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Sunday, 1 May 2011


I heard about this a while back but never really saw it get a proper release, to be fair I can probably guess why its weird. The film assembles some of Britain's young, talented and in many cases beautiful actors and actresses (Imogen Poots is shockingly stunning).

William ( Aaron Johnson) constructs a chat room that brings together a small group of troubled teens where they talk about their problems and seem to give each other weird solutions. All are alienated in some different case such as Eva (Imogen Poots) who realizes all of her friends are vacuous  air heads who care nothing more than shopping and looking good, whilst the two skins alumni (Daniel Kuluuya and Hannah Murray) the former has the issue of liking his bestfriends 11 year old sister at 19 and the latter unloving parents. The central character and weakest of the bunch Jim ( Matthew Beard)  who's father abandoned him at the zoo as a seven year old is on anti depressants, his weakness seems to give William strength to wreak havoc on the loves of others and allow for Jim to become his latest project. 

The visualization of the chat room as a room in which is a safe haven for these isolated individuals and at times reflects the users identity and personality is an interesting technique and as well as cast is probably one of the strong points.

The film feels weird, different like I was waiting for something to happen or for the story to move forward i feel each characters problems including Will's could of been explored more throughly especially in the case of the 19 year old pedophile who is coming to terms with his sexuality and yet also scared of what he may become, this is an issue that could of been touched upon more. It would allow the viewers to emphasize  with each and everyone and in the case of Jim it seemed his story was just a bit pathetic the climax and conclusion to the drama is hardly believable either.

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