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Saturday, 2 April 2011

Animal Kingdom

I am all so late these days with films but considering I don't get invites to screenings and in all honestly can't be bothered to ass lick and chase, film companies and film pr's to be added to list, I will consume them in my own time which is the case with said film, Animal Kingdom which I have heard about for a while and it had glowing and positive reviews from a few of the few critics that I bother to take their opinion on board.

I must say this turned out to be a gripping enjoyable watch and any film where i am frustrated and concerned for the characters well being is a film that that has captured and pulled me in to its world.

The film is set in Australia revolving around a family of brothers with each brother known to the police and each dabbling in different areas of the crime world from drugs to bank raids, their one estranged sister dies of an overdose and her teenage son calls his grandmother to help sort out the funeral and she invites him to stay with her. He is then thrown into a world in which he is foreign to and experiences some life changing events as the family begins to unravel

As this came out in 2010 but I watched in 2011 I don't know whether it is the best film of this year for me or one of the best films of last year in general that I saw so lets just put it in both in 2010 I think I enjoyed Another Year, Black Swan and also Animal Kingdom. Catfish was interesting as a documentary as was Exit Through the Gift Shop which saw the birth of an artist.

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