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Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Facebook got to love it

Emmanuel Balogun Kris van assche killed it at dior homme!Saturday at 04:09 · Comment · Like3 people like this.
Jaiden Jeremy James meaning you liked it ?Saturday at 04:10 · Like ·
Emmanuel Balogun indeed! Drappery with structure! It was like Jil Sander but naughty, i love how minimally it was styled :) = yes i liked it!Saturday at 04:13 · Like
Jaiden Jeremy James I don't really get KVA but hey its nice to see someone like what he does,Saturday at 04:23 · Like ·
Emmanuel Balogun what shows did you like?Saturday at 04:27 · Like
Jaiden Jeremy James This season for me wasn't so strong but if i had to it would be Jil, some aspects of dries, some aspects of BurberrySaturday at 04:31 · Like ·
Rasharn Rva James dior homme is the ugliest brand i ever set eyes on since hedi left and we all will not rest till kris is kicked out.
jill sander is completely different from dior homme now that i likedSaturday at 04:31 · Like
Andrew Thomas cheetah print skirts hollurSaturday at 04:33 · Like
Jaiden Jeremy James Although Givenchy is one on 'edge' in paris it seems to take some ideas from younger designers i mean those masks over suits was just to make the suits not look as conservative as they were, don't get my wrong i like the idea of Givenchy but the shapes and patterns have not been altered since s/s 07Saturday at 04:38 · Like ·
Emmanuel Balogun mmmm i i have never really been into dior homme until now. I think Kris Van Assche is a good move for dior, he's making it a bit more contemporary, the silhouette's are bold and harsh, there's more structure yet the clothes are light and flow.. the clothes have much more of a presence...I can actually see men buying dior homme now...but maybe that's just me! :)Saturday at 04:39 · Like
Rasharn Rva James givenchy? yea that’s all we can say about it he has not changed a pattern in years how many times are we going to see the same shirt, jacket, and skirt in there collections lets not forget he did the lace shirts 2 seasons ago and just slapped it on the catwalk again only in white this time.Saturday at 04:40 · Like · 1 person
Andrew Thomas ilovegivenchy but there are other good hausses i aint gunna lieSaturday at 04:41 · Like
Emmanuel Balogun hmmi liked the givenchy but i didn't love it. I Didn't feel like it was very progressive from the last two seasons of givenchy menswear. Tisci is taking things to a sexier place; which i like but my favourite collection were definately Jil Sander/Ann D/Yohji Yam...Saturday at 04:41 · Like
Andrew Thomas BUT GURL I AINT GUNNA BUY IT hayyyySaturday at 04:41 · Like
Jaiden Jeremy James There is some pieces within that collection that he has directly referenced Hedi, I don't really think what he is doing is DIOR, I think dior should be understated elegance, he has his brand to do all of that floaty Chloe crap but i wish Dior had the respect it once had when Hedi was there, it's not hard Kris just needs to step up to the plate in all honesty Dior has went from Hip Hop party clothing to floaty fly awaySaturday at 04:43 · Like ·
Andrew Thomas I LOVED jil too mmmSaturday at 04:44 · Like
Jaiden Jeremy James Yeah Jil was cute, simplicity yet the colours spoke volumesSaturday at 04:44 · Like ·
Andrew Thomas I loved some of the prada too ; xSaturday at 04:46 · Like
Emmanuel Balogun hmmm well kris van assche has not been there for very long has he? I think he is taking it to a new place, which it very much needed to do. Hedi was great at dior but fashion and time changes and so must the style of a house.Saturday at 04:46 · Like
Rasharn Rva James Kris cant step up to the plate this is why everyone one wants him out he has been there for several season sons now and has tried everything from making rags to even a random collection were the models looked like 80s club kids my god that collection sure did look and feel cheap
Dior just needs to discontinue the line or just turn it into a denim line Saturday at 04:49 · Like
Jaiden Jeremy James Prada was cutesy i liked the jumpers, knitwear seems big for next season
Kris has been there six seasons, phoebe Philo defined the new direction of Celine in one collection, he is't coherent that's what is weird i mean gold sequinned bejewelled, tacky shiny fuchsia jackets, sci-fi glasses (I admit I liked), This is Dior, he could easily just do suits that are interesting
I like Kim Jones for Dunhill very BritishSaturday at 04:50 · Like ·
Rasharn Rva James i liked prada jumpersSaturday at 04:51 · Like
Andrew Thomas i loved the last dunhill! better than the others i think.... but yea he is taking it into an odd direction... i did buy them parachute trousers tho gurl i aint gunna lieSaturday at 04:52 · Like
Emmanuel Balogun i liked dunhill a lot, thom browne was poor for me this seasonSaturday at 04:53 · Like
