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Monday, 16 May 2011

Rizzle Kicks

Rizzle Kicks comprises of Rizzle & Sylvester the former being the rapper whilst the latter is the singer
Their sound is more akin to late 80's/ early 90's hip hop a sound they describe 'Indie-Hop'
Rapping and sampling beats from Lily Allen to Arctic Monkeys with lyrical contents that reflect British youth culture from songs about skins to one liners 'holding up stores with lucazade bottles' , . They remind me of Frank Skinner or  The Mitchell brothers and are very British. They are Brit School alumni and in a way this kind of amazes me, I love Brit School and see no issue with it but they seem, unpolished and raw a bit like another Zoo Kid opposed to say Adele or Jessie J, their energy is more of a we are doing this for fun kind of thing which is good, its nice to see some youthful energy and flair.

I love the UK music scene right now we have got a spectrum of talent with a diverse variety of sounds that cross genres and mix styles. From Yasmin, Ed Sheeran, Maxsta, Devlin, Katy B, Maverick Sabre to Rizzle Kicks. There is more underground names at present and the latter is now signed to a major (Island Records) yet none the less they are up and coming and I hope leave a mark and dent in the musical landscape.

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