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Friday, 8 May 2009

No More Please

This morning i was extremely tired, stressed and bored, I am seldom bored as there is always a book/ magazine/ film to read or watch, but one grows bored of disappearing into the artistic endeavours of others and would much rather embark on my own one and contribute to the wonderful world of the arts. The sleepless nights can be attributed to the oncoming panel meeting that could change Rasharn and my life for the better and allow us to create once again. so i thought i would air my thoughts on the worlds fascination with 'celebrity' a word that is so diminished that i wonder what it even means anymore, i mean before well once upon a time 'celebrity' was a person someone with talent. Extreme rare talent something that people loved and therefore in exchange the bearer of the talent was celebrated by the public and they became a celebrity. My post is a reaction to many things one being the way 'suits' and corporate giants have both tried to insult our intelligence and also rape the Jaiden rVa James brand. They would rather pay some celebrity (Yasmin le Bon for Wallis, David Beckham for Adidas) a ridiculous amount to slap their name to some slap dashed product rather then invest in a young designer who can push their brand to new limits and teach them new technique whilst also gaining invaluable knowledge from the younger designer as equally the designer will take away something and also be paid and therefore be able to continue and have at least some financial security. Leave the garment construction to the designers and let the celebs be celebrated for their work (if they do any). Its a sad case of the Rich getting richer and the poor remaining the same or getting poorer.

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Rollergirl said...

Well said. Keep fighting it and retain your integrity... Just say no to Cheryl Cole!