Rasharn Rva James i liked the dunhill a/w best not sure about this one just yetSaturday at 04:54 · Like
Jaiden Jeremy James OMG i totally forgot that KVA was trying to push those parachute pants for like 4 seasons, like Kim Jones obviously loved his own line more but can slowly see him injecting sportswear into the label in this season, I liked some bikers in BurberrySaturday at 04:54 · Like ·
Jaiden Jeremy James Thom Browne could of been better, did anyone think anything of Adam Kimmel?Saturday at 04:55 · Like ·
Andrew Thomas ; / i wanted to intern at Thom Browne in my year out but yea it isnt cute.... and i want to get something out of it and use my time at the best places. new york just would have been fun to go for a few months...Saturday at 04:55 · Like
Rasharn Rva James Thom brown was ugly but moncler was nice clearly that’s what’s paying his bills because his own label is sufferingSaturday at 04:56 · Like
Jaiden Jeremy James honey we all want to go NYC for a bit, it's different most kids end up at Burberry and i guess Thom Browne is still quite a small company so it could go either way, they being a bitch or being super cool.Saturday at 04:57 · Like ·
Andrew Thomas I was not into Adam Kimmel, gurl leave snoop dawgggg to the california gurlsSaturday at 04:57 · Like
Jaiden Jeremy James haha Kimmel tried hard, really hardSaturday at 04:59 · Like ·
Cyril Crentsil am i the only one that loved lanvin?Saturday at 04:59 · Like
Rasharn Rva James YESSaturday at 04:59 · Like
Andrew Thomas I dont want to intern at burberry i could do that before i my year out... yea i guess we will see. American menswear is so...... and since it is small i bet I would get something positive out of it. My friend is going into her year out and she does womenswear and surprisingly she is goinggg to TB in new york... ill ask how it was in 7 months i guessSaturday at 04:59 · Like
Jaiden Jeremy James O god please don't get me started on Lanvin the same for 10 yearsSaturday at 05:00 · Like ·
Cyril Crentsil actually add ysl (oooh controversial) and alexis mabille ? I like my boys a bit femme all the more if they're channelling peter pan and the lost boys. short shorts and leaf crowns anyone?Saturday at 05:00 · Like
Andrew Thomas I LOVED LANVIN WHEN I WAS 15 cuz it was haute and thats when i started getting into shittttt but.... im with JJJ on thisSaturday at 05:01 · Like
Jaiden Jeremy James Burberry is cliche for London fashion designers as everyone seems to intern there, NYC designers are a bit bla, all about commercialism and sales, what about the designers over here?Saturday at 05:01 · Like ·
Rasharn Rva James ysl needs to close down and let us just remember the good timesSaturday at 05:03 · Like
Jaiden Jeremy James YSL again for the past how many seasons no change, i did like it or i thought i used to, Alexis Mabille is ok, short shorts can be cute, I think Acne was cool thinking of shortsSaturday at 05:04 · Like ·
Andrew Thomas where isssss over here? Id like to go to paris as well... DUH GURL tryna make it. HMMM alexis mabille was not ok... im not a fan but i can get into some of the YSLSaturday at 05:05 · Like
Jaiden Jeremy James ok i was trying to be nice, honestly its hard to say someone was good as i was disappointed as always these days
over here: James Long. JW, James Small ( i like a lot), Katie EarySaturday at 05:07 · Like ·
Andrew Thomas OH OK B, well i waaasss all cracked out and tried talking to JW at fucking nasty joiners but i think i scared her off so THATS OUT. i was looking forward to an internship during my first year too! and katie is nasty, i could dooooo jamesz longSaturday at 05:10 · Like
Cyril Crentsil The panos tisci collab angers me the most. It's a tired look and isnt representative of the modern male AT ALL . god how many times are they going to push the shoreditch courier boy look as if its relevant to the kind of man able to afford givenchy. dont even get me started on the quality. the shirts from the last collections looked like theyd been...See moreSaturday at 05:10 · Like
Andrew Thomas IHATESTUDS it is 2010 not 2008Saturday at 05:12 · Like
Rasharn Rva James i was a bug james log fan but now looking more at what chris is doing and how he is going to take his sportswear to the next level alexis a/w collection was SEX
To be honest I am bored of fashion right now which makes me angry because it was something that made me smile and excited I just need Galliano to start acting crazy again with diorSaturday at 05:14 · Like
Jaiden Jeremy James The level that Givenchy is on they should not be producing the crap they are producing, it's not even men's i've hard girls complain about their bags and shoes falling to pieces, it needs to be sorted out, Givenchy was cool when i first saw it but now man it looks exactly the same, the skirts, the shirts, BORINGSaturday at 05:16 · Like ·
