day, they basically partner and manufacture glasses for a range of designers 

K-Swiss Hightops this is another press day gift, I'm not a fan of white trainers but it's good to break out the box as I do genuinely like these 

GHD- I'm currently do Xmas gift guides and some vain somebody I know decided that they have a love for GHD as they're a genuine consumer of the product their excitement fed into me and I decided to review and road test these little beauties 

Supra- I used to be in with the brand and get trainers sent to me every month as my style is what I self describe as part skater part Librarian, there's a scruffiness and strictness in most of my outfits although I can honestly admit the former takes over the most. I like both the hat and tee and already worn the hat.   

£100 Mr. porter voucher and book- I went to a launch that the company co hosted and the goodie bag contained this, I've never ordered from Mr.Porter before so it was a nice little surprise that I translated into a pair of slim fit black nudie jeans 

Forever Butt- a collection of interviews from Butt Magazines archive 


Monica Vinader Bracelet- a cute little bracelet that I got engraved