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Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Cemetery Junction

A coming of age tale about 3 friends who've grown up in an improvised part of reading where no one really leaves the majority of the men work at home and the women are stay at home wives

It looks at life when Ricky Gervais was growing up, teens who had missed out on the sixties now left to grow up in its hangover. The older generation represented by the parents for example Freddie's parents that are racist, homophobic, misogyny's in this sense I don't think the film is any of the above but it just highlights the mood and attitude of some of Britain's people at the time.

Cementary Junction looks at life in the cases of the 3 friends, Freddie who's highly ambitious yet still not ambitious enough to know what he wants more than a home, a wife, a car and some kids conforming to life and how it plays out where he lives, he's just got a job selling life assurance (dealing with death for one re-evaluating their life) . Bruce who's pent up anger causes him to have outbursts that he can't control, he sees no tomorrow and lives for the day, drinking, smoking, shagging and by day working in a factory and Snork who works in a train station announcing the coming and goings of trains as he sits and watches others leave he remains in the same place he's akward and fat and the least attractive of the trio not knowing when to shut up he too seems to not think too deeply about his life.

Its not a great film but can pass as a watchable one, it seems you probably know what will happen not more than 20 minutes in none the less it was interesting to see Gervais turn his hand to big screen writing and did allow for one to wonder if work really is all their is to life? And is their more than getting a house, kids and partner?.

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