Cyril Crentsil Galliano is a an old maid, a miss havisham of sorts...lamenting over an old and long forgotten time. Even the 'theatrics' cant get away with being novel anymoreSaturday at 05:16 · Like
Rasharn Rva James omg when me and simon was shopping for a client i felt that givenchy shirt and it felt like the £2 cotton fabric they have in shepersbush market i was so shocked at the price tage i had to look several timesSaturday at 05:18 · Like
Andrew Thomas its so sad, i saved up forevs to buy a fucking givenchy bag AND I NEVER USE IT cuz im not tryna have my shit fall apart.... But i dunno fashion is kinda shit now ; / and sadly menswear isnt really going anywhere great, i dont know why this came to mind but i cant stand rad hourani either....Saturday at 05:18 · Like
Jaiden Jeremy James Givenchy is just a name really the price points need to be lowered to match the craftsmanship, Menswear bores me but as a London menswear designer i think london is the only place doing something differentSaturday at 05:22 · Like ·
Andrew Thomas !!! I didnt know you designedddd, thats great. ObVz thats what i want to do as well so get it. I just dunno if i will live in london when i finish? id like to be located in NYC just cuz its closer to home for me but i dont want to show there IF I EVER HAD MY OWN LINE ......Saturday at 05:25 · Like
Cyril Crentsil I know! I was shocked! H&M seemed to have longer lasting material. Ticsi needs to take his eyes of the streets of east london (which stopped being relevant 3 years ago) and focus on heritage classics and the gradual subversion of those staples that is what most men want. and stop pushing the damn skirts. if gualtier cant do it ,he certainly cant! ...See moreSaturday at 05:25 · Unlike · 1 person
Andrew Thomas I LOVE TO WEAR A BIG OLD SKIRT THOUGH CYRIL, so i cant talk about thatttt. im just going to make my own leopard print skirt. i aint paying 800 poundsz for that shitSaturday at 05:27 · Like
Rasharn Rva James could see myself on the 55 in the lep print skirtSaturday at 05:30 · Like
Cyril Crentsil i look at all this and think the MAN show it self delivers far more in terms of variation , forward thinking and my god, colour! they arent afraid of colour. that said they're not slaves to huge conservative customer bases. they can do as the please.Saturday at 05:30 · Unlike · 1 person
Emmanuel Balogun omg i leave the laptop alone for like 20mins and i have 23 notifications from you fashion boys at an ungodly hour! Cyril i totally agree with you, i really like the lanvin this season, i thought it was sexier than usual, i just didn't like the styling, the pieces would have looked a lot better on clothing rails in my bedroom. Andrew i love how we ...See moreSaturday at 05:32 · Like
Andrew Thomas i went to the last man show! i liked it, hmmmmm even katie eary or however you spell it was good for me. not my thing but the prints were nice. lets wear matching skirts and dance to some KATY PERRYSaturday at 05:32 · Like
Emmanuel Balogun Andrew you are not serious! miss you though :)Saturday at 05:33 · Like
Jaiden Jeremy James thats the point of being young having a vision you wish to do, yeah design showed at MAN Jaiden rVa James, what needs to happen is London menswear designers take over paris and kick all of those boring people out KVA includedSaturday at 05:34 · Like ·
Andrew Thomas NIGHT GURL I MISS YOU, cant wait to come back home. and remember when we loved the thom browne f/w 10 together. sleep goooood BSaturday at 05:34 · Like
Andrew Thomas just dont burn my parachutes! but take her out.... But paris will always be for those type of designerssss. I would love to show there though ; x but im going to focus on this summer right now. AND I LOVE how were talking about this all on emmanuels wall ahahha ; x fashion fagzSaturday at 05:36 · Like
Cyril Crentsil skirts will always be a niche. i think it should be te preserve of the younger designers not major houses. lets face it how many of those skirts have you seen on the shop floor. or for that matter whose seen a man in skirts outs side of areas with heavy gay populations as much as we'd like to think we can. we really cant carry the world of fashion on our very toned shoulders. at some-point a man is going to come and say "what purpose does a skirt serve me.?"Saturday at 05:37 · Like
Jaiden Jeremy James love Eman started the fashion talk and sorry i love talking about fashion Cyril i didnt know you liked fashionSaturday at 05:37 · Like ·
Andrew Thomas It serves no purposeeeee, its a skirt. But its also all fashion. HM BUT i DID WEAR A SKIrt to some lumberjack american straight party, it was greatSaturday at 05:38 · Like
Rasharn Rva James lol love itSaturday at 05:40 · Like
