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Sunday, 29 May 2011

Dizzee on the cover of ES


Black Book- The Kills- Cool cover

Friday, 20 May 2011

Monday, 16 May 2011

Rizzle Kicks

Rizzle Kicks comprises of Rizzle & Sylvester the former being the rapper whilst the latter is the singer
Their sound is more akin to late 80's/ early 90's hip hop a sound they describe 'Indie-Hop'
Rapping and sampling beats from Lily Allen to Arctic Monkeys with lyrical contents that reflect British youth culture from songs about skins to one liners 'holding up stores with lucazade bottles' , . They remind me of Frank Skinner or  The Mitchell brothers and are very British. They are Brit School alumni and in a way this kind of amazes me, I love Brit School and see no issue with it but they seem, unpolished and raw a bit like another Zoo Kid opposed to say Adele or Jessie J, their energy is more of a we are doing this for fun kind of thing which is good, its nice to see some youthful energy and flair.

I love the UK music scene right now we have got a spectrum of talent with a diverse variety of sounds that cross genres and mix styles. From Yasmin, Ed Sheeran, Maxsta, Devlin, Katy B, Maverick Sabre to Rizzle Kicks. There is more underground names at present and the latter is now signed to a major (Island Records) yet none the less they are up and coming and I hope leave a mark and dent in the musical landscape.

Tuesday, 10 May 2011


Luke Abby- Set Designer- Launches RE-BEL TV- Video Interviews with artists in a diverse range of mediums such as art, music, fashion, design, picking the brains of interesting minds.

Friday, 6 May 2011

Drunk off of nothing but each other till the sun rise

Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Daniel Sannwald- @ Hyres

I am always telling Daniel to exhibit his work in a gallery as well as the pages of magazines and now he has done so @ Hyres, I was unable to attend although I wish I would have but either way this video allows for the contemplation of his work. His work shows the transformational energy that a fashion photographer can capture as well as the power they have in post production, it also shows the fantasy, the dream like world that fashion allows people to enter

Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Katy Perry for Vanity Fair

I like her hair and make up feel it evokes 40's glamor of hollywood screen siren and allows for you to see how beautiful Katy actually is but I don't like what she's wearing and the pose is very 'fashion'. None the less Vanity Fairy is mostly always a good read

Comme De Garcon clear plastic biker

Cemetery Junction

A coming of age tale about 3 friends who've grown up in an improvised part of reading where no one really leaves the majority of the men work at home and the women are stay at home wives

It looks at life when Ricky Gervais was growing up, teens who had missed out on the sixties now left to grow up in its hangover. The older generation represented by the parents for example Freddie's parents that are racist, homophobic, misogyny's in this sense I don't think the film is any of the above but it just highlights the mood and attitude of some of Britain's people at the time.

Cementary Junction looks at life in the cases of the 3 friends, Freddie who's highly ambitious yet still not ambitious enough to know what he wants more than a home, a wife, a car and some kids conforming to life and how it plays out where he lives, he's just got a job selling life assurance (dealing with death for one re-evaluating their life) . Bruce who's pent up anger causes him to have outbursts that he can't control, he sees no tomorrow and lives for the day, drinking, smoking, shagging and by day working in a factory and Snork who works in a train station announcing the coming and goings of trains as he sits and watches others leave he remains in the same place he's akward and fat and the least attractive of the trio not knowing when to shut up he too seems to not think too deeply about his life.

Its not a great film but can pass as a watchable one, it seems you probably know what will happen not more than 20 minutes in none the less it was interesting to see Gervais turn his hand to big screen writing and did allow for one to wonder if work really is all their is to life? And is their more than getting a house, kids and partner?.

Sunday, 1 May 2011


I heard about this a while back but never really saw it get a proper release, to be fair I can probably guess why its weird. The film assembles some of Britain's young, talented and in many cases beautiful actors and actresses (Imogen Poots is shockingly stunning).

William ( Aaron Johnson) constructs a chat room that brings together a small group of troubled teens where they talk about their problems and seem to give each other weird solutions. All are alienated in some different case such as Eva (Imogen Poots) who realizes all of her friends are vacuous  air heads who care nothing more than shopping and looking good, whilst the two skins alumni (Daniel Kuluuya and Hannah Murray) the former has the issue of liking his bestfriends 11 year old sister at 19 and the latter unloving parents. The central character and weakest of the bunch Jim ( Matthew Beard)  who's father abandoned him at the zoo as a seven year old is on anti depressants, his weakness seems to give William strength to wreak havoc on the loves of others and allow for Jim to become his latest project. 

The visualization of the chat room as a room in which is a safe haven for these isolated individuals and at times reflects the users identity and personality is an interesting technique and as well as cast is probably one of the strong points.

The film feels weird, different like I was waiting for something to happen or for the story to move forward i feel each characters problems including Will's could of been explored more throughly especially in the case of the 19 year old pedophile who is coming to terms with his sexuality and yet also scared of what he may become, this is an issue that could of been touched upon more. It would allow the viewers to emphasize  with each and everyone and in the case of Jim it seemed his story was just a bit pathetic the climax and conclusion to the drama is hardly believable either.

Jaiden rVa James A/W 09 x J Smith Esquire hats in 7th Man

Harry Brown review

Harry Brown

Harry (caine) seems to live out a sombre and sad existence, fulfilling his daily routines, it paints a bleak picture of life, a man overlooking society and its decay as unruly youths destroy everything they touch including themselves on drugs. It also makes you think about existence and ones possessions how nothing is truly yours from your family to your belongs as it all fades away and you either leave them behind or they leave you.

Cause and consequence comes into play these youths that terrorise their community seem to know no boundaries nor the results of their behaviour.

Harry decides to take the law into his own hands with nothing to lose as both his wife and best friend have died.
It gives an insight to broken Britain and its Barron estates obviously it has been hammed up for entertainment value but none the less it touches upon the lawless society that can be found in some estates.