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Sunday, 28 June 2009

Kim Jones for Dunhill S/S 10

Kim Jones, second season at Dunhill, with his first season i was more than intrigued and excited to see what he would come up with, being such an avid fan of his past work for both his own label and to his Umbro line, which where youthful and sporty at best, in all or most of his collection there was undertones of tailoring and those have been translated to the overtones of his work at Dunhill.

The mirrored briefcases, the luxurious knitted jumper that looks so light and perfect for the summer, the two button peaked lapel suits among some of my favourite things. It seems with Fabric research Jones has hit his stride always moving along. The stone glasses are a perfect accessory for the boy/man obsessed with toys.

I like what he is doing at Dunhill, alot actually it is quintessentially British, it is more youthful than Dunhill's previous offerings and of course it is aimed at men, the styling is realistic and men can look at it and effortlessly translate the language of the show to the one of their wardrobe. With this it seems Kim Jones has grown up just like Raf Simons.

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