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Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Scream 4

Scream 4 movies within movies taking the piss out of the main movie with the Stab films and there many sequels a lot more than in the Scream series but none the less it could be a stab at the Saw franchise

With the original Scream's breaking horror movies conventions whilst at the same time challenging them with brainy big tit blondes instead of ditsy and dumb yet sticking to a lot of the rules such as blacks dying first in case of Jada Pinkett in the movie scene and the new rule of gays don't get killed

Technology plays a large part as it does in most teens lives in this case its apps, facebook, twitter and U stream

Noting horrors latest hot genre the realistic camera recorded 'blair witch' 'Paranormal activity' style as the main backdrop with one highschool student recording and live streaming his whole life experience and with the killer going to extreme lengths for self glorification which could be a comment in the lengths one would go to achieve fame

None the less and enjoyable film with laugh out loud moments and those that takes you back and reminds you of the other films but could largely exist on ots own.

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