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Wednesday, 28 November 2012





cuffed up

Ben Toms

Sometimes simple is best

Damon Baker

There's a dark raw depth to his imagery he seems to capture youth and playful yet innocent sexuality well

Ben Brooks

4 published Novels at only 19 how jealous am I, i requested his debut novel's novel Grow Up to review for RE-BEL, how luck am I? so will be able to dissect and discuss in detail in like a week

David Armstrong

Luke Abby switched me back onto his work I love the lighting and intimacy he seems to capture it feels raw and unstaged

Tuesday, 27 November 2012

TNP- We want War

If/ when I decide to start making music via my experimental band that my friends and I have decided to launch I've always wanted to create and craft a sound that is different yet accessible something that hasn't been heard before yet isn't to alien or too pretentious, lyrics are what my strong points are as I'm not a producer and nor am I a vocalist. I've always wanted to marry classical music with contemporary and allow for a popular sound, I think Florence does this well not that her music is classical but its her use of instruments like harps not too often heard in the top 40 charts even steel pans via Jamie XX or The XX or Something A LA Mode with their fresh take on using the violin it sounds refreshing and that is what  love about this song



Monday, 26 November 2012

I need to travel all around Europe

Shine Bright like a Diamond


Pretty cool reminds me of when Chaylan used to play around with fashion its interesting to think of how clothes should be able to interact with the wearer not just enhance or define their presence

Mother Land needs a helping hand

Africa needs saving, greed and corruption my mother land is caving why can't there be more then the cravings of dictators misused and un-filed papers abused citizens who never get there dividends one nation not on the mend so I can't pretend

Skulls & urban ears