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Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Darren Aronofsky said something that has stuck in my mind at The Black Swan press talk, he said he likes shooting on film and on handheld because he likes the texture, he loves the grain and he likes film as escapism and doesn't really understand why people want to use cameras with such clarity as it destroys some magic. I think this is true I mean do we really want a film that is so clear it looks as if the actors are in our living room or we are in their world? with this whole 3D phrase. I believe in getting lost in a movie. The subject matter, angles and shots is what counts more to me than a high tech super real film. I think that we are on a search for perfection where we are trying to hard to emulate reality but what about reality in itself can we not try and make that better first before we try and create these false worlds to escape into. 

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