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Monday, 21 September 2009

I've tried to not ever say or acknowledge what I've acknowledged and accept finally today. This is not the first nor will it be the last that my look singles me out, this look cannot be changed or discarded as simply as the clothes that hang from my body. When Jaiden rVa James, first started people constantly assumed we just did urban wear and still assume to this day why i don't know. I recently read an article for times2 where Nick Knight was interviewed he complained about fashion being ageist, sizeist and racist. I know that its all of the above but the latter i know more then the others. I have endured and ignored the small & narrow minded people, but sometimes it just gets to much. Take for example the Westwood show a season ago where the security singled Rasharn & I out as 'it looked like we had a weapon concealed in our bags'. Another was today at the Mulberry party, the pr's had already made their minds up about us regardless of even talking to us and the fact we had an invite they pre judged and had preconceived ideas of us. I wonder how a industry that is full of brands located globally in all corners of earth. Companies are happy to sell their products to people of all genders, race, religions but not as happy to celebrate, accept and treat all people the same. It's sad & pathetic that in the 21st century that people can be so disgusting. Fashion takes inspiration from all places but yet lacks diversity most of all not just black people but ethnic minorities in general.

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