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Tuesday, 5 April 2011

House of Boys

At first I thought it was just another cliche gay movie and believe me i've seen my share of them, it was a slow burner with the all so typical unrequited love theme running through and although set in the 80's the tolerance for homosexuality seems to be quite high.

The film center's around a young man named Frank who runs away from home and finds himself at the House of Boys in Amsterdam a gay disco cum dance club where the dancers live and work under the roof offering more than private dancing to some customers.

Frank finds himself falling for the clubs star attraction the straight yet gay for pay Jake who has a girlfriend. The two share a room and soon Frank's feelings can't help but grow and when Jake is struck down with a mysterious illness it is Frank who rises to the challenge of caring for him.

Its an interesting insight and look at AIDS and how it destroys lives, in an age when it was new and not much known about it many fell victim and still do and it pains me to know and think of all the young men gay and straight that feel they are immune to it

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