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Thursday, 7 April 2011

source code

Recently i've decided to break out of the routine and just try new things for once and all from eating at places I wouldn't or going to musicals like The Lion King and it seems to have proved ok  experiences allowing me to feel new feelings.

Any way Source Code isn't a movie I would normally watch as I am not a huge fan of Sci-fi or Thrillers but a movie is a movie and a good film is a good film regardless of who's in it or the genre. Directed by Duncan Jones ( Zowie Bowie) who directed  Moon a film in which I wasn't entirely convinced about but none the less it got praised (yes David Bowie's son). There are some elements and aspects that would echo Moon's but I guess maybe that is part or will form part of Jones oeuvre.

The Film centers on  Captain Colter Stevens ( Jake Gyllenghaal) who awakes on a train panicked and nervous he isn't aware of whats going on and how he got there, (there is some quantum leap elements to the film). it turns out that he and others are in danger and he must find the problem and solve it. Time is looped and it keeps going back in time again and again until Steven's has solved the issue. Along the way he finds out his pretty big personal issue.

The movie could have been boring and repetitive but it remained entertaining even though you had seen a variation of the same scene a variety of times although all different it's still limited and confined to the same setting. This is an example of how a movie can be done on the cheap time looping with different scenarios yet the same scene and actors.

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