Cyril Crentsil but it was treated as a novelty i bet, not as a serious and thats what i mean, at the end of the day. a man goes to the shop floor looks at a skirt by givenchy and has to question if its an item of clothing that will be incorporated in all aspects of his life. trust me its the same thinking that someone will place into a dunhil suit or a dior ...See moreSaturday at 05:44 · Unlike · 1 person
Jaiden Jeremy James Cyril are you studying fashion?Saturday at 05:46 · Like ·
Cyril Crentsil and you know that buyers are thinking the same thing and at the end of the day for all talk of progressiveness in fashion they are they ones that make these clothes available to us they decided what passes and what remains in a show room only to be worn by interns and half the populace of csm. its not all clear cut.Saturday at 05:46 · Like
Cyril Crentsil no, textile desing. my mother is/ was a designer she yearns fo the days whne men were men, shoulders were high and skirts never went above knee length. and to be honest sometimes i fell the same.Saturday at 05:49 · Like
Jaiden Jeremy James I understand thats why designers need to have lines that get them attention or be able to mix commercialism with outlandish ideas, Givenchy has a suit line and there catwalk collection and i guess most money comes from the former, that's pretty interesting should show me some of your work sometimeSaturday at 05:52 · Like ·
Cyril Crentsil I'm fully away of it but its just the fact that givenchy attaches itself to a street mentality (laughable given the price point of their tat) yet it lacks the one thing that makes the street and urban fashion so special, iwhich is its transcient nature. the fact its ever changing. instead theyve latched on to a fashion tribe and milked it for all ...See moreSaturday at 05:58 · Like
Cyril Crentsil dont get me started on his dalston studs...Saturday at 05:59 · Like
Jaiden Jeremy James its true i just hope next season he progresses and moves forwardSaturday at 06:02 · Like ·
Cyril Crentsil he wont, givenchy is an odd house its very urban , its very modern (whatever that means) but at the end of the day performs at a calibre that is unbefitting of the name givenchy it lacks heritage, or class or for that matter, finish even the handbags feel a big dalston markety. Not saying thats a bad thing but just wonder how long tisci can push...See moreSaturday at 06:11 · Unlike · 1 person
Cyril Crentsil fashion fatigue...Saturday at 06:12 · Like
Andrew Thomas hahaha.... ITS i would never spend that much on clothes. I just take scarves i have and make skirts from them. you gurls are all up so late!Saturday at 06:36 · Like
Jaiden Jeremy James late is fun, i want to sleep through prideSaturday at 06:37 · Like ·
Andrew Thomas OH is it pride in london right now? big olddd gay party... nawt my thingSaturday at 06:40 · Like
Cyril Crentsil cmon andrew get some black on, put on some wedges and start waving your flag! REPRESENT BABYSaturday at 06:42 · Like
Jaiden Jeremy James lol yeah pride 2moro, yeah happy within myself so don't feel to celebrateSaturday at 06:42 · Like ·
Andrew Thomas CYRIL YOU KNOW I WILL GURL, but i aint in the ldn town ; / butttt i like the classy gays, nawt the HEAVEN ones that crowd the daddy infested streets of prideeeSaturday at 06:43 · Like
Jaiden Jeremy James classy and culturedSaturday at 06:44 · Like ·
Andrew Thomas always! oh and i justtt caught on that you girls were in the man show!!! always love when the boys have thigh high wedges onSaturday at 06:47 · Like
Jaiden Jeremy James LOL yeah that was funny many couldn't walkSaturday at 06:48 · Like ·
Andrew Thomas ; x BUT it the shoes made up for that, you should have saw my face B when they came down the runway and telephone came on. THE BITCH NEXT TO ME asked me to stop singing. i was like its party time!Saturday at 06:49 · Like
Jaiden Jeremy James lol haha you where there?Saturday at 06:50 · Like ·
Andrew Thomas mhmm i was there!!!!! at the end of the runway kinda by the photographers around the corner, was not into the wheel chair guys stuff ; /Saturday at 06:55 · Like
Jaiden Jeremy James lol haha i can't comment as they are all like my contemporariesSaturday at 06:56 · Like ·
Andrew Thomas hahah its ok b! just had to throw it out there. butttt good job gurl, love the man showSaturday at 07:01 · Like
Jaiden Jeremy James Lol of course and thanks alotSaturday at 07:02 · Like ·
Andrew Thomas night alll you guys! this was the best chat ive ever had on facebook. Hopefully see you gurls when i come back to the easttttt. skirt and heels in hand! xxSaturday at 07:03 · Like
Jaiden Jeremy James lol night man xxSaturday at 07:04 · Like ·
Priscilla Yeboah- Newton 93comments. geeesusSaturday at 11:58 · Like
Nathan Jones about time the Slimanocracy was overthrown14 hours ago · Like
Andrew Thomas we get down gurlz15 minutes ago · Like

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