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Saturday, 16 May 2009

The History of Fame

Again i go back to the topic which i only recently aired my thoughts on but not content on invading fashion now some must invade journalism, i am not talking about an interview in Interview Magazine as that is what makes that magazine one of the most relevant magazines being published. Although it comes back to founder of said magazines philosophy of the 15 minutes which have been dragged sadly on to much more. This world is obsessed with celebrities. I am fucking jealous not for the fame but how easy life can be. One minute you can decide you want to do art, or make a film, design a collection and now even take on being a journalist. What does the Evening Standard think it's playing at its new logo on both it's paper and the ES magazine have instead of going up, have gone down. It's sad because ES is one of my fave papers, hybrid not as dumbed down and celeb orientated as the red tops but also not as pretentious as the broadsheets. I buy ES magazine when it comes out every Friday and have done so since i was 16. I love it's smart & informative well researched articles, kind of like a light London edition of Vanity Fair. It keeps me up to date on London culturally. Please tell me how they can give Peaches Geldof a columns not just any but as an agony aunt. I feel that is taking the ultimate piss, i mean come on not only is she 20 but she has had her life handed to her on a silver plateau any hardships she has endured the majority of them have been by choice not default.

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