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Friday, 8 April 2011

Red Riding Hood

Red Riding Hood, I am puzzled to why I watched this but whatever I did and I always say that even from the worst movies you can learn from there failures and what made them so bad for you and take note and understand not to do that if you ever make a film.

Red Riding hood is obviously aimed at teenagers, two handsome male leads and one hot female (Amanda Seyfriel) lead the tale is basically the same but chuck in a young heroine torn between two lovers one chosen by her family for his wealth and the other her teenage sweetheart, yet thats not her only problem there is a wolf that comes every full moon to visit her village, the villagers leave animal sacrifices for it but now it has turned to killing humans and the first sadly is Valerie's (Seyfried) sister. This causes the villagers to hunt down the wolf. The Villager's priest decides to call upon a hunter who informs them that this wolf is in fact a werewolf and that he/she shape shifts from human to animal when the moon is full and is most likely amongst them. This causes panic and allows for one to wonder who it could be.

The film is very much like twilight, it lacks emotional core and fails in many ways in trying to not stray too far from the plot of which it is based upon, it is an ok and semi entertaining film yet could have been improved upon in many ways its star studded cast from Julie Christie to indie actors like Lukas Haas and new comers Max Irons are probably one of the more interesting aspects of it all but if you expect to see range from them you'll be highly disappointed.

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