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Sunday, 1 May 2011

Harry Brown review

Harry Brown

Harry (caine) seems to live out a sombre and sad existence, fulfilling his daily routines, it paints a bleak picture of life, a man overlooking society and its decay as unruly youths destroy everything they touch including themselves on drugs. It also makes you think about existence and ones possessions how nothing is truly yours from your family to your belongs as it all fades away and you either leave them behind or they leave you.

Cause and consequence comes into play these youths that terrorise their community seem to know no boundaries nor the results of their behaviour.

Harry decides to take the law into his own hands with nothing to lose as both his wife and best friend have died.
It gives an insight to broken Britain and its Barron estates obviously it has been hammed up for entertainment value but none the less it touches upon the lawless society that can be found in some estates.

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