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Saturday, 30 April 2011

Thursday, 28 April 2011

Bart in a Nike Wind Runner


Soul Mate

Searching for a Soul mate, constant dates with kisses on cheeks but none get me weak, what is it just a fairy tale that I seek

Lonely days get colder and I am getting older to and there's nothing more I want than to be with you, if only I knew where to find you.

always drinking in bar, thinking I catch a glimpse of someone interesting from far, then I see you kiss another, will I ever find my mysterious lover

Lonely days get colder and I am getting older to and there's nothing more I want than to be with you, if only I knew where to find you.

I don't want to compromise with lies just being with someone to pass the time, fake love should be a crime,

Lonely days get colder and I am getting older to and there's nothing more I want than to be with you, if only I knew where to find you.

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Scream 4

Scream 4 movies within movies taking the piss out of the main movie with the Stab films and there many sequels a lot more than in the Scream series but none the less it could be a stab at the Saw franchise

With the original Scream's breaking horror movies conventions whilst at the same time challenging them with brainy big tit blondes instead of ditsy and dumb yet sticking to a lot of the rules such as blacks dying first in case of Jada Pinkett in the movie scene and the new rule of gays don't get killed

Technology plays a large part as it does in most teens lives in this case its apps, facebook, twitter and U stream

Noting horrors latest hot genre the realistic camera recorded 'blair witch' 'Paranormal activity' style as the main backdrop with one highschool student recording and live streaming his whole life experience and with the killer going to extreme lengths for self glorification which could be a comment in the lengths one would go to achieve fame

None the less and enjoyable film with laugh out loud moments and those that takes you back and reminds you of the other films but could largely exist on ots own.
Fashion 156 shoot a cool Martine Rose Shirt

Daniel Sannwald

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Dazed & Confused May 11 Rory Culkin x Hedi Slimane

Drugstore Cowboy

Gus Van Sant is one of my favorite directors yet his work sometimes is soo good its amazes me and at times so shit it disappoints me (Psycho)  or good but not great that it fails to overwhelm me ( Good Will Hunting, Finding Forrester, Milk, To Die For) Yet his art house films ( Last Days, Gerry & Elephant) are the ones I truly relate to and feel he excels in presenting a unique vision to the screen more so with Elephant but Gerry had some amazingly beautiful scenes in it too.

Drugstore Cowboy sits in between for me but somehow I liked it more than say To Die For. Matt Dillion plays a junkie who along with his wife, best friend and his girlfriend rob drugstores to feed their habit falling in and out with the police. It is only when tragedy strikes that Dillion decides to pursue a straight life.

In Dillion's last soliloquy he brings to light the troubles of human nature the constant mood changes not knowing whats next, where life will go and what will become of you and hence why some people choose to overdose or as he states that no one knows what mood they will be in or how to control that mood and how they will feel all a junky needs to do is look at the bottle and know the name and know of the feeling of which the drug induces and then they will be taken to that place.

Drugstore could of been stronger but it seemed to all pull together at the end allowing for the overall experience to be an interesting one showing the skills of a young director coming into his own

Tuesday, 12 April 2011


I don't know if I could say I was a Mike Leigh fan as I have not seen enough films of his but I do know that Another Year moved me and was so layered and like any good piece of art led me to think about existence and our happiness being boiled down to luck, I've seen Happy go lucky which I found a so/so and now Naked which I must say is also so/so for me. Leigh is a revered name in British Cinema and I found his construction of characters and realism riveting in Another Year and I expected to see that here but I just got ramblings.

Johnny the main character who is nothing short of a tramp runs away from Manchester in search of his ex, Sophie he seems to glide in and out of womens lives with his cockiness being enough to capture their attention and allow for him to have sex with them. He is a smart individual well read and with a unique outlook on life but fails to grasp the moment and fails to move forward with his life, he is lucky enough to rely on the kindness of strangers but in no way decides to take notice of this and is living purely to live.

It's a long film not rubbish but not groundbreaking or thought provoking as Leigh's latests, I want to watch more of Leigh's films and to form my own opinion of his work 

The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus

Possibly the best thing about it was Lily Cole & Andrew Garfield the youngest and most energetic of the cast, I found it self indulgent not in a good way. It failed to grasp me and allow me to enter the fantasy and world that Doctor Parnassus allegedly allows people to enter. I am all for fantasy films but this was a fantasy gone wrong. 

David Beckham for Fantastic Man

Tattooed Sleeves?

Monday, 11 April 2011

The truth is i cant go anywhere without a hooded garment as i feel naked when it comes to getting to cold or as I live in England when the sky decides to open up, saw this on NYC Times website and thought that the angle of the photograph was weird but i guess the main focus is on the trainer but then i saw the hoodie and i thought wow cute
Maybe I am just to demanding, maybe i am just like my father to bold maybe I am just like my mother she's never satisfied
Mama never loved her much and daddy never keeps in touch
you weren't perfect but you made life worth it
Hedi Slimane
Dunhill jacket at Mr. porter

Friday, 8 April 2011

Red Riding Hood

Red Riding Hood, I am puzzled to why I watched this but whatever I did and I always say that even from the worst movies you can learn from there failures and what made them so bad for you and take note and understand not to do that if you ever make a film.

