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Sunday, 17 November 2013

Bored of being bored

Beyond bored, I'm just so over being content by being drunk and clubbing there's so much more to life and I can't see it now but I know it, my friends just want to club all the time and hardly do day time activities, where we chill out and aren't just in each others company drunk and unable to communicate, keeping up with their life's has become liking a post or picture that gives more detail into their lives than what they tell me

I know I'm talented at what I don't know I know I need to be told either by a tutor or others, I need to know my strengths and understand my weaknesses, I need to be around others who create and are creative or at least appreciate art. Living life on autopilot is something I never wanted to do and its taken me to enter a relationship to understand that you know what I'm getting older and I need to know more about myself and what I can push to create a stable commercial income.

I know these things so I know what to work on to be at a place I want to be and the person I'll feel most comfortable and content being

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