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Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Nike X Sibling

Hedi X Anna

Like this artwork by Meggs

I heart Huckabees

is quite an enjoyable film, about Albert who after losing his job fighting to save open spaces to a big corporation begins to question his existence going to see existential detectives to help him discover who is and be at one with that person. I was having one myself still am really but this did help and was pretty deep but dealt with all in a comical way as not to throw you in the deep end and to become some psycho babble drama. Anyway here is Jude Law with boobs

Tuesday, 29 June 2010


Liked One Night Only before the whole champion by Burberry and Christopher Bailey, it was Just for tonight, which caught my attention on the E4 show Nearly Famous ( Aaron Johnson pre Nowhere Boy & Kick Ass). This song is ok not all that but i like some of the visuals and the playfulness between Emma Watson and George Craig


David David
Katie Eary x Nike N98 Jacket- katie added her snake print from the A/W 10 season to the Nike Jacket

Sunday, 27 June 2010

Dennis Hopper by Warhol

The New Boys! from Marcelo Burlon on Vimeo.

Quite likes Gaspard
yurkievich S/S 11 and can't quite pin down why. I like the shorts both actually the tight frayed denim cycling shorts underneath the quite short yet slightly voluminous upturned tailored shorts. It could also be the onslaught of bags or his use of print either way I like it, maybe just maybe because this season I have seen a bit of London all over Paris and Milan from James Long to Chris Shannon, but hey maybe the consulting for the larger brands

Boys with Bruises

Like what Pharrell has done with Moncler especially the photo printed garments, the work of the artist Keita Sugiura becomes abstract to a point that it looks like prints none the less it is images of forests shot from above.