Red Riding hood is obviously aimed at teenagers, two handsome male leads and one hot female (Amanda Seyfriel) lead the tale is basically the same but chuck in a young heroine torn between two lovers one chosen by her family for his wealth and the other her teenage sweetheart, yet thats not her only problem there is a wolf that comes every full moon to visit her village, the villagers leave animal sacrifices for it but now it has turned to killing humans and the first sadly is Valerie's (Seyfried) sister. This causes the villagers to hunt down the wolf. The Villager's priest decides to call upon a hunter who informs them that this wolf is in fact a werewolf and that he/she shape shifts from human to animal when the moon is full and is most likely amongst them. This causes panic and allows for one to wonder who it could be.

The film is very much like twilight, it lacks emotional core and fails in many ways in trying to not stray too far from the plot of which it is based upon, it is an ok and semi entertaining film yet could have been improved upon in many ways its star studded cast from Julie Christie to indie actors like Lukas Haas and new comers Max Irons are probably one of the more interesting aspects of it all but if you expect to see range from them you'll be highly disappointed.
Summer Sun Sex

The American

I was supposed to watch this months ago at the London Film fest but just didn't wake up early enough so decided to now. Another film I wouldn't really watch but as the director directed one of the most visually stunning films I've seen Control, I decided it was one to see and to also see how he's moved on from his first feature which was basically an extension of his photographs of rock stars.

The American relied heavily on visuals as we saw George Clooney drift through life completing a mission in Rome. Never being able to relax and always looking out to see if someones after him. Not much is said rather more is done, he visits the same prostitute whilst in Rome and they form a relationship an unconventional one both shadow dwellers.

Its watchable and at most an enjoyable film but obviously not for all, I did like it but there was some points that I felt it was dragging on but then more scenes of beauty appeared and I got lost in those for the moment and that was what carried me through the film. Anton Corbjin makes a good director and it will be interesting to see where he goes next.

Thursday, 7 April 2011

Unemployment line... Credit card decline... Did I not mention I was about to LOSE MY MIND- all of the lights- kanye
Another day another Arena Home + cover

source code

Recently i've decided to break out of the routine and just try new things for once and all from eating at places I wouldn't or going to musicals like The Lion King and it seems to have proved ok  experiences allowing me to feel new feelings.

Any way Source Code isn't a movie I would normally watch as I am not a huge fan of Sci-fi or Thrillers but a movie is a movie and a good film is a good film regardless of who's in it or the genre. Directed by Duncan Jones ( Zowie Bowie) who directed  Moon a film in which I wasn't entirely convinced about but none the less it got praised (yes David Bowie's son). There are some elements and aspects that would echo Moon's but I guess maybe that is part or will form part of Jones oeuvre.

The Film centers on  Captain Colter Stevens ( Jake Gyllenghaal) who awakes on a train panicked and nervous he isn't aware of whats going on and how he got there, (there is some quantum leap elements to the film). it turns out that he and others are in danger and he must find the problem and solve it. Time is looped and it keeps going back in time again and again until Steven's has solved the issue. Along the way he finds out his pretty big personal issue.

The movie could have been boring and repetitive but it remained entertaining even though you had seen a variation of the same scene a variety of times although all different it's still limited and confined to the same setting. This is an example of how a movie can be done on the cheap time looping with different scenarios yet the same scene and actors.

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Arena Homme Plus


A film about the fashion industry yet with no fashion in it, Sally Potter has always been a name on the lips and pages of many film critics most hold her work up highly so I was intrigued to see what her work would be like as it seemed she explored film making in a way other directors didn't I've always wanted to see Orlando but I am yet to do so.

Rage was the first film to come out in the period that my interest in film as a medium of art existed and the premise was an interesting one, there is no action, well there is action but the action is limited its set in one place with the only scene changes being colorful backdrops possibly to match the characters personalities.

 Supposedly filmed by a school child on their mobile phone for a project on the fashion industry, the said child soon catches more than they could possibly bargain for we never see the film maker, nor hear their voice but their presence is felt as those who stare into the beholders lens react, taunt, teach and sometimes mock them. Taken to new extremes Potter could be possibly saying that in this age anyone with enough ambition, ideas and creativity can make a film although its more than obvious that this is not shot on some hand held device.

Potter allows for the actors to allow their characters to control the scene and screen for their emotions, movements, expressions to carry the film forward. There is a plot but we only hear sounds and see each characters reaction to the event that has supposedly just occurred.

The all star cast ranging from Judi Dench to Steve Buscemi to Jude Law and newer names such as Lily Cole and Riz Ahmed its a character study that allows for these characters to come into their own and some do more than other. Rage is a genuine piece of cinema that could have easily gone wrong but to be able to hold an audience for more than an hour with just head shots and sounds shows Potter's skill and her place as an auteur of cinema.

House of Boys

At first I thought it was just another cliche gay movie and believe me i've seen my share of them, it was a slow burner with the all so typical unrequited love theme running through and although set in the 80's the tolerance for homosexuality seems to be quite high.

The film center's around a young man named Frank who runs away from home and finds himself at the House of Boys in Amsterdam a gay disco cum dance club where the dancers live and work under the roof offering more than private dancing to some customers.

Frank finds himself falling for the clubs star attraction the straight yet gay for pay Jake who has a girlfriend. The two share a room and soon Frank's feelings can't help but grow and when Jake is struck down with a mysterious illness it is Frank who rises to the challenge of caring for him.

Its an interesting insight and look at AIDS and how it destroys lives, in an age when it was new and not much known about it many fell victim and still do and it pains me to know and think of all the young men gay and straight that feel they are immune to it
Givenchy by